Reports are that Pope is leaving for Kentucky

Been to the dance twice and lost both games. He hasn’t done anything

Kentucky Fans REVOLT Over Targeting Of Mark Pope (

And if he does go, he will gut BYU Chandler, Issacs

It looks like it is a done deal and if I were BYU I would go hard after Mark Madison and do it fast. Of course Madson just signed a long term deal with Cal and there is almost no way BYU will match the bucks needed to get him. Too bad. I hope they can make a move fast and get somebody who will recruit the current roster and keep them.

It is interesting that both Drew and Hurley turned Kentucky down. It looks like all the big name coaches wanted nothing to do with Kentucky. Calipari has a history of bolting programs just ahead of NCAA sanctions. It happened at both UMass and Memphis. I was never that impressed with Calipari’s coaching skills. How do you blow a 10 point lead in a national championship game with something like 2-3 minutes left like his Memphis team did against Kansas. He is a great recruiter but I wonder if it was always on the up and up based on his prior record before he went to Kentucky. Now with UIL in place Calipari couldn’t win a tournament game. I guess when everybody can legally pay the recruits it levels the playing field.

Kentucky, other than the Wooden UCLA dynasty, maybe the coach K years at Duke, has more tradition than any program ever. Why couldn’t they get whoever they wanted? Even the Alabama coach said he wasn’t interested. You wonder if Pope is walking into a a real mess. Apparently the Kentucky fans aren’t thrilled about Pope. A lot of the fans wanted Pitino back. On the upside of the coin even a mediocre coach like Tubby Smith won a national title there.

The fact of the matter is Pope’s record wasn’t even as good as Dave Rose’s record. He had a great year with Rose recruits and this year it looked like he was building a great program and now we may never know what could have been unless they find somebody who can keep this team together and keep the recruits coming in.

Interesting take:
Why Mark Pope will win Kentucky Wildcat fans over | Opinion – Deseret News

Also, this kind of bothers me about Holmoe, having a list of LDS candidates in his desk. I thought BYU could outside of the faith to find a coach.

Mark Pope is headed to Kentucky. Who will replace him at BYU? – Deseret News

There is also Chris Burgess, former assistant at BYU and now at Utah, that might be a good choice.
Another not listed in the article is Alex Jensen, he is a member, he was a longtime assistant for the Jazz and he is currently coaching in the NBA.

From what a few of the jazz players have said about him, he is a great coach and helps them develop the skills they need to move forward. Donavan Mitchell was one of the players talking about Jensen.

How many does BYU have as far as head coach? I think just one. Women’s track coach. You are the expert in finding information like this. I think LDS coaches in big programs like football and basketball makes sense with all the missionary movement. I mean, the last time I looked BYU is still owned by the Church.

BYUSN was excellent today. Should be interesting on who will be the coach. Big push for Madsen. Burgess is in the mix. May be others as well. Madsen is the best at this point.

Apparently Madson isn’t interested per Deseret News. Dallin Hall has already entered the transfer portal.

That really sucks. Hall could really shine if he sticks around. Whoever takes over will have to build from scratch. Greed.
Well, there’s a way to get Madsen if those with money will help out. Get Madsen and Hall might stick around. Don’t be surprised that Robinson and Hall end up at Kentucky.

I am now reading that Khalifa is also in the portal with more expected to follow. Looks like the program may be headed to the bottom for awhile. Too bad I had high hopes.

Greed instead of working through your contract time. Really sad.

See my message in the thread I just started. I think you and I are seeing this in a similar fashion. Sadly.

Are we going now hear your drivel about greedy coaches and players not living up to contracts again? Didn’t we go over this ad nauseum about a year or two ago when you claimed Holler must be mentally ill to leave BYU?
You were horribly wrong then and laughably wrong now. It’s a new world hopscotch

Well, Jim agrees that it’s all about greed these days. I was correct last time too. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make me wrong. He had some years on his contract. Contracts are covenants in my opinion. We see it everywhere now. Go to college and sign up for huge loans but then demand the Government take away the loans. But, I’m talking to someone who probably doesn’t keep his commitments either, right.

They really aren’t. Contracts are a lot different than covenants. Covenants are promises we make with Heavenly Father, contracts are fluid… coaches can be bought out, forfeit the money they were promised for more money, etc. There are clauses. Basketball players sign contracts but those contracts have clauses in them, incentives, etc. A player can play for a certain amount and earn more with performance bonuses, team bonuses, etc. or not get paid for those. I am not an expert but I know a little bit about contracts. Someone else can add to these things and correct me if I am wrong on some of it but that is how I see contracts.

Yes, people are greedy and it goes across the board now. It’s sickening actually. Everyone yaps about how great capitalism is but I believe in its’ current state in this country it has degraded and is not that great. People may also think it is the best system for society as a whole and I would agree… that it used to be. I’m not so sure in today’s culture and societal climate. Do I think there are better options? Yes, I do. Do I think society is capable of making those options work? No, I don’t. So for now it will have to do but it is a corrupt and dirty system we are a part of and it isn’t going to improve until the Savior comes.

I surfed to a Kentucky fan site and the comments about hiring Pope were generally guarded positive. Of course there are detractors who complain about everything but overall their fan base seemed positive about his hiring. The one they are unhappy with is their AD because they feel like he is responsible for their problems of not making the sweet 16 etc. over the last several years.

Pope is under a ton of pressure, I hope it goes well for him. If it doesn’t then we can always hire him back. I thought he was great but our expectations aren’t at the same level as Kentucky fans.

Good luck Mark Pope!

Yes, there are clauses in them. However, was there a specific clause that said if Pope gets an offer to be head coach of Kentucky he can immediately null the contract? Players sign contracts and often times want to quit playing for a team but have to stay unless the team trades them. But, that again is breaking a contract as players often force the hands of the teams. Same with coaching changes. Pope could just quit. But that too would be breaking the contract.
Definition of a Biblical Covenant: “Covenant. Literally, a contract. In the Bible (see also Bible), an agreement between God and his people, in which God makes promises to his people and, usually, requires certain conduct from them . In the Old Testament, God made agreements with Noah, Abraham, and Moses.”

For the hundredth time…. Scholarships are for ONE YEAR ONLY, with a renewal clause written in it.

That way the coach can get rid of kids that doesn’t fit his scheme and players can leave without breaking a contract.

The only thing the portal does is eliminate the transfer penalty.

I know you know this Jim, but some people won’t believe it.

this is directly from the NCAA.

I didn’t change the policy, the BOT did, take it up with them.

Actually that is quite common, most coaches has that clause put in for their dream job.

nothing wrong with it.

Big 12 policy is different than the NCAA policy…Big 12 athletic scholarships are a guarantee of 4 or 5 years to the player…I don’t recall exactly how it works if a player is injured or cut…they are clearly not on an athletic scholarship but they have been guaranteed an education…just one advantage the wealthy leagues have for their scholar athletes…I recall seeing a debate about the policy when I was in Big10 territory as well so I am pretty sure they have the same guarantee.