St. Mary's... a team that BYU should beat

I am starting the in game discussion before the game actually starts. I will be back later after I have seen something to post about.

Okay, so after 4 minutes the things that stand out are these -

Haws is going to go 1 on 1 and put up as many shots as possible. If he isn’t shooting then Yoeli will be. Looking for a third scorer still? Not going to happen on this team.

Luke’s guy has made 2 layups and an easy put back because Luke can’t defend anything. I have talked about his skills till I’m blue in the face. Nothing more to say on that front.

3 more minutes gone and nothing is changing. Yoeli putting up some forced bad shots. BYU with zero interior defense and poor rebounding. The game is only two points right now, we will see.

Good first half for BYU, as long as Baxter is in and Luke is sitting. Yoeli was a one man wrecking crew but Haws struggled. They still don’t have a third scorer and probably won’t find one this season.

In complete control of the second half, BYU survives to beat St. Mary’s.

Baxter should absolutely be getting more time than Worthington. Why it has taken this long for him to get the playing time is beyond me. BYU cannot survive if either Haws or Childs goes down. Losing one of those two would end the hope for anything the rest of the way.

A good, but not terribly impressive win. St. Mary’s couldn’t hit anything in the first half and BYU played well enough to win the game.

They need to be glad for the win and take it. Next Thursday could be a blood bath or they could catch fire and make it a decent game. Gonzaga won huge at Santa Clara and there is little hope of beating them this season.

I don’t see any playing time minutes on this stats. You said Baxter need more time, tell me how many minutes of those two Baxter and Worthington played?
Baxter 5-5 2’s, 0-1 3’s, No FT, 4 Reb, 1 STL, 2 Blocks, 4 Fouls & 10 Points
Worthington 1-1 2’s, Zero 3’s, Zero Reb, Zero AST, Zero STL, Zero BLK, Only 1 Fould??? and 2 Points - WHAT THE HECK WAS Dave Rose DOING??? And was those referees being soft for LW just to allow him to play more and fouling Baxter to get him off the floor???

All the other bench players did a lot better than Luke W., well exept Bergersen.

I be glad when LW is done after this season.

Next week game against the Zags, they will cruise easily over us. We were no show on defense on either end of the court. Luckily SMC had 25% 5-20 3’s but we were 4-14 28%. We still missed too many FT’s 61% (BAD)

You have forgotten how Baxter was playing. He was lost in the court until last week. So, now, he will get more time. He’s been working hard in practice. It’s paying off.

What won the game tonight was very good team defense and only 2 turnovers. The only way we could have lost tonight is because of the two areas I always talk about, missing layups and free throws. And, we saw some easy layups missed down the stretch and 13-21 missed free throws. But, we played at home which gives us 10 point advantage. Great and needed win.

See Hopper, you can make positive contributions to the forum if you focus. 2 turnovers is almost unheard of.

I always make good comments. Just because I don’t fall for conspiracy theories like others do doesn’t mean the comments aren’t good.

Except that these two comments have nothing to do with each other and once again, you fall flat on your face. You would have been better off to thank fish for the compliment and be done but you had to add something dumb, therefore cancelling the compliment from fish.

Now you can thank me for the advice and move forward.

Thank you sir. And another thing… :hugs:

Now this time I was able to see how many minutes those two players played. Luke Worthing 6 Min.
Gavin Baxter 27 Min.
That is how they should be playing going forward. But will Dave Rose going to remember from this game?

It cracks me up how people don’t remember and learn from the past. Before the Pepperdine game, Baxter got lost in the offense and defense. You and everyone else here seems to have forgotten that. But with hard practice, he’s getting it. He said this week the game was slowing down for him. He admitted he wasn’t ready until recently. So let’s move forward. Rose was right with him. He tried the same with Dastrup but PD wasn’t getting it.

People on this forum don’t know a fraction of the Baxter story. When you have lost every game that means something to the NCAA and you are sitting at 50/50 for the year, you automatically go to rebuilding for the end of the year tourney’s and the next year. Baxter is a TRUE freshman. of course he’s going to screw up. But we all knew what was missing was playing time. Now he can be an asset. Rose avoided a Dastrup moment by playing him. I am not saying that we have turned a corner by a long shot because BYU lacks penetrators and our only guy is a skinny HS framed point guard so BYU is in big trouble moving forward…but at least Rose has some hope coming from center and just wasn’t the case even a week ago.

Again, a poor understanding about player development. When Baxter played early on, he was lost on defense and lost on offense. The game was moving too fast. He wasn’t ready. Neither was Dastrup. Baxter even said so this week on Sports Nation.
Where do you get the development? In practice. Baxter figured this out and worked hard. Dastrup didn’t. He was fat and overweight for his entire year that he returned from his mission. And, he never really worked hard. Yes, he would be starting this year. But, he left.

You are contradicting yourself and not making any sense. Your logic is flawed and simply not true. Your comments are not based on anything but a faulty interpretation and continued defense of the head coach in every decision he makes, as if he is not capable of mistakes.


Your comments make little sense. I understand your reasoning but it is flawed, as always, and simply doesn’t fit the situation that we see year after year since the Jimmer era. It is difficult, if not impossible, to teach an old dog new tricks. The coach is not willing to try something different than what he always does, which is possibly changing lineups, truly developing players in a significant way and doing what is possible and necessary to get his teams to a higher level of play. He waits too long and doesn’t look to the future. He is slow to react and not proactive.

It is called lazy recruiting, slow player development and running several steps behind the competition every season. It is called “mired in mediocrity”.

How is that going to change? unless he tries something different or is willing to take risks? and by “risk” I mean playing Baxter more early in the season when it is obvious that his upside is way higher than Worthington’s or last season playing Dastrup more when it was obvious that his talent, ability and upside were WAY higher than Worthington’s. Rose always waits until it is too late! Stop making excuses for him and acknowledge it.

If he played Baxter 27 minutes a game early on we would have lost several more games and no chance to see the NIT or NCAA. So your logic and understanding of college ball is faulty and not true :slight_smile:

By the way, St. Mary’s lost to Pepperdine and BYU is tied for 2nd place. How about that!!!

USF lost to San Diego, so that’s why they’re not in 3rd.

More of the posters on this board who know what they are talking about when it comes to sports and basketball specifically generally agree with my perspective. You are typically the one that is out in the right field bleachers yapping away and not making any sense. I totally disagree with your notion that Baxter would have been responsible for more losses than BYU already has… as if Luke had nothing to do with all those losses or something…


We aren’t in 3rd because we are 5-2 and so is SF. A loss is a loss.

Your assumption is the problem that other posters know more. So, since that is unknown, your conclusion is a wild guess too :slight_smile:
Yes, Baxter on the floor early in the season would have caused many more losses than Worthington. There just wasn’t anyone else to replace him with unless we went real small and a 4 guard lineup. And, we tried that too.

Completely disagree. You need to rethink your position and stubborn ways.

There is no assumption. I have read hundreds of posts from fish, the Larimer bros., Thawk and others, so I am confident that they are knowledgeable and understand the game of basketball.

FYI - there are a lot of basketball coaches out there who have no idea what they are doing and are just plain bad. Having coached yourself, you should know that and you should also know that coaching experience therefore is no guarantee that you know what you are talking about or even understand how the game works.

You have proven this point on numerous occasions… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: