So much to live for......Basketball is here!

BYU- Westminster, Wed on BYU TV

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Pope has some work to do to catch Sitake this year. Who’d a thunk?

Hard to say what BYU basketball is going to look like this year. So many great players are gone now.

I am still feeling the burn of the ncaa tournament getting canceled. March madness is literally my favorite time of the year. I believe this was the year byu was poised to make a deep run into late March. Elite 8 imo.

Its going to take a little while to build back, but I have a lot of confidence in coach Pope.

So many great players still at BYU and very deep.

yes, hard to replace 4 year players, but BYU has a great core at both guards and guys that have played together for 3 years. 2 of the new comers have played under Pope at UVU and Haarms has a lot he wants to prove.

Pope has a million things he can try this year whereas last season he was stuck the outside game.

You and I both…but this new team has a lot more depth then we had last year. it is just about experience from here.

Used to be I couldn’t wait for football to get over and basketball to arrive-this year it’s double the fun. Great year for BYU fans!

BYU announces contract extension for Mark Pope through the 2026-27 season - Deseret News
Well, that was silent but effective

Funny-I was just wondering today how long BYU would hang on to Pope. Good news to counteract the CFP rankings

Like my f_ _ ts after Tommy’s Chili Burger :hugs:

Sweet! Knowing that Mark Pope really want to stick around
But what if Kentucky buy out his contact and will he say no?

Not watching game yet. Why isn’t Haarms playing?

Ankle injury

How long is he out?

Day to day

Minor injury which I hope it is just a little. I didn’t see the first half but the second half was boring to watch. next we play New Orleans tomorrow night which should be more entertaining.

I saw a lot of good things for a first game. Everyone who played contributed both offense and defense. I saw lots of team ball. I want to see Haarms in there and see how the flow is. New Orleans will be more competitive.

What we learned…
Pope is giving a few guys extra time to see where they will fit in the rotation:

Wade for all the talk through the years is still a bench player
Johnson is turning heads
W. Lowell is back and ready to claim a spot.

Non surprises:
Bacellos runs the team
Averette is our true point and yet no one is driving to the hoop to dish, problem when you are not setting Marriott records @3.
Haarms has a big say in who gets minutes. even with an ankle sprain.

Really hard to tell from last night. BYU moved the ball well, shot from 3 well. Typical Pope signature game-unselfish play and lots of ball movement. Probably our best look at what this season holds in store will be December 1 against USC

My version of what we learned last night:
not much…it was really watching a scrimmage only it counted.
Defense …wow horrible…signs that they could be good; but letting a division 2 team score 60 points in 40 minutes on 74 possessions…
Offense…continuation from last year.

Team has depth and talent but needs to come together on defence.

Pope mentioned trying to get 12 guys up to snuff.
Bigs all looked good. Harward, Baxter, looked good to very good. Lee just continues to improve. Haarms…how will his return impact their games? and the teams? Will he start center or forward? not that it really matters that much what the label is we saw the pattern last night.

PG AB and BA lead the way some concerns but minor and Pope will get his primary ball handlers straightened out.
Wade looked like the little brother who is trying harder but not getting it done. Yet he got more minutes than Erickson.
I expect both to be on the court most games just no more minutes than last night.

That leaves
Lohner…showed promise but still played like a frosh at times.
George and Johnson the best of the bench players but both need to study harder.
Lowell…I am excited to see whether he or Lohner can dominate in minutes of the bench both have such strong upsides.

Harding and Knell both contributed solid efforts. Harding shot better…defended better…but Knell got open more…if he starts hitting his shots he will likely end up with more time…

Pope says he is looking to get 12 guys up to game ready, and is willing to put up with some bumps along the road to make it happen.
So who will be the practice team guys? Wade, Erickson from minutes it looks like Pearson and Johnson too…

Tough problems to have too much depth…

If Johnson plays steady like last night, he needs to be in the court as well. He was fully under control and played defense as well.
Defense will start slow as usual and get way better because there is so much competition on this team. The freshmen were a bit tight tonight. But wow, great upside. As good as Harding is, these kids could be better by next year.

yep, Someone will have to RS.
Harding is a fixture out there, make no mistake. His 3s and drive are essential.
Lowell and Haarms will be big minute eaters.

I don’t see any scenario where Pope can keep all these capable players happy.