San Diego should be a win at home

Less than 6 hours to game time and this should be a win for the Cougars. Unfortunately they won’t make it to 20 wins in the regular season. That will have to come if they get a NIT invite. The best shot they have at that will be because the MC holds a lot of people and they can get a big crowd (relatively speaking) and sell tickets.

Luke will get the start tonight and it would be great if he could commit at least one flagrant foul and cause one of his teammates to fall to the floor.

That would make the game really entertaining.

It would be, if Luke gets his FIRST DUNK! :smile:

Why do you think he will start? I don’t think so. He will play, but this game is important to keep the 3 seed and tie for 2nd.
You do have a cruel streak :japanese_ogre:

I think Luke will start as it’s Senior Day. I hope he does. He really does seem like a great guy. Play him a few minutes then bring in the GBax. Maybe Luke will dunk it and impress his famous Uncle…Uncle Scott Gavenmann?

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So Uncle Scott paying big bucks just to get this Luke to play more??? LOL!!! :laughing:

Hopper telling Luke to HOP UP AND DUNK :laughing: :laughing:

Wow, once again I am right. Luke started.

I have a cruel streak? You sound like a liberal ready to cry.

I do have a BIG concern in the fact that not only is Baxter not playing in this game, he is not dressed or on the bench. He isn’t even at the game.

Does anyone else share this concern?

Nope. He’s sick. Guess will just call you Mr. Cruel :japanese_ogre:

Your 2nd nephew? How do you know he’s sick? Source?

Are you watching the game? You would know. You sound like a Democrat still believing in Russian collusion.

I don’t believe in Democrats nor do I pay attention to Russian. And no I am not watching the game but monitoring both BYU and USU games. USU has won the game tonight against Nevada by 5 points. USU is now 1/2 game ahead for 1st in MWC. Funny, Aggies was predicted to be 9th during preseason. Pre-season predictions are not perfect.

Anyway, Dave Rose finally got his 200th wins at home at the MC. Good for him and he deserve it. Look like you nephiew Luke didn’t play much.

Didn’t think you watch the games. USU? Why not BYU. Are you just a troll? Who cares about USU. we beat them this year.

No, I am not a troll. I don’t pay attention to those Utards which they are mostly trolls. And I didn’t watch any BB games on TV at all. Anyway, do we have Nevada next year at the MC? If we still have Yoeli Child then we should be able to beat them this time along with TJ, Baxter, Nick Emery, Seljas and Connor Harding.

Luke 0-3 shooting with 0 points and one rebound? No dunk? Yeah, he did fantastic!

thanks for hijacking the in game thread and not saying anything hopper. Good win for BYU but they are just going through the motions. How a 20 pt. lead late in the second half gets cut to 6 with about 3 minutes to play is beyond me. It is like they have to go through it, no mental toughness to put a team away. If the officials hadn’t been so focused on Pineiro and fouling him out of the game on several cheap calls, it might have been different. If the refs had done that to one of our best players I would have been upset.

Anyhow, good win and Luke did come through with one of his patented flagrant fouls. Luke plays that way because he doesn’t know how to play. I am the cruel taskmaster that holds players accountable. Grasshopper is the liberal whiner that doesn’t want anyone to be responsible or accountable for their play, their decisions or their actions.

That was no foul. The defender ducked his head down to his elbow. That should have been a no call. Rubbell agreed with me too.
Too many fouls period. 61 foul shots. But, all the fouls were fouls. Have to call them even on the Stars, right! No unfair treatment. No Star treatment, right! That’s what you always say. No?

Whatever you say… LOL!

No way, Wrubell didn’t think it was a foul on Luke? He is the biggest homer in the history of BYU sports. Why do you think he has been there so long? He loves BYU and would never say anything in opposition to any player. If he officiated games, BYU would never get called for a foul.

Oh, okay :clown_face:

There was no call until they looked at it on replay to try and figure out why the USD player was laying on the floor holding his head. So yeah, it was a foul because it was a non basketball move. You don’t get a rebound and then throw your elbows around for no reason. Oh wait, did he actually get a rebound or was he just throwing his elbows around?

Funny that you defend Luke by claiming that the SD player ducked his head into Luke’s elbow as if Luke is totally innocent and the SD guy ran his head into the elbow and not the other way around.

The effort you will make to try and portray something that happened as something different in order to defend a hacker. Too funny.

Relax, its SDU. They will find a way to lose.
Keys to the win.
The support group played very well…did you year that Floyd? Emery had 15 and looked like his old self. Worthington also played like his old self and goose egged but he did knock a kid out, and that has to count?

Seljass surprised me, doing all his damage inside, pretty much played Baxter’s role with Childs assisting in several sweet lay ups. Loved the thievery on Massasiki and the put back.

Haws was very impressive, he really is the ginger mamba, slithering in between the trees for “and 1s”.

and finally, SDU has no height, When Seljaas gets 5 inside layups and Childs goes for 29 and 13 rebs, I think their tallest guy is 6’8. Pinero is a poor man’s Childs, just smaller.

Byu gets either Santa Clara or San Diego in the second round. Good thing because LMU is playing great ball and San Fran has our ticket. I will take SMC in the Semi’s.

meanwhile, after the loss

Stay classy Nevada