Scouting Valpo. A must win game

Valpo hovers around a top 50 club. BYU a lame schedule, playing at home on almost all our tough games and we only have about 6 shots to impress the Dance dudes with our road games.

Valpo starts and stops with 6’8 Alec Peters. He has an NBA game, can score in our out. best 3 point shooter on the team, best rebounder and far and way best FT % at over 95%.

Valpo’s guards have not impressed from the outside. This game will be determined by Valpo’s inside play. They don’t pass it a lot. few assists so it will be a pick and roll try game with everyone setting for Peters. Their inside guys are all Seniors. With Peters, 6’7 Hammink, and 6’7 Adekoya doing most of the scoring for Valpo.

Keys to the game: BYU’s inside defense will cause Valpo to play more outside and Hammink, Peters can hit 3s. BYU has the bigs to stop Valpo’s bigs.

If Emery and Haws can hit their 3s, this game will be an easy win. If not, BYU can get plenty done inside. Much more balanced team BYU gets to 80 first and wins.

My key to the game: the officials will use these new mystery ticky-tack fouls to eliminate defense and bigs from one team. The other team wins.

You and Hawks are quite a pair…

Thats funny!

Did anyone notice if Beo was on the bench in Vegas? I am starting to get concerned that he has been placed in the coaches dog house. Personally, I think the kid has a set of skills that makes him very valuable to this team. He is a better passer than Emery, better free throw shooter than Haws and Emery and I believe a better scorer than Leifson. Leifson can’t get his shot off in a real game with legit defenders. Unfortunately, Bryant is so hobbled by his knee, he may not be able to be at full speed fit at least a month. Beo needs to play and I am going on record that he is a better player over all than Emery. Emery has enough selfishness in his game to remind me of Carlino. Emery slows the game down when he is on the floor. He takes ill advised shots and he is a terrible help defender. If Beo was given 10 min a game, it would be obvious that he deserves more time. I am thinking that is exactly why he isn’t getting any. The Lone Peak 3 is getting the pub, but it isn’t because Emery deserves it. Rest Bryant and put Beo in the court in his stead.

somewhere I heard he had a thumb injury

Wow, you about nailed that. I’ve seen some foul calls that are pretty lame.

I’m pretty sure this is what I predicted: “My key to the game: the officials will use these new mystery ticky-tack fouls to eliminate defense and bigs from one team. The other team wins.”

Every one of BYU’s bigs taken out of the game, while Hamming and Peters got to play the whole game. Only Mika’s fouls were legit. Davis and Childs both eliminated by mystery calls. Other team wins.

You hit the nail on the head…

This is really stinks and is there a reason we are not allow to win the final at Vegas? Here we go again when comes to wcc in vegas just like mwc.

Also, I keep hearing that Bryant’s knee is the problem. Somehow recovering from knee surgery has made him one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen? Not Coach Rose’s finest hour to play Bryant over Guinn—who has CLEARLY and I mean BY A MILE outplayed Bryant and deserves every one of his minutes. Bryant has been pretty hard to watch. At least half his shot attempts were so ill advised they ought to be counted as turnovers.

The new rules have made refs skitso. However, we did get out of our game several times and did some one on one ball hog.

With that said, we also lost our cool and game several times. Hopefully we can learn from this game because this was the best defense we have seen so far.
Why were Mika and Davis in the game for that last shot? Imagine if Guinn had caught that last shot instead of Mika. Just saying. And, why was Rose taking the ball out of bounds. He’s a shooter too.

I was watching the game with my brother in law and when I saw the officials start to take over the game with their whistles I said “BYU is in trouble”. When I saw BYU"s bigs get in foul trouble early and have to sit I said “the refs are ruining this game” and when Mika got his fourth foul and could no longer play any defense I said “this game is over” and though BYU was able to keep it close and have a chance to win I knew who would ultimately win the game…

The officials won the game, they were the stars, front and center stage.

The most annoying thing about it all is that they literally force Dave Rose to become upset and yell in order to get any calls and then when he does, they don’t like him or BYU and it changes how the game is called. Haws frustration when Peters fell into him and no call was made hurt BYU’s chances, but it was the testing of Dave Rose… ala “lets see how one sided we can be before Rose loses his cool” on the part of the officials that changed everything.

This is one aspect of the BYU team that I will never understand… why officials push the coaches and players over the edge so often. It’s really a sad thing to watch.

You nailed that one which maybe they are more NBA material than our bigs. Just a big guess.

Bryant isn’t the only one that did some selfish plays. Rose will be gone next year and Bryant needs to play. And, you can see the talent. Also, the other 4 games he played in he did play team ball. Valpo was a much better defensive team than we have played and Rose got out coached again.

Wrong - Valpro and those Zebes were a better team - whatever Scott.

I said before the game both Peters and Hammink will get paid to play for a long time. Maybe Euro, but both guys are for sure pros. Hammink was so smart to just penetrate every time against all BYU’s subs. That slowed the last 7 minutes when Childs and Davis and Mika were back in the game. With 30+ min for each of those guys we win that game by 15.

I agree with your comments here. There were opportunities for BYU but they were compromised opportunities because of the fact that Mika spent most of the game on the bench watching. Same with Childs… some of the fouls called on him were ridiculous. Haws should not have lost his cool but why wasn’t a foul called on Peters there? He literally fell into Haws… and all of the forearm shoves and balls in the face would have been avoided.

Mika and Emery know this already but Haws, Childs and others have to learn that the officials are just another hurdle that has to be battled in order to win some games. It really stinks but it is something that will never change. If they think it was tough in this game, wait till the wcc and Gonzaga come into the picture.

I also thought Rose made several coaching blunders… why no timeout after the made shot by Peters? There were 10 seconds left and then Emery (the Jimmer wannabe) took one of the worst shots he possible could have taken. So they use 2 timeouts with less than 2 seconds left and a 3 by Mika is what they end up with?

Valpo has a 1st year coach who did better…

We were out boarded by 10 boards. Mika missed 3 point blank layups (going NBA next year :wink: that lost the game for us. Also, we got selfish a few times. Their defense stopped a lot of what we could do against other less talented teams.