So is the verdict of the board?

About what Kalani is saying about the defense?

He didn’t commit anything on BYU Sports Nation yesterday. He said they will be able to mix up defenses and be deeper with the right players in the right positions better.
If they expect Tonga to sack more then they have to have more on the line. If the line backers stay healthy the DB’s will be looking very good with a lot more depth.

I know I am being negative but heard that last year and the year before and the year before. Will have to see the defense in game performance to know if that is just smoke or substance.

Safeties and corners are really good. I think we can have 4 or 5 in the line and pressure the QBs with the LBs and DBs we have. And we are much deeper. His will help with the strength of schedule.

Players are not the problem, coaching and thier decisions are the problem

The rhetoric is the same and has been the same for many years now. Last year the secondary was one of the strengths of the team. Until it wasn’t. No different from BYU to any of the other sports. No harm, just rhetoric.


Perfect example of BYU basketball-now we see players like Nixon and Seljaas that were low achievers the past two years, become integral parts of the team, besides Haws upping his game

Not really. We had a lot of players start out of position and we weren’t deep either. It’s looking like we will have much more depth at linebackers and DBs. We can run a better defensive scheme. Offense is looking great!

I got really frustrated last year watching us rush 3 guys and drop 8 and get picked apart, such as the Hawaii game. I like the rhetoric of being more aggressive on defense, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’d like to see our corners play bump and run even if they get beat sometimes. Enough of these 12 yard cushions on 3rd and 5.

Yes, our labeled # 1 QB Wilson was an over all flop. He personally lost the toledo game and hurt himself by trying to tackle the defender who intercepted his poor pass. Romney won the best BYU victory over Boise State. Hall and Romney won the Utah State game. Wilson played miserable in the Toledo, San Diego State and the Hawaii Bowl games. So how is Wilson the number one QB. To me he is the third QB with Romney t No. 1 and Hall 2nd.

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Who did he beat? USC and Tennessee…He’s now healthy and we will see him grow this year…

Why did he lose to Toledo San Diego State and Hawaii? Enough said Here

He was injured…Why did he have to win against USC and Tennessee before getting hurt? And, there was our defense too 3-8.

I better listen to Floyd. Don’t take the bait!!!

Good advice Dew!! Now you are thinking!

I agree with Floyd!

Just because I have a different opinion. Jerk!

Actually Scott,
Wilson did not beat USC, we won because we kicked a 43 yard field goal.

Wilson stalled on the field.

Don’t get revisionistic.

He was not injured when Toledo was coming back and beating us.

He got injured because he was made a mistake.

Were you not just chiding people for name calling?