Take a deep breath please

We have 5 guards that can play. If we don’t play Sejlass because he missed a shot then what about Cannon who bricked 2 shots and 2 free throws? Or Dastrup bricked 3 out of 4? Think before over reacting. The 8 who played almost defeated SMU. Without Mika.

Oh to be clear, I love Sejlass. I think in an ideal system, and especially as he heals up and gets right. Seljass is a clear starter for his length and shooting.

I’m referring specifically to the last minutes of the game where I think Dastrup gave us a better chance because I felt he did better on defense vs Landale (No stats yet, so I might change my mind on that point), and more importantly, he allows us to change our look on defense as a team because it puts Yo in a position to guard elsewhere with his considerable athleticism and help from the back side. A third consideration as well: teams tend to leave him open from three and he moves well in the paint.

It wasn’t a bad play, it just wasn’t a great play and that’s partly due to the lineup.

Overall I’m extremely positive about this game. Thrilled even. We hung with these guys. If we’re consistent, we beat them. Let’s sharpen that ax.

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IF the team had played SMU the score probably would have been much worse.
SMU would hand SMC, Saint Mary’s College of the WCC, it head.

Of course, I am assuming that a team still getting AP votes and from the American Athletic Conference which is generally considered a power basketball conference would beat a team that not only fell out of the AP top 25 but fell so far they are not even getting votes.

It would certainly help out strength of schedule if we played SMU before conference, it would have been the only legitimately strong team other than Alabama on the schedule…

So his total liability on the defensive end doesn’t concern you? You are obviously a Rose disciple who thinks defense isn’t that important.

I do agree with you on the Dastrup comment but he hasn’t gotten the minutes thus far in the season that he needs to gain the confidence and chemistry to be in a position to make that play or take that final shot. He could have been if Rose had played him more…

Just more mediocre coaching decisions and something fans should be used to by now. BYU wins the games they are supposed to win and usually loses the ones they are supposed to lose along with a few others they should win and don’t.

It is the mantra of Rose teams… teams that could use the help of a psychologist to get their heads on straight so they can win games like this one.

Of course it concerns me. He can’t be on the floor if he’s a defensive liability. But his defense is improving and I’m not saying he’s a clear starter right now. But ideally, in the future, that’s where I want him to be. He has potential.

I want 5 players on the floor with size, shooting, and enough athleticism to move their feet on defense. Seljias is one of those guys.

Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. I know one thing, he is getting a LOT of opportunities to prove it. I guarantee that if Dastrup had been getting the minutes that Seljaas has over the course of this season, we wouldn’t be lamenting yet another loss to the St. Mary’s Gaels. That would have been a sure win yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of BYU getting owned by a team named “Saint Mary’s”. It’s embarrassing.

Sometimes the team with more experience wins. There is no reason to assume had Dastrup been shooting the last shot he would have made it.
Watch the play again and ask why didn’t Bryant take the shot? As far as passing it to the only open shooter, there is no reason to suggest Sejlass was the wrong choice if Bryant doesn’t take the shot.

Dastrup played a good first half. When he played in the second half he was 0-3 and out of place on defense. League has started and you go with those who you believe can do the job. All 3 main coaches are making the decision.

Had he been given more playing time, before this game during preseason, to develop chemistry with the other players and gain confidence, there wouldn’t have been a need for a “last shot”.

Yeah and I said this kind of stuff would happen… and it did. Spend all that preseason time making the third place bed and you have no other option than to sleep in it.

Congratulations to the team and staff on another third place finish and season of ignominy. There are already fans that are saying “wait until next year… BYU will be better and win the WCC” :laughing:

That’s the truth. I’m guessing.

Saint Mary’s drives me crazy. On one hand, I want to imitate a lot of what they do. On the other, I think we can and do get better athletes than they do (which is rare), and we ought to be able to beat them. I wouldn’t say it’s embarrassing, that is a tournament team and took them to OT. What was embarrassing was some the decisions made and the flat-out mental lapses in defenses.

You assume too much. You assume Dastrup hasn’t reached his potential. We also thought Sejlass was going to be a great 3 point shooter before his mission and couldn’t wait for his return. My defense for Dastrup has nothing to do with competing with Sejlass. I believe his competition is with Worthington and Childs. The mistake coaches are making is trying to fit Sejlass in as a 4. He’s a 3 either a 3rd shooting guard or small forward. Childs is being used as the post 5 man. I’m fine with that. Let Dastrup be the power forward after the likes of a Fred Roberts.

