Romney is a Democrat

Romney is voting to convict Trump. His “oath” before God is nothing more than putting himself above any other Temple Recommend Holder. His conscience is greater than yours. And, he did it by assuming he knew the intentions of Trump. Re-call his holier than thou king.
Aside from that, his logic is faulty. He wanted Bolton to testify to say Trump didn’t do wrong or not to make a decision. That means he knows he’s not making an informed decision. And the fact the supposed victims of Ukraine say they weren’t extorted. Biden wasn’t the focal point. He completely discards their testimony. The conscience is the light of Christ and shouldn’t be different from Romney to Collins or anyone else.

I for one am proud of Romney for standing up for what he believes his duty to the Constitution is. Instead of going party line, he actually cares about his duty as per the Constitution. I like the fact that he put beliefs ahead of his party. About darn time someone did!

By the way, Mitt Romney only vote “Yes” to impeach on the abuse of power charge, he voted “No” on the obstruction of Congress charge.

I may or may not agree with his decision, but then again, I was not previewed to the information within the articles of impeachment, I haven’t seen all the National Security information that the Senate has available. Romney does…

As for other people, they have the right to decide if Romney made the right decision or not. I really do not care what other people think. Because in the end, it is all about people’s perception of reality, not reality itself.

You have the same information Romney has. You may have the same disease all Never Trumpers have, a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome psychosis. I said his logic was faulty. Hannity just said he was incoherent, basically the same thing.

It seems like people who lose the election for President all come down with the same liberalism disease. They become incoherent and mentally ill. Gore, Kerry, Hillary, McCain and I could go on.

His incoherent thought process is dumbfounding. Even his own niece is dumbfounded. It has nothing to do with his conscience. It has everything to do with his hatred towards Trump. I was sad to have seen him run for the Senate because I knew this is why he ran. So he could get back at Trump. Sad…

I have another question since you are the most knowledgeable of Doctrine. Why did Senator Lee’s prayerful decision and Senator Romney’s prayerful decision end up with opposite consciences? Both are TR holders and children of God. Why did they get different answers? And, whose was the true conscience?

Simple, Senator Lee is being deceived, why else.

Scott, It comes down to personal choice and beliefs. Lee is totally far right, he won his election by destroying a good man name in order to get elected.

Mitt is moderate, middle of the road. He won his election for the simple reason there was not another viable candidate that the people of Utah could trust. We already have Lee who hurt a lot of Utah workers when he Government shut down under Obama which closed a lot of companies who depended on Hill Field (private contractors were not allowed to work).

One question for you: Did you know a former member of the 12 and First Presidency was a “Devoted” Democrat? James E. Faust. So I guess your tirade about Democrats are off base (surprise,surprise,surprise)

No, Romney said he made his decision based on his conscience, the light of Christ. I assume Lee did also. So, their decisions weren’t based on right or left. They were based on the light of Christ. Only, one of them has to have been deceived. They both can’t be right.

Democrats used to not harbor this kind of hatred towards Republicans. We are in a new world with what is going on with Democrats. And, I would ask the same question to Faust if he were Lee or Romney in the same situation. How can they both be true?

Romney already knew that the Senate would acquit Trump, so his vote was not critical and he did not need this heroic act of faith, which I believe to be fake. Romney previously told Trump that he would vote to acquit, so there is that. Romney did not get the cabinet post he wanted from Trump, so there is that also. Trump has mocked Romney and there is that. Romney very publically spouted very vile things towards Trump and there is that too. All the history between Romney and Trump says the inspiration Romney got from his prayer was not righteous. If Romney were truly honest and brave, he would switch from the Repub party to the Dem party.

He would definitely be recalled if he switched parties. I think this was part of the Democrats diabolical plan all along. I’m just sorry Romney’s hatred clouded his conscience or light of Christ. To stand up and muddle through a testimony the way he did was embarrassing. It was like he was trying to talk himself into believing God was with him and knew he was lying. I think as I put it that when Trump won the Democrats started the impeachment talk and Romney decided to get into the Senate so he could do this stunt. His hatred drove him to this and Satan won him over. Hopefully he can get straightened out.

