St Mary's vs BYU

St Mary’s schooled again the young BYU BB team. Poor defense, Poor offense, at last count I had 4 for 17 on 3 point attempts with 9 min to go in 2nd half, and 16 for 50 on field goal made and attempted. Seemed to force a lot of shots again. I like the play of E. Bryant. Don’t know why they didn’t play tighter defense, especially on Hermanson who was left alone for a number of 3 pointers, and their post player schooled our post players. They have a lot of work to do to be more competitive and win a WCC championship.

Not a great performance by the Cougars… in fact it is really embarrassing.

Honestly, this isn’t a very good team. Then again, neither is St. Mary’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose in the first round of the ncaa tournament.

I wonder how many fans are concerned about Mika and his lottery pick status?

At least Santa Clara competed against Gonzaga…

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I disagree with you about them not being a very good team. Nonsense!
Some teams just don’t match up. GU doesn’t match up with BYU to blow us out. St. Mary’s does.
As I said before the game. We must shoot very well to have any chance. 32% is poor. Who thought Mika would have such a bad game? Emery disappeared again. Hard to win with 2 guards.
The youth and mission rust showed up again. Next year we will be a lot more consistant.

As I said, we had to be able to score. We didn’t. It was that simple.

Convenient excuses…

Honestly, it doesn’t work anymore. Losing isn’t that big of a deal, but the way they lost? There is no excuse in the world for losing like that.

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Wow, in depth analysis here. I guess you did say it was “simple” so coming from you I should have expected a comment like this. There were plenty of opportunities to score, I think BYU made 50 points on 85 possessions while St. Mary’s made 81 points on 75 possessions. That is total domination over a team that just didn’t compete. How many times does a team have to beat you before you respect them and prepare for the next game against them?

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Well for those of you worried about Mika leaving for the NBA, no need to be worried now. He will be around for awhile. Rose plays the same zone defenses for a third time against StM? Just not smart. All white guy team with marginal athletes schools BYU again. On the bright side, we don’t have to play them a 4th time!!

I would like any of you to point out a player in the WCC who is a worse defender than TJ Haws. It is like the Candid camera of basketball. The best part of the night was listening to the color man on ESPN describe the BYU performance, in every respect, like Jim and I have been complaining about… He is unbiased and very knowledgeable about the game… Hope you listened to his insight.

Next year should be better. Mission rust will be gone, players will all know how to play defense, good passing will be learned by TJ and the offense will be better in execution. Next year they will win the league and make the NCAAs. And if they don’t…I can’t wait to hear the excuses.

If we push a couple of players off to UVU again, I would like to suggest who is on the list.

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Do you really believe this? or are you just being sarcastic? They haven’t won the league or really come close in 7 years now. They haven’t won the tournament either. What do you see from this group of players that tells you it will change? The Gonzaga anomaly?

Compared to the rest of the wcc, they are good. Compared to the top 50 teams in the ncaa, they are not very good. They were just completely blown out in what could be their last game of the year, by a team they had already played twice. In my opinion that makes them not very good. I’m right and you’re wrong.

No, Jim, I don’t believe they will get much better. They will not win the league or get to the NCAA’s. If Rose didn’t teach accountability this year, he will never teach it. Sure the guys are talented enough to get the occasional one good win every 15 games, but they don’t have a high enough basketball IQ to not lose 3 games they shouldn’t every 15 games either. I think this team will be the end of the Rose era. Too bad for all concerned because it was preventable. Again Guinn, Bryant and Beo in the game with 4 min left…,at least they didn’t give up. But Rose couldn’t strand to see some small succuss, so back in to the game comes Haws! Amazing. The game was over.

I loved the announcers on ESPN. They were good and spot on.

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Sometimes it’s just that simple…

What is that simple?

I believe thawk is spot on with his analysis, it is simple and straight forward but probably too negative for you. Notice how he uses the phrase “accountability”. The few times Rose seemed to use it, the team realized some success. Unfortunately they still think they are better than they really are, which will impede real progress and ultimately be their demise.

They aren’t going anywhere next year until they recognize it takes a team effort, accountability and true humility to be a champion. It can be done, but this group of players is a long way from doing it.

And all of those points I just made are part of the culture I speak of. Accountability, team effort, humility… all of those (or lack thereof) create a basketball culture.

Jim H: Where was the in game coaching adjustments in the St. Mary’s game? Coach Rose talked about the lack of this and the lack of that by the BYU team after the game.Did he say those things and make adjustments in the SMC game? Were the players told to adjust during the game or is the coach talk post game Monday morning quarter backing? Was the BYU team told how to adjust during the game or is this team not following in game adjustment instructions? .

What’s this “humility?” Some of the greatest athletes of all time never thought for a second they were going to lose.
Now, accountability. How? Beo isn’t as good as Emery. Guinn isn’t as good as Haws. Who is better on the bench than Bryant? Mika? Childs? What BYU had when Rose and Davis went down was a bench full of 2 star players. The others are 4 starts and a couple of potential NBA athletes (Mika and Childs). Are you two actually going to say if Coach would have sat 3 of the players you don’t like that our record would have been better than it is? We would have been 11-23.
You don’t need to sit players like that. You need an offensive scheme that works like St. Mary’s. Defense will come around for the youth. We will be much better defensively next year. It’s the offense that is in question if we have one that doesn’t fit this hugely talented group.

I never said anything about sitting anybody. Of course those players are more talented. You see, these are the little nuances of coaching that you don’t understand. Those other “2 star” players rarely see the floor, even in blow out games. There was zero effort to develop them when they often showed promise in games they played.

They “knew” their role… to sit and watch or to pass the ball to the stars when they were on the floor. The obvious is there… you just don’t see it.

How then do you hold them accountable? You’ve been saying all season to sit them when they play hero ball. What do you do? Make them clean the toilet bowls?
If your goal is to beat the other team, you can’t do it with 2 star athletes. They can only be developed in basketball to a point.

Really? St. Mary’s does it. In fact they did it to BYU and their 4 star players 3 times this season and in dominating fashion.

I guess Bennett has been able to develop those players to a high level “point”. :astonished:

So have you coached basketball before or not? You don’t know the answer to your own question? A good coach does it because he is in charge of the team, not the players.

Unless foreign players do time in a US high school or prep school they don’t get anything but two stars…or to put it differently the stars really don’t do well for estimating the talent of foreign players. If the SMC players had played in the US their stars would likely have been higher and would have been a more accurate gauge of their talent level.

Not that the stars are all that accurate beyond the upper ranks of the 4 star and 5 star levels anyway.

I know the answe but do you? You’ve been all over the place on this issue. So, what is your answer?

SM players are more than 2 star players and Seniors and Juniors.