Scouting Coastal Carolina

It is marked down as the biggest football game in 20 years for BYU and possibly the biggest for CC…ever. CC is a very balanced team that uses the run to open up their spread offense. By Example, I’ll go back to the #21 Louisiana game
CC ran the ball for 212 yds
CC passed for 202 yds
CC had 1 fumble in that game (Grayson McCall) and 1 interception.
In a tight game like this CC used three GO TO guys:

Grayson McCall will kill you with his shot passes and his running. (scored 1 TD running, 2 Passing)
RB CJ Marable is their Do Everything guy, 73 yds-1 TD and 3 catches, 40 yds-1TD
WR Jaivon Heiligh, 6’2, 190. Rangy, strong wideout, 8 catches, 108 yds-1 TD

They won a tight game on a field goal with 4 sec. In CC’s only other ranked game, Appalachian St, the AS QB turned the ball over 4 times (a fumble and 3 interceptions)…Appalachian St is a good ballclub but the QB lost another last night on 2 more interceptions. Most bazaar finish to a game in years. #25 Louisiana was ahead 24-21 and chose to run back 35 yds for a Safety with 1:40 on the clock, choosing to kick the ball away because of 3 botched long punt snaps.
Louisiana’s Billy Napier - Taking safety from own 35 was ‘best opportunity to win’ ( Bizarrro!

Anyway. BYU on paper runs away with this one if we play calm, our game and don’t turn it over.

This game may look boring to start as both teams will want to play if safe and keep the other team in front on defense but watch out if BYU gets to 2 scores and Sitake starts getting creative on D. I think BYU looked at both Cinncy and CC and said, we can beat either team even if we travel.
Tom Holmoe should be AD of the year
Sitake, Coach of the year

Fish I think Louisiana was ahead 24-19 when they decided to give up a safety instead of punt the ball with 1:24 left in the game. ESPN announcers were outraged at the decision but I think Louisiana did the right thing. They ran off 12 seconds on the play clock and they were only at there own 30. They had 3 snaps over the punters head in the game that accounted for points for App St. I think it was a smart move and have no idea why the announcers went crazy.

Back to BYU and CC. This CC team is good. They have lots is speed. Our defense will be tested and I hope our offense is on task. My prediction is BYU 31 CC 24.

Only because BYU will play it safe and see how our offense does out of the gates. I would say, let er rip but pretty sure that BYU does not take risk on either side of the ball until well into the game.

No. 13 BYU vs. No. 18 Coastal Carolina: Predictions, Key Matchups And Betting Lines | Fan Insider (

Now for some fun information on CC:

Carolina Dreamin’: Coastal Carolina enjoying the ride into college football spotlight | BYU Football |

They will be allowing 5000 fans into the stadium, which by the way, has a teal colored field.
Love the post game celebrations that CC does, After each game an Assistant comes up with a trophy or celebration.

Indeed. That is one ugly field. The turf looks like the carpet in some of those old southern utah churches. Atrocious.

Coastal is a dang good team. Watched a couple of their games and was very impressed. They are explosive.

I believe this is going to be a shootout down to the wire. I got byu winning by 4 points. It’s going to be a great game. 45-41 byu.

New Year’s six here we come.

I got BYU 55 - 18

I believe it will be a lot closer than that. Go look at some Coastal Carolina tape. These two teams are virtually identical.

I do hope you are right though. Byu needs to run the score up to 70 if they can. They need to prove a point going down the stretch. The more lop sided the better.

The minute the Hopper predicts big wins by unrealistic amounts … you know BYU is in trouble.

Fell short by 2 yards. One guy that showed up for the game …Wilson.

Just sick how poorly our Defensive plan was for the game. Sure, CC ran play option most of the game and BYU had not seen that in film but where was any adjustments.

Great season and Im grateful that we had the balls to schedule the game, just wonder who stole the BYU lines on both sides of the ball because I sure don’t recognize these cats.

Catapults CC into the conversation and with Cinncy possibly losing a late game, CC just may well have played themselves into a NY6 game.

They won’t let CCU in either. Unless Cincinnati loses and CCU wins their final game with Louisiana.

Why did we play this game again? We weren’t prepared to change defense as the game went on.

Last play? Why throw it 2 yards short and hope he can get two yards. Throw it in the end zone.

I hope they did or will. Whomever they play in a NY6 game will absolutely destroy them. I’m not sure what everyone is seeing in their team. Nothing they did impressed me except their running backs ran hard. Their defense wasn’t that great and their offense was vanilla and boring.

The 2 biggest things that stood out to me were -

  1. BYU’s linebackers were the worst I have even seen. They did nothing the entire game. They didn’t fill gaps, they didn’t make plays, they were terrible.
  2. I was disappointed in the officials and their inability to keep the game under control and make appropriate calls. CC was holding with regularity. The abuse of Wilson at the end of the first half with no penalty called was terrible.

There were other things but those were the most glaring to me. Bottom line is that BYU didn’t do what they needed to in order to win the game so I give CC credit for their preparation and game management. They had a plan and made it work. BYU will destroy them in Provo next season.

Who is the new Bishop?

Look it up in the directory, he’s a finance chair/professor at UCLA.

I have to agree on both points. Our game plan to counter their vanilla offense was trash. To let any team dictate terms of the game without even once loading the line is criminal. BYU’s defensive scheme was the laughing stock to anyone who knows football. #getarealDC.

The reffing, does anyone know which league these homers came out of? The fix was in!

I’m glad someone with some knowledge agrees with me on at least something about the game. It still hurts thinking about it today. The guy I watched it with told me at outdoor church this morning that he had forgotten about it. I asked him how and he said he had to in order to keep his sanity.

Refs were Sun Belt Conference! They were bad but we didn’t help ourselves. Everyone is mad about the Wilson mauling at the end of the first half but did anyone see the same ref give a high five (twice) to the CC RB who scored the touchdowns?

That should be reported and an investigation should ensue. Was he the one who threw the holding flag on the touchdown?

Knowing those two things and living in the social climate we do right now, it amazes me that this crap still happens. Is the bias and bigotry better than it has been in the past? Why on earth were these referees from the sun belt conference? It wasn’t a conference game. BYU has a history of underperforming in games like this one but side by side with that is a history of biased officiating as well. I didn’t think the officiating was egregiously bad against BYU but there certainly were elements of bias in addition to the ones mentioned here.

I rest my case.
In the Romney bomb, defender looked up, the camera right in his eyes, he knew what we are know. Yeah, I locked down on Romney’s right arm. He knew that flags were coming. The fix was in.


“Anyway. BYU on paper runs away with this one if we play calm, our game and don’t turn it over.”

Our Defense was not ready for the CC offensive.

We learned about the game Thursday evening.
Friday we were on the plane headed 2200miles to CC.
Gameday was Saturday.
No time to prepare.

We were a bit over confident to take on a task like this
It did not pay off.
We have learned our lesson.
It won’t happen again.

Too sad to describe.


Really Ron-you think we have learned our lesson? Probably the “anytime any place “should have been less public😉. Actually if there is such a thing as a good loss-this might be it☝️Looking forward to more BYU football Saturday. Take care Bro