Pretty much as we could have guessed. SM is fundamentally sound-BYU uncontrolled-Childs forcing shots. Haws, Emery, Harding playing decent. Bennett has a plan, not sure what Rose has. Officiating so far seems fair. Lee is a big body, but raw. Seljaas -nothing. I have to believe BYU has more skill but Rose is being out coached again. Hopefully BYU can come back, but Childs needs to step up and become an adept passer, because he always gets doubled and tries to force the ball

I just don’t like our offense. Too predictable. Our defense hasn’t a clue how to stop dribble drives. Little effort. Worthington can’t shoot. And we are dying by the 3’s. Pass into Childs. Go through him.
If we can play some defense. Where is Hardnett? Is he sick?

Worthington is trying to force everything. He needs to get his points through the flow of the offense. Defensively Haws and Emery are better than all the bigs except Childs …I’m confused about BYUs offensive plan, but that’s nothing new

Two biggest disappointments this year-Seljaas and Nixon. I thought at this stage they would have been better.

Last comment-Baxter most likely will be an important cog in the future. Admittedly he has been a little slow to develop. The SM Game has been over for a while, so why wasn’t he played more? He came In with a couple of minutes left and went 2-2. Scored more than Worthington or Nixon for the game. These potential minutes are valuable for experience and confidence

BYU Basketball Sucks right now, one of the reasons I have not renewed seats at the Mariott Center the past few years. This is not fun basketball to watch on TV tonight! SMU with new players seem way ahead of the cougars in recruiting and coaching.

I didn’t like Childs defense much tonight. It was everyone was moving in slow motion. They end up chasing players into the lane. Now, SMC really spread our defense out. But, there was little help defense. And when there was, the help didn’t get back quickly.
The offense shot 40%. That won’t cut it. Again, where was Hardnett?
Too many turnovers from Childs and Haws. Emery is getting better. But, why is Cannon starting?

Right on they are out of their league. Remember who recruited them?

Where oh where is Chapman and Dastrup. Right playing for Boston and in the wing with a PAC 12 team.

Harding, Haws, Childs, and Emery shot 50%. The rest of the team 2-13. Those 2 by Baxter. Yes defense was horrible

Yeh I hear you. Now we have who besides Childs in the box?

Where is Coach Heath Schroyer? Oh yeah, he is coaching at Mcneese State

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Those shots by the rest of the team weren’t even close. Why is Worthington banking the ball 10 feet from the basket with a hook shot? Except for Childs, our layups and short shots are horrible. No feeling in the shots at all.

Anyone coming back from a mission?

I resisted as long as I could to comment on this game.

Embarrassing, no effort, no teamwork, no rhythm or flow, no defense…

Why does Worthington get so many minutes while the future of the team sits on the bench. That is just one of so many questions on the baffling decisions being made with regard to this team.

Who are they? what is their plan, identity, etc.?

They will go to 2-1 when they beat Portland next game but I have no idea where they are really going in the big picture… I don’t think they do either. My how the promises of greatness with the LP3 have gone by the wayside.

Where does this program go from here?

Baxter has like a 7’2" wingspan and elevates. He has the potential to be dominant. Worthington and Nixon and Seljaas should all be playing Big Sky basketball, but Rose LOVES them all, so there are no minutes to develop any young forwards.

Of course this has been a Rose trademark. How many players have languished on the bench only to excel other places

Not sure, but it will take a while for them to get up to speed. I am almost to the point of hoping they play a four guard offense and Childs or giving Baxter the pt to get up to speed. Worthington was atrocious in this game

ESPN comentater brought up about Eric Mika last night game during first half saying how good of a player he was. I was surprised they brought that up but had not pay attention what was said because we were falling behind. Yeah, if Mika was around we would have been a better team with him around. I turned the channel to watch a family show and once awhile took a peek how we were doing and going downhill. I am trying to decide if I should cancele my Slingtv. Why can’t Dave Rose be like Randy Bennett or like Mark Few? Randy barks the most to those refs all game long and he gets his players motivated. And another comment from ESPN saying how Matt Dela#[email protected]!$#$ made that last half court shot against us at the MC on his senior year - they brought bad memory to BYU fans.

I’m not sure Mika liked what he saw at BYU, but that is pure speculation. He was definitely a good player