Socialist lunatic sanders now the dem front runner - yes this is flame throwing

I figured the headline would grab attention. I modified it a bit from what the Bongino Report posted. Bernie Sanders, the man who has never held a job in the private sector and took his honeymoon in the 60s to Moscow, in the then Soviet Union, is now the front runner for the Democrat Party in the presidential race… America has come a long way baby. Now an unashamed Socialist could possibly be the presidential nominee of one of the two viable parties in American politics. I don’t know if Republicans should hope and pray he is the nominee or if all Americans should live in terror that a loon like Sanders could possibly be elected.

Of course Bernie isn’t entirely honest about being a socialist. He calls himself a Democratic Socialist trying to distinguish himself from the garden variety socialist so he will be more electable. Most socialists deny it entirely to be electable so at least he is half honest or entirely a liar because he is an in the closed Communist. According to the Washington Examiner Bernie Sanders in 1972 was quoted as saying he didn’t mind people calling him a Communist. Maybe he started thinking about it and didn’t like being in the same company as Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Lenin, etc. and evolved into something better, a Democratic Socialist. It is amazing how heathens suddenly become Christians. Communists become Democratic Socialists, and liberals become moderates to be more electable.

My thought is that the Democrats aren’t ready for a Sanders and will figure a way to make Bloomberg the nominee. That will be interesting since he is definitely in the 1% filthy rich income bracket that the Democrats constantly revile. Klobuchar seems almost sane so maybe she will arise from the rubble. Biden appears to be almost toast and Pocahontas Warren (the other loon) also. Last week Bongino reported that Pocahontas finished fifth in Pocahontas County in the Iowa Causcas. The irony was too rich. I forgot about Butto whatever. He scares me and could actually get a lot of support from young Democrats. He is 38 years old and his only experience is as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, hardly a major metropolis, but Beto O’Rourke nearly beat Cruz in Texas so one should be worried if Buttigieg gets nominated.

“yes-this-is-flame-throwing” – YA think? LOL

Just busting your chops Reed…

I heard a democrat on TV the other day, I thought his comment was very interesting.

He says as a democrat, he is not a socialist, He says what the democrats are really about are helping the poor and needy, where socialist (under the truest form) is more about advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

He said I know Bernie says he is a socialist, but he really isn’t…

Not saying I agree with him, but I thought the guy comments were interesting.

I think Bernie scares the heck out the DNC. But you know as well as I, “$$$$$$” will make Bloomberg “nomination” more sure.

I think Bloomberg is their best bet. The rest of the bunch seem a little bit off the reservation but many of the Dems have moved so far to the left that if he is nominated it may appear to be a rigged game to the left wing of their party. Most of the Sanders supporters still think he got the shaft last time around. If they perceive him getting the shaft again in favor of the rich “Jew” (I have no issue with him being Jewish, in fact Sanders is Jewish but the far leftists would see him as being the right kind of Jew) you wonder how the loonies will react. A number of the new far left congress women like Ilhan Omar, Taleeb (whats her name), and AOC are out of the closet anti semites. The irony about Bloomberg is that he used to be a Republican and went independent and now Democrat. He is obscenely rich and it will be interesting to see how the class warfare warrior against the rich will react to a rich businessman being the Democrat nominee.

If Bloomberg wins and Trump wins, then we will have the epic battle of the Billionaires… LOL

Klobuchar has voted with Sanders 87% of the time. There are no more moderates running for offices in the Democrat Party. They are all socialist.

I don’t find his comments interesting. Sounds more like every dictator while running for office and then becoming a dictator once in office. Castro, Chavez to name two that did this. Open your eyes! Everyone running for President are socialists.

Didn’t know much about Klobuchar except that she seems to be the least obnoxious of the bunch, but that’s hardly an endorsement. I didn’t have any illusions that she was moderate just maybe not as crazy as Sanders and Warren. Bloomberg is spending lots of money on ads but I don’t see that he was entered in the Iowa caucus or the NH primary. He hasn’t been in any debates yet. Has he even officially declared as a Democrat or is he running as in independent? I thought he was officially running as a Dem.

