Someone's head is exploding :-)

The fans wanted it. The players wanted it. The coach wanted it. But I know someone is calling KC selfish. That was a team win and decision for the triple double. Remember, this is still entertainment and the crowd has to get what they came for. Especially when only 15,000 were in attendance.

My brother left at halftime…

Santa Clara sucks but embarrassing them like that is inconsequential to BYU and their fans. Who cares about sportsmanship and class…

You are right, it is all about the personal accomplishments and breaking records!

This might be my least favorite group of BYU players in the history of the school… I won’t call them a team because they are so far from being that it makes my head spin… not explode.

It isn’t entertainment, it’s embarrassing.

LOL!!! I never laughed so hard! You are so funny. A team that nearly beat Gonzaga and thumped them. Congratulations BYU. You put together an entire game and played as a complete team. That was great. Do it over and over and over!

Like I said, some BYU fans have lost their marbles… thanks for proving my point.

Santa Clara is a shell of the team that “nearly beat GU”… which by the way isn’t a very good team either right now.

I agree with you in part. I thought Rose should have taken Collinsworth out way earlier. The game was well in hand and there is no point in risking getting him hurt just to pad a record he already owns. Now that the record is broken I wish they would forget about the triple doubles and if he get them let it happen in the context of the game and quit with consciously trying to get him triple doubles. I think it is bad form. I am a great fan of Rose but I don’t like that sort of thing. If Collinsworth didn’t already hold the record it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.

For most of the game I thought the team play was good and the chemistry was good compared to a number of other games I have seen this year. I thought the defense was good as well. Santa Clara isn’t very but nobody else in the WCC is either. BYU shouldn’t lose another WCC game based on the talent they have except Gonzaga on the road. They shouldn’t but they probably will.

Maybe it isn’t necessary to reply directly to your quote here Reed, but I am relieved to see that there is somebody else here who understands and/or feels similarly and coming from you it is a compliment because you are one of the more level headed, perceptive fans who posts here. I remember back a few years ago there was a guy named Joel Baughman who posted on cougarfan regularly… I called him the “voice of reason” because his posts were well thought out, well written and intelligent. Your posts remind me of his. :relaxed:

Your sentiments mirror mine exactly.

Jim: If Collinsworth didn’t already hold the record it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.

SH: Not true. You complained about how selfish everyone is about when he was helped by his team to break it. Same thing with Fischer at the tournament in Hawaii. You have complained over and over that it was selfish.
Records are made to be broken. But not for Mormons… :wink:

Two peas in a pot is all. It’s reason because he fits your soft pathetic idea of sports :worried: I suppose you are in agreement with Coach K at Utard too?

Sorry SG… it is true, and who is SH? Is that supposed to be you? I thought you were SG… simple and gullible.

I am fine with KC setting a record for triple doubles, but he did that a long time ago. It’s past history… so please tell me what it is now? What was that last night?

You can go ahead and get off your high horse now… I have no problem with players breaking records, just like I have no problem with a player scoring 40 points in a tournament game. Let me be perfectly clear on that, even though I KNOW you will misrepresent what I am saying. My problem is with the way they go about doing it. That is what I have had a problem with all along, but for some reason you aren’t astute enough to understand that.

I know others are… and to those posters I say “thank you” for getting it. You, on the other hand never seem to get it… and I don’t know if it is some kind of game you continue to perpetuate or if it is really just who you are. I know if we were to poll the others who post here, they would probably say it is the latter. I know you personally so I give you the benefit of the doubt. :sweat_smile:

Actually it is because Reed’s post are intelligent and articulate. Others recognize it too. Where on earth do you get the notion that my “idea of sports is soft and pathetic”? and either you have a very short memory or you don’t read all of the posts or simply don’t comprehend them, but I have spoken my thoughts on the utah coach… and they aren’t even close to what you are “supposing”. Is this more games or are you really this clueless? :smirk:

Obama is intelligent and articulate. According to Joe Biden the most articulate black man ever! And yet, i don’t agree with most of what he has to think or say. That nonsense doesn’t make someone right. And most in here don’t agree with you too. The student fans don’t. The announcers don’t. The coaches definitely don’t. As Nashif said today, we are playing as a team now. No selfishness.

and once again your superficial analysis comparing Obama and Biden to Reed’s and my comments is noted. The conclusions you draw, and the way you go about drawing them are always interesting.