You assume that you don’t agree with me when everything you said only confirms what I am saying… so you agree with me.

Apparently you assume Dastrup has reached his potential?

I don’t care who is competing for time with who. He didn’t get enough time during the first 12 games of the season (6 minutes a game) and yesterday the team paid the price for it. I blame it on Rose and his staff. You heard Fish say that he was talking to a pro scout at practice one day and the guy was questioning why Dastrup didn’t play more. That was last year!

I know it pains Rose to play the guy but it is the coaches responsibility to do what is best for the team. He isn’t doing what it takes. Is there a better option for head coach? I don’t know, probably not. But he needs to make better decisions… finishing third again just isn’t cutting it. You admit the coaches are making mistakes.

What has happened to Haws? What was the defensive strategy vs. Landale? I didn’t see one so I don’t know. That was a major failure. The team relies on Childs and Bryant way too much, I have been saying that for awhile now too and that is another mistake this coaching staff is making.

It was clear the defense for Landale was to let him score but not let others to win by bombing away from 3’s. What happened was a couple of players forgot this and dropped too far into the lane. I’m sure Shroyer will iron that out.

Childs and Bryant are the best players and it usually takes 2 great players to win games. That game should have been won but Dastrup went 0-3 in the 2nd half. Conner bricked 2 free throws and 0-2 from the field. But he should take Sejlass spot.

I think Dastrup can develop into a good game player. Right now, looks like after the last 2 games he’s still a better player in practices than games. Next year may be his opportunity. Whoever was talking about Dastrup last year was ridiculous. He was too fat to jump. This year, I say he should be getting Worthington’s time.

Agreed, today Sejaas was a poor choice but what Tyler and I agree on is that IF Seljaas returns to pre mission form, a 50% 3 bomb specialist, BYU would very tough to stop. And Seljaas is going to get back, we all know it, it is just when?

Dastrup also has a ton of upside and I just wish we would have played him early so that we don’t gripe about the rust. Gonna be really good next year…hahahaha

According to Jim’s logic, the only way to get back to 50% shooting for Seljaas is by playing lots of minutes. But, Jim wants Dastrup playing Seljaas minutes.
I wanted more minutes for Dastrup too except replacing Worthington’s minutes and giving Childs rest.

You asked about Haws. From what I see Haws has become a team player. He’s now a drive and dish off player. He still takes shots but when he’s actually open. That s what you always wanted, right?
I want to see Haws play more like Tyler and pull up for mid range shots and in the paint shots. His percentage would go up and he will get fouled a lot more sending him to the line more.

Jim Said: “He isn’t doing what it takes. Is there a better option for head coach? I don’t know, probably not. But he needs to make better decisions”

If there’s not a better decision then Rose is making the better decision. I’m glad we agree. In fact, I think we agree that Worthington shouldn’t be starting and Dastrup should. Where you get lost in space is with Sejlass. He needs to play too. Remember he’s the 3 point specialist. And therefore he should have been in the game positioned in case Bryant doesn’t shoot the ball in the lane.

Again your way off target but that’s not unusual. Seljaas has his place on this team, but his primary contribution is and has been in the past his 3 point shooting. So far he hasn’t had the stroke, probably due to his time away from the game. Dastrup on the other hand, has multi-level skills that should have been getting more playing time to develop, especially defensively. That’s all people are trying to convey. This was a huge loss for BYU. Maybe it could have been avoided by a little better preparation for key league games. That’s all supposition, however, and we will never know until we see the complete body of work. I continue to see players that BYU "underdeveloped " go on and play very well in other venues and that gets to be frustrating. You disagree a lot about what people tell you, but then when it happens you fall back on a myriad of excuses as to why you were wrong. Again, BYU will be fortunate to place 3rd in the conference, but it’s what we have been telling you all along. Rose has had a great tenure at BYU, but he gets out coached in key games sometimes. It’s ok-this team is playing well as a team for the most part and gave themselves an opportunity to win a game they had to win. I’m not going to use the "wait till next year " -it’s been used too many times now. Just sit back and enjoy the games.

He didn’t get outcoached in this game. We weren’t supposed to be close in this game. How about your hero, Cannon? Missed two free throws. That would have won the game too.

He came back early having some pain in his shoulder. No surgery was done and I am starting to wonder if he is having some issue which might explain his poor shooting? He doesn’t look like or showing any sign of pain in his shoulder.