I read a little about Bloomberg on Wikipedia. It sounds like he was a big womanizer before he married. I wonder if the press will be as interested in that as they were in Trump’s past dalliances? His political positions are pretty much liberal on everything these days. It seems the only big difference between him and the rest of them is that he is filthy rich. He also seems like a major phony changing parties constantly. He was a Democrat and then he became a Republican to run for NYC mayor because Guiliani was so successful and then he became an independent and now he is back to his roots. Sounds like a real Chameleon. He was all for stop and frisk when he was mayor (following in Guiliani’s footsteps because it worked and reduced crime) and then later on he apologized because he buckled to the racist charges. What a phony.

It’s just scary to know 75% of Democrats think socialism is okay. What is wrong with people? Especially Christians that believe that. Socialism is not the United Order. Not even close.

Too many people think of Socialism as some benign system like they think operates in much of the free world. Sort of a hybrid of free market capitalism and socialism.That really isn’t what Sanders type socialism is and even if it was it isn’t as good as free market capitalism with minimal regulation. Sweden has a type of socialism that incorporates free market capitalism but it isn’t as good as what we have. A lot of people want us to be what a lot of Western Europe is. Sanders is much more radical than that. What Sanders’ type socialism does is lead to Venezuela not Sweden. Regardless of what Sanders says about being Democratic Socialist he is not a Western Europe type free market socialist.

High taxation is something thought of as socialism. But that’s not correct. Socialism is the overtake of private ownership of business and private property rights by the government. Sweden has none of that. What they have is capitalism with high taxation with little regulation. We currently have somewhere in between Sweden and Venezuela. Sanders wants to eliminate religion and God to make the government and himself ruler as well. He wants us to be a Marxist Nation. Communism. And, unfortunately, most Democrats want the same thing. We saw that in the impeachment trials. People like Floyd and Mitt don’t yet see this. They are like frogs in a pot slowly being boiled.

Most people don’t do their own research on many subjects. They depend on CNN, FoxNews, or some liberal/Conservative talking head on TV or Radio.

I have found so many falsehoods both sides of the isle, I trust neither party completely.

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There is not moderate republicans only gun toting, red neck, KKK loving “conservatives” .

There, now we have equal wide paint brush view of both parties… :open_mouth:

Let’s find a Democrat Congressperson or Presidential candidate not supporting government takeover of our healthcare system, monetary system and take away power from the Executive and the Judicial. Go ahead and point someone out. Your statement is clearly an uneducated one. You refuse to listen to both sides and then say you make an educated decision? Based on what. If we use your logic method of investigations then why would we have both the prosecutor and the victim have their turn to defend their cases? We wouldn’t need due process either.
I think you should listen to CNN and FoxNews to get a better understanding of the issues. I have no clue how else you are doing any research.

I’d say government taking over healthcare and free college tuition are about as socialist as it gets. America is at a crossroads and capitalism must prevail. Other systems just don’t work.

Free college–
Not really, would you call free education pre college as socialist?

I think the capitalistic way of universities jacking up the cost of college obscene.

As for free medical, not sure the democrats has the right answers, but working in the inner city mission, medical costs are outrageous and unaffordable for most families.

Socialism is where the means of production and distribution is controlled and owned by the government. Who produces and distributes public education in the year 2020? The Government. That includes public universities. Who has over time stepped in and has taken over healthcare? The Government. And, we know when the Government gets involved with the ability to print unlimited money the prices go up.
Way to go Democrats…

Sanders won Nevada and he is on a roll. Buttigeig was crying foul the other day. It appears his star is fading based on a fourth place finish, or whatever it was. I think he only got 8% or something like that. Some Democrats are suggesting the Russians want Sanders elected, too funny. Everything bad that happens to the Democrat Party in elections is now the Russian’s fault and Sanders being the front runner is bad for their party make no mistake about it.

Maybe…Republicans have struggled to get their messaging out and do it effectively. That’s why we have Pelosi mucking up the country. Remember, the radical left has spent 50 years re-educating America that socialism doesn’t lead to totalitarian governments killing their citizens. Socialism requires a heavy hand government to implement the economic system which destroys personal liberty and freedom of conscience.

Yes having Sanders ahead in the primary is bad for the demos, but it’s kind of humorous too. I see Hillary would support him if he won the nomination-what an endorsement :thinking:

I see what you are saying but the mainstream media isn’t real happy about Sanders and guys like James Carville thinks he is a disaster even though he said he will still vote for him. I think most Democrats would rather see somebody else. Somebody who is more of a stealth socialist.