I acknowledge (something you NEVER do) that overall the team played well against an undermanned and inferior opponent and it was a good win for the TEAM. Unfortunately it was overshadowed by the pursuit of what has now become an inconsequential record for triple doubles by KC.

I think next game BYU should set some 4 man screens and form a circle around Fischer so he can chuck up 3’s and get 15 or more in a game. What is the record for 3 point shots and makes in a game?

This game is the first of the nine I think didn’t really come in the course of the game. KC should have been sitting along with the rest of the starters a few minutes before. The game was in hand and BYU will need players with more actual game time more than they need another KC TD.

That said BYU is clicking against the dregs of the conference. Can they get through a season without losing to any but the competition for the top of the conference?

It was good to see Kaufusi play and relatively well. Next Thursday he’ll need to get major minutes if BYU is to have a chance.

That team had already lost their two starters when they should have beat Gonzaga. That was a great win last night! Did you know there was an unsubstantiated record of 8 triple doubles by Magic Johnson? They didn’t record assists back then but they said he had 8 triple doubles. Now that KC has 9 it doesn’t matter.
You would have been totally lost had you lived in Christ day. He would have used his analogies which we call parables and you would have been siding with the Sadducees and Pharisees because you couldn’t follow along :innocent:

This wasn’t actually the first game where a KC triple double didn’t come in the course of the game. They follow his stats closely throughout the game and he has finished off a triple double, knowing what he had to do, on other occasions. This one was just blatantly obvious… Reed noticed it, you noticed it and some others might have noticed it. Gavenman never notices it… that is a Given-man.

Yes, it was a very good TEAM win and it was at home, a place where BYU (and most every other team) plays MUCH better. KC’s triple doubles haven’t mattered since he broke the official record, but not for KC and BYU… it still matters A LOT. Besides, didn’t you see that Oscar Robertson had 10 unofficial triple doubles? So now KC actually needs 2 more… right?

Lastly, so now your ridiculous analogies are christ-like? Ummm… okay.

I guess I would say that this triple double was manufactured. The other games that you refer to it seemed to me that KC was an assist or two away and there was a reasonable chance the other team could come back so leaving KC in made sense in the course of the game.

In this game, KC and the rest of the starters could have sat the last 10 minutes. The score wouldn’t have been the massive blowout, records would not have fallen, but if Santa Clara had closed within 15 points putting a few of the starters back in would have insured the victory. Instead the petal was to the metal for just way too long particularly leaving in KC.

This is of course a matter of taste…running up scores can be good for fans…for recruiting…for a whole number of other reasons…other than just getting KC his TDs

The Kings were up by 27 points in the 4th quarter. The Lowly Lakers, without Kobe in the 4th quarter, caught them and nearly won. They actually passed them up before losing. Taking the starters out too soon is always a mistake. So, I disagree with you taking them out at the 10 minute mark.

Good old SG… always looking for someone or something to disagree with. :dizzy_face:

Not paying any attention to Harold’s last comment… classic.

I remember last year during mid season at the MC, KC was close to his Triple… Fans and medias were going crazy and DR pulled KC and other starters off the floor and KC only got double. Fans reaction were in disbelief. But he broke the record later on in the season and everything was good. I like KC of his hard work and he does finish most of the time going after something. Last night I fell a sleep around 5 minutes in the game and woke up about 5 mintes left in the game. Yeah, I saw the current score and announcer saying KC need one more assist. I said “pull those starters now because we are winning and why risk injuries.” Nope, KC got his triple and DR pulled them off. So what, nobody got hurt and it was fun. Last night game was pretty easy and we shall see how things go for the next 6 games.

Houston Phi Slamma Jamma ran up scores many times. Sure I wanted them to lose because they were ball hoggers. I didn’t realized Dave Rose was a player on that team. So what, they had fun. Wow that last game for NC at the Pit was such a killer when they couldn’t shoot free throws. NC State and Jim Valvano was fun to watch.

Jimmer mania, ousiders were calling him ball hoggers including what was his name at unlv. Boy, Bully Jimmer had fun pushing hard on that bully unlv kid. And that game at the U was fun too and seeing him hit from half court was sweet. So what, it was fun.

I don’t mind if KC get two more Triples (11th) for all time record! As for now till end of season I see them in the NIT or One and done in the NCAA (maybe they win the first just for KC).

Guess what, next year and on going to be fun. I hope DR will put together two group team. 1st team will play some 5 minutes and put in 2nd team for the next same minutes back and forth to keep them fresh during the whole game. I didn’t realized we got 7 4 Star Players.