Shaylee Gonzales entering the Transfer Portal

That’s like Jimmer or Danny entering the portal if it had been available.

My gut feeling says it is one of three things: She doesn’t like the new coach, she doesn’t think BYU has a chance at an NCAA berth, or–more probable–she is hoping for greater NIL opportunities elsewhere. As I recall she has quite the social media following.

This really sucks. I’m guessing it’s the coach. I’m surprised Judkins left before she graduated. That will hurt and probably not be the only one. Bummer for the new coach.

Yep this is not good for the womens bb team. Surprising to me. I wonder if the new coach is going to bring her daughter out of Oregon to play??

Nothing seems to be going well in the basketball program. I felt like both programs had some good success this past season yet both seem in disarray currently. Am I getting this right or am I off base? I blame most of what is going on in the world on our current administration, the plandemic and just a lot of poor choices and decision making in general.

We have heard a lot historically about the second coming and signs of the times. I am probably off on this but it certainly feels like a time when it could actually happen soon.

Nah, I’m probably a victim of the covid, economic destructive administration of this country and like everyone else I’m not thinking straight.

I agree. All of our institutions (including the Church) are shells of what they were, and they continue crumbling. Government, family, church, sports (all levels), work, school, etc.

I think the times off the Gentiles are being fulfilled before our eyes, and with that comes the decline of the Gentile Church (primarily descended from northern Europeans). It’s prophesied, but it’s sad when we’re living the decline.

Re: BYU sports, I think the glory days were the 80s and 90s. We will never see that again, and I think the Big 12 thing will fizzle.

I’ll say it again. I really hate the transfer portal. It’s 100% mercenary now, with no loyalty, paying dues, or patience. “Hey, everyone wants to play now.”

The men’s basketball team is in pretty good shape. Fennell seems to be a quality hire. The new players seem to be solid. I am a little worried about the lack of a center. However, Jake Hatch and Mitch Harper both mention a couple of players that want to come to BYU if they can get accepted to school. One is Kim Akin, Jr., who played well at Eastern Washington but only played half a year at Arizona. The other is a former all conference player (conference not mentioned) who does not want his name revealed until the transfer is finalized.

Insofar as the women’s team is concerned, I don’t think the shock has worn off for fans. High school coach? That said, I don’t know the thought process of why Gonzales, and perhaps others, would leave.

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I think Gonzalez is a top notch player that wants to win a champion or at least have another shot. She isn’t seeing it with the players for next year and with a new inexperienced NCAA coach. Can’t blame her. I wonder if Judkins quit because he didn’t see any position repeat this past year and Gonzalez knows it. The strange thing is that she waited so long and could end up not playing next year.

How is The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints a mere shell of itself? Do explain…We still have a Prophet of God.

Everyone has always wanted to play. But, they mostly didn’t want to sit out a year either. Also, there education was more important as well. This added season for Covid has also created havoc with transfers as well.

agree, Lets not jump to conclusions until we se who lands here

Gonzalez should shoot for her dreams, The BYU girls team was HOOSED by the selection committee. should have received a much higher seed and never had to face Louisville. Go get paid.

A better analogy or description is that we are seeing an example of the wheat and tares parable. Many are deciding to drift away or make the choice to be “inactive” and that is affecting the church. I think it is a result of all the nonsense on the internet combined with the effects of Covid restrictions when it comes to religious worship. There are reasons you are meeting in Fillmore now…

Mostly because of move outs because unable to afford California. But, the Wheat and the Tares is true. The Woke has hit many young people including my daughter. They make decisions emotionally and can’t justify with logic or science.

I think Gonzales thinks she is too good for BYU She played terribly in the NCAA game.I think she believes like some of you guys have said that she doesn’t feel that the BYU women’s team is as good as she wants it to be. I KNOW THAT ALL TWELVE pac-12 TEAMS WANTED HER BEFORE SHE CAME TO byu. So be it, I would like her to play two more years at BYU. But she has got her mind made up to leave. At one time I felt that she was the best player on the team.But now I think that if she wants to go, let her go. BYU will survive without her. We shall see how she plays on another team.

If her knees hold out, she’s very good. Great in fact. Players sometimes have bad scoring games. Even great ones. To me, it has to do with the coaching change. Judkins ups and leaves for what reason? They hire an inexperienced coach at the NCAA level. However, now it comes out that her mother also applied for the head coaching job and didn’t get it. Does this mean Tom Holmoe made an error or is it

I think whats going on here is Gonzalez is doing what so many players do today, She is testing the waters to see what is out there and to see what NIL $$ is available. Most likely, she will be back at BYU is the word on the street

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Then that would make her “after much prayer” comment really . . . I hate it when people invoke that. It’s like it’s meant to stop criticism (who can criticize revelation and prayer?). But in your scenario, she’s just “testing the waters” to “see what she can get.”

It’s not even like leaving early to make money as a professional. She’s still a student in school.

I see nothing wrong with after much prayer I have toprayer I have decided to enter the transfer portal and test the waters.

I wish Shaylee Gonzales no luck at Texas. As a player who turned down all PAC-12 schools for BYU I hope that she has a bad two years at Texas. Gonzales and Texas are all about money. I know that Texas has always been about money. Texas has always been about the big money in the Southwest Conference and in the Big 12. They have always been the school who always got the most money in both conferences. So Gonzales has gone to Texas about the big money. To me Gonzales has left BYU for the biggest money and not for BYU.

I appreciate Shaylee’s time at the Y, but she is now an afterthought. I don’t wish her ill; but she’s no longer a Cougar so I don’t care what happens to her.

She may not play much because there are too many top players playing at Texas. What makes her think she will get big money going there? And this NIL deal really screwed up in college sports it Needs to go.
What do I care
about Texas and other schools but I will continue enjoying BYU sports.