Taysom Hill named starter

Hill will start this week in place of Drew Breeze.

Drew Brees… not “Breeze”…

Breeze is something you feel when the wind blows.

No sense of humor…

Brees has no sense of humor? Remember a few months ago when he said he would stand for the national anthem and never disrespect those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy?

He was almost run out of the league for that one. What is funny about that?

Hill finally got what he wants. There were no reps for Winston this week. 21 million bucks says that Coach Payton is moving to phase 2, the hill era.

Pundits everywhere is calling Hill the Tebo that is unable to make an NFL pass. Atlanta is very good against the run. Every arm chair QB in America is saying Hill is going to fail as a starting NFL QB…hahahaha

The truth is Hill has made more downfield throws then Brees this season. Brees is a machine but averages 7.4 ypt, Hill 17.2 ypt.
Hill has several great targets and an MVP guy in running back Kamara and Murray. Hill will surprise a lot of people this week with his harm, mark it down.

Making up things to fit your narrative?

??? what?

Drew Brees cracked 11 ribs. He wasn’t hit that hard to crack that many ribs. He has something else going on. Low red blood cell count which makes the bones brittle.

Utah’s QB is from Ventura

What in the world are you talking about?

Don’t take the bait from this hopper

NO NO No don’t ask Hopper a question like that. He is baiting you. Everyone knows not to ask and to ignore his attempts to argue!! Good luck.

This is a Taysom Hill starting thread. Go start a children’s thread where you can behave childish. :baby:

Taysom did a good job today. One fumble but got comfortable in the second half. The coach had some goofy plays in the redzone in the first half. Next game should be even better.

People never learn…

Meanwhile; The Saints proved that they can win with Hill – one of the most fascinating and polarizing playmakers in the entire NFL – at quarterback. Hill was effective as both a runner and a passer in his first NFL start. More importantly, the Saints (8-2) continued to prove that they can win in a number of ways, with their seventh consecutive victory. The wins haven’t all been pretty, but New Orleans’ resilience is undeniable at this point. The defense was lights-out for the third consecutive game, and receiver Michael Thomas had his first 100-yard receiving game of the season. – Mike Triplett

Next game: at Broncos (4:05 p.m. ET Sunday)

The Saints buried the Falcons’ hope of a late-season surge under an avalanche of sacks. Going into Sunday, Atlanta was 3-1 under interim coach Raheem Morris and had shown signs of life going into last week’s bye. But the combination of protection issues and the inability for the pass-catchers to get open left quarterback Matt Ryan vulnerable to eight sacks. (per ESPN)


What is up with this polarizing nonsense? I read the article yesterday that you just quoted from. I was a little miffed about the use of the word polarizing. I will admit that I don’t follow the NFL much anymore but I wasn’t aware that Hill was a polarizing figure. I follow former BYU players in the NFL and I watch some of the playoff games and Super Bowl and that is about it. I haven’t watched any NFL this season so I hadn’t heard that Hill was polarizing. Is he polarizing because there was some question about whether he would ever be anything other than a gadget player or is it because he is a squeaky clean ex-BYU player?

It seems like if you are a good person without a woke agenda you are somehow polarizing in professional sports these days.

This is why I dig at some in here. They have these wild ideas about people, places and things. Especially sports conspiracy theories. As people, they are all great Latter-day Saints. Thawk is even childlike :slight_smile:

Fish wasn’t saying Hill was polarizing. He was quoting an article from ESPN. I read the same article he did and it made the statement that Hill was polarizing and I was speculating on why they would say that. Is he polarizing because of who and what he is or because there is a question whether he has NFL QB skills?

He had a really good first game and earned himself another start but it is only one game. A lot guys have great games in the NFL. Hopefully he will maintain his performance and even get better. I can’t see why anybody would root against him. He projects such a love for the game and such competitiveness that it would be hard to not hope he succeeds. Jameis Winston on the other hand is a guy I would think would be a polarizing figure based on his past behavior off the field but the sorts of things he allegedly did aren’t considered polarizing in the sports world today.

Watched the game from start to finish. Hill had a OK 1st half, threw a lot of uninspired passes including a wounded duck bomb that was caught but fumbled. In the 2nd half, Hill was precise on his passes, looked and acted in control. You could see him figuring things out as the game went on. Sports casters were making fun with Tebo comparisons but in the 2nd, Hill was the man.

The Tebow comparisons are off the mark. Hill is way faster than Tebow ever was and has a stronger arm. He has the size and strength of Tebow and I think that is where the comparison might be valid.