Senator, Brother Romney, after seeing all that has gone on up to the last Presidential Election, and on Going during the 3+ years of his Presidency, plus all of the documents that he was able to read, or prevented from reading by his own party, and after listening to all the testimony of those able to speak, and being prevented from hearing testimony, from those with first hand information, relevant to the impeachment, he did what was right, knowing that the consequence would follow. Perhaps he is the bravest of all of us and less afraid of the consequence than the rest of us would be.
Perhaps he is more loyal to the constitution, and the separation of powers, being an unbiased jury member than those that are more likely to support the party, and let being unbiased be damned.
I thank Romney. He did what was right and let the coinsequence follow. He has earned my respect and my appreciation. He is a leader and not one that follows bad intent.

The impeachment was a total partisan Democrat political sham. PARTISAN! Nothing more than a get Trump attempt. And Romney, must be a decently intelligent person, went along with the partisan sham.

If the impeachment had been truly a concern about the country and the constitution and truly been bipartisan (not just one or two or three or four Repubs) drafting the articles of impeachment, giving fair treatment to Trump along the way, then Romney’s speech would be believable and respected.

HAHAHA!!! Great comedy routine Ron! Laughed so hard! I need that. Thanks!

One has to wonder why he moved to Utah and run as a Senator after being a liberal Republican in a liberal state like Massachusetts. Romney was embarrassed by Trump and like McCain has never forgiven Trump even though Trump helped him with his win in Utah. A hardened heart like what Mitt has towards Trump can never receive guidance from the light of Christ of the Holy Ghost. Mike Lee prayed as much as Romney did, with forgiveness, and had a different revelation to acquit.
My opinion is that Romney knew that the Democrats were going to have a great opportunity to take back the House in the midterm and decided to move and run for Senate so he could vote to convict Trump.
Mentally, like Gore and others, losing his Presidential run created a mental psychosis like Hillary. He can’t get over it. This is what hate and pride do to a soul.

Please cite me the specific bit of evidence that made Romney vote against every other Republican who examined the case against Trump. Mitts ego and petty jealousy are beyond bounds.

Cite me any specific evidence that shows that the other Republican senators actually took the time to study the evidence presented, did actually take time to study said information and make thier determination based on the facts and not just go along with McConnell?

You the GOP did the exact same thing as the Democrats, they were going to acquit no matter what. Much like the dems in the house were going to impeach no matter whst.

WOW! What a lousy attempt at logic and reason. To say none of the Republicans followed, listened or read the impeachment farse in the House is ridiculous. The fact is, the Senators has to sit through pain producing barf coming from Adam “Adolf” Schiff and his 7 dwarf-minded idiots. Hours and days of hearing from the information from the House and reading along with their nonsense. No, the Republican Senators knew everything the House baboons did.
On top of that, not one time was Trump’s attorneys able to be present in House proceedings and cross examine any of the Democrats witnesses. That is a basic right afforded in the Constitution. It’s called the right of due process. The right to face ones accusers. Rights afforded all citizens including the President. Mitt’s solution would have destroyed due process for any President moving forward and for any citizen. Mitt’s solution would also have destroyed the Constitutional law of equal and separate branches of government. Without due process, no President could do anything without being impeached and removed when going against the opposition party. A third world government of tyranny would develop. The Constitution and bill of rights would be toast. The Constitution was in fact literally hanging by a thread. And Democrats and Mitt were helping destroy the Constitution. And Mitt’s bogus conscience and lack of Faith nearly destroyed the Constitution.

So then Romney is the only Republican that did due diligence during the trial? Just answer one question, what piece of evidence did Romney see that influenced him to join Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi Schumer?

BlueinProvo: “So then Romney . . . join Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi Schumer?”

Me: When I read this phrase, the way it is stated, made me throw up a bit in my mouth. Gotta go get some Pepto.

My point is that Romney did what he felt and believed was right.

Have you ever gone against the crowd when you felt different than the general consensus on an issue?

I am not saying he was right or wrong. But to be honest I do enjoy how it has made the far right republicans in Utah go bonkers.

What I do find amazing is that these so called Trump supporters now were not so supportive when he was running.

I have never changed, I felt electing Trump was wrong. I even supported Cruz, who I hated, when the primary came down to two.

You didn’t answer my question Floyd.