Shoulda left well enough alone

Big job to figure out the site. No Cougarfans present. No postings. Didn’t need to mess up the good thing we had going.

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Agreed. Is there another board like the old one we can go to now?

Yeah, this is kind of a joke. And no content from the old board crossed over. Lame.

I sent this to the new owners…

Did it EVER occur to you to talk to the people who posted on Cougarfan as to WHAT THEY WANT with an app BEFORE releasing the “New Look”?
As a programmer I can tell you that user buy in is more important than having a “Mobile app”… Seriously guys… you need to grow up and stop trying to fix something THAT WAS NOT BROKEN!

Floyd Edwards

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There was plenty that could have been improved from the old board. Not sure a mobile app was the way to go. I haven’t used this new board enough to see where the improvements or drawbacks are yet.

Carlos Salazar

New guy here. My cousin suggested I give it a try but not sure how long I will stay. This is not what my cousin described.

New guy here also. I have just started following the Cougarfan board. I am liking where this one is going. Much more user friendly.

What do you mean by much more user friendly? I’m a developer and I like what they are trying to do but I hate what they have done. I logged into the new site and found it HIGHLY confusing and not at all user friendly. They could have based this off of SOOOOOO many other forums out there that work great for mobile. This design sucks. It does. It is almost the complete opposite of terrible from the old board’s design. You added almost nothing in the way of community as we still can’t thumb up and thumb down posts or see reputation or anything like that… Completely missed the mark on that one.

The UI is OVERLY simple. So much so that my eyes don’t know where to look. You’ve provided no real way to know who/what a person is replying to other than a little simple showing the other posters name. However, I have no definitive clue as to what they are replying to and thus it’s bound to cause angry posts about someone’s comments that were taken completely out of context because they weren’t even replying to the particular post that they are referencing… I can’t see who the last poster was for any thread. It would be really nice to get at least a short blurb about what each post contains other than just a title.

Overall, my single biggest complaint is that you didn’t add anything except a like “heart” (super manly by the way since the vast majority of those on these boards are men). You simple rearranged things into a different UI that you apparently think is better. As far as I can tell, you added nothing for us long time users. You simply took away what we had. Nothing transferred over, everything is moved around and harder to use, and you added nothing that I have heard others clamoring for.

I will continue to use the old site. When it is deprecated, then I will probably move to cougar board exclusively. I hate that site, but at least it makes some sense to me. Want me to stay and use this new UI? Add community features such as thumbs up and down, and reputation. I want to know what “lurkers” think of peoples posts who post more often. I want to know if I can trust a person who says they have inside information. I want to know if a guy really does know a lot about a sport because others have upped his reputation as a knowledgeable fan.

Glad this is Beta. It has a LONG way to go to get to a place that current cougarfan folks will use. Sorry for the bad news.

I think it will take a little bit to get used to but everyone will end up liking it just as they did the old system. It’s nice we can like comments now, would be nice to be able to not like a comment as well. At least the owners are being proactive and are not just letting the whole site become outdated like Anae’s play calling.


I am trying my best to get up to speed with the new format. My motivation is derived from the possibility that I may lose some of the connections I made on the old cougarfan board, not necessarily because I like this one. It will take some getting used to but I am trying.

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how do i change my username if it doesn’t identify me properly?

I thought it just uses the name you used to create an account on this board.

@jd4brboys Click on the J (your avatar) in the upper right corner. Select “profile”. Then select “preferences”. Then you can change your name.

What purpose does that do? I have both a Username (that cannot be changed) and a Name (that can be changed). All I can see is that the site displays your Username, which is created when the account is established. I don’t see how I can swap the Name to be used for the forum.

My user name, the one that everyone sees and the one that basically identifies who I am, cannot be changed in the preferences section. Only my “name”, which is curious because nobody can see that one, can be changed.

I am Jim Hawks, not jd4brboys…

OK. I figured it out. Click on you avatar in the right corner. Click on preferences.

Next to you name is a pencil. If you click on that you can change your username.

OK. I figured it out. Click on you avatar in the right corner. Click on preferences.

Next to you name is a pencil. If you click on that you can change your username.

I don’t have a pencil next to my username… therefore I can not change it still.

There should be a grey box like this.

Let me know if you don’t have that.