Shaun Nua new co-DC at USC

Looks like a bad coach CAN be fired mid-season. Our OC has even worse results.

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Arkansas fired their OC after last week’s game.
So again, a bad coach CAN be fired mid-season. BTW, then beat Florida yesterday with 38 points.
Man, I’d be happy with half those points for BYU.

Maybe we can hire Arkansas or USC former OCs :wink:

BYU has a history of NOT firing coach’s mid-season. Apparently, they don’t like the “look” of letting people go mid-season.

The thing is, if they do let ARod go, there is an OC already on staff to takeover. The real issue in my mind is the lack of performance from the O-line.

Think about this, when Grimes was here, he put 2 to 3 linemen in the NFL each year, then Mateo came and that trend continued, when they left, Funk came in and the Lineman performance has steadily gone down each year.

Grimes? The one who is OC for 3-6 Baylor? Wonder what the Barrington boys are thinking now? Are they closer to the NFL?

As an Offensive Line Coach, Grimes put more players into the NFL than the combined numbers of all the BYU current coaching staff.

Mateo is a Grimes prodigy, who follows the same process as Grimes.

Wins/Loss records do not matter when it comes to making it to the NFL. Talent and skills is what the NFL teams looks at, not how the win/loss of the college team had.

You’re implying you would rather have Arod over grimes as an OC.
No one would want that

So how is Grimes doing now in the P5 conference? Not so good. Yet, he has the great Barrington boys and other 4 and 5 stars. That’s not to say our OC is the right one for BYU.

The thing some aren’t seeing is that Grimes recruited players aren’t doing well this year in a P5 conference. If BYU was still independent or in a G5 grimes or Arod would be doing well.

You do realize that he Is the OC for Baylor and NOT the O-line coach which has different responsibilities.

The fact that in football teams can lose because of Offense or Defense or Special Teams. So, to put it all on Grimes because you can’t admit your wrong is not very bright.

You also realize that Grimes was a P-5 O-line coach BEFORE coming to BYU?
2001 - Arizona State (P5)
2007 - Colorado (P5)
2009 - Auburn (P5)
2013 - Virginia Tech (P5)
2014 - LSU (P5)

Funny! Why can’t you admit Grimes isn’t making a long term difference in a P5 conference. Instead, you have to do come up with non-essential information. How’s the Barrington boys thoughts about leaving the church’s school? :innocent:

I said Grimes has put more Offensive lineman into the NFL, which is an accurate and truthful statement.

As an OC, this year his team is down. a couple of years ago they were contender for the CFP playoffs.

Things happen Scott, Baylor not having a good year is not all on Grimes.

There is a common thread for Hopper - consistently. If it is about someone who left the BYU program for somewhere else, for any reason, they are dirt, not good afterall, or mentally ill. Kind of a how dare you and don’t let the door hit you on the backside. He just took shots at Grimes and Barringtons - most recent example. How about “mentally ill” Holker? It taints his judgment. But he is consistent.
So if it’s about someone who left the program, I take his comments with a grain of salt.


But BYU’s 3 game stumble is all on Arod. Okay.

Dalin Holker is laughing all the way to the bank! He knew the offense was terrible and wouldn’t get any better. ARod thinks he knows everything and Holker didn’t bother arguing with ARod …… just packed his bags and left for a much much better situation and NFL training.

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Hopper you make such non sense arguments. ARod didn’t do well when we were Indy either. We would lose games to inferior opponents all the time. He is a very poor OC!

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You need to look at the record over the past 3 years since Grimes left. Stick to your strengths….thinking…can’t think of any. :rofl:

You mean like:
Post Grimes - inferior games lost
2022 (8-5) - Liberty, East Carolina
2021 (11-3)- Alabama-Birmingham
Grimes as OC- inferior games lost
2020 (11-2) - Coastal Carolina
2019 (7-6) - Toledo, South Florida, Hawaii
2018 (7-6) - Northern Illionois
2017 (4-9) - Massachusetts, Fresno State, East Carolina
Grimes record as O-line coach
2006 11-2
2005 6-6
2004 5-6

If you notice with Grimes involved in the Offense, the record seems to go up as time goes along.
Last two years, the record is getting worse.

Numbers do not lie!

Who makes the play calls?
Who makes the game time adjustments?
Who makes Halftime adjustments?
Who says he plays?

All ARod… you make the connections.