TCU, the scouting report

The big story is injury. on both teams.
BYU looks like it will be without Bywater, who showed promise coming back for this one but Hill says, “Unlikely”.
" What’s more, the Horned Frogs could have to face their former Mountain West Conference rivals without starting quarterback Chandler Morris, who suffered an apparent leg injury with 11 minutes left in the third quarter and wasn’t able to return to the game against the 3-3 Cyclones.

Morris’ status for TCU’s first matchup with BYU since the Frogs downed the Cougars 38-28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in 2011 figures to be a big storyline this week. Redshirt freshman Josh Hoover closed out the ISU game for the Frogs and completed 11 of 19 passes for 119 yards."

Well-rested BYU could be facing a shorthanded TCU team Saturday in Fort Worth (

BYU always plays well with veteran QBs and Slovis is looking every bit an NFL prospect. I like our chances. BYU is a 6 pt underdog. 31-26, I will flip it
BYU 31-26 TCU.
What say you?

Agreed on Slovis. I’m impressed.
Hard to pick these games, because it really feels like BYU isn’t good enough to blow out anyone on our schedule, but is good enough to not get blown out more than once or twice. So of the 7 remaining games it feels like 5 will be contested deep into the 4th quarter.

I’m liking BYU coming off a bye week with TCU’s QB out or playing hurt. I think TCU will want to run and control the clock and I think they will succeed, and I think that will keep the score fairly low. I’ll say 24-20 BYU.

Ya, sounds like there are TCU reporters trying to give a reason for losing before the game is played. BYU has missing starters as well.

We see back ups come in and do well. Possibly because the defense did not prepare for the change required in the offense when Morris went down. We will be ready.

Funny, players on the team told me that very thing after our 2nd game. Feels like we aren’t that good but we are good when we need to be!? Me, I am loving being in the big 12 and not being a doormat like Utah was in the Pac12 for the 1st three years.

6th game into season, lots more data to go on, so I’m going to change my TCU winning from my last May prediction.
TCU lost a lot more talent than I thought they would. They are very beatable for being the National Title runner-up. (Dang! I really wanted to see Michigan beat Georgia last year!)
Let’s go with BYU 37 TCU 24.
Thanks for the scouting for the game fish. BTW, friends pulling out 4 and 5 pounders out of Heny’s Lake.this last week.

Well, my game prediction is BYU 41 - 20

Optimistic bunch you are. BYU has been way to inconsistent on both offense and defense. With a decent running attack I would give BYU a shot, but I don’t see the OL excelling in this game. TCU 24 BYU 21

yeah, I saw that about henrys.

BYU will be facing perhaps the best running back in the Big 12, Bailey. I would think that BYU will focus on slowing the rushing attack down and dare Hoover to throw the ball downfield.
BYU football: Cougars bracing for TCU RB Emani Bailey without top LB - Deseret News

After hearing what a good team Sam Houston State was, as an explanation for why BYU didn’t beat them more soundly, and then watching part of their loss to New Mexico State tonight (it wasn’t an easy game to watch believe me) I am just not sold on BYU’s ability to not only put an inferior opponent away but to beat an equal opponent half the time. Yes, they win the occasional Arkansas game but they just aren’t consistent and overall they just don’t look that great. I see potential but I also see LOTS of room for improvement, which is another term for not real impressive.

By the way, Sam Houston is now 0-6.

Do I think BYU can beat TCU? Yes. What is my level of confidence that they will beat TCU? Low.

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Is that your opinion or is that your argument?

We will have the 4-star freshman LB (Siale Esera) ready to play as well. Which should help with Bywater not playing.

But an interesting comment by Hill about BYU defense:

[Hill’s main takeaways? “Right now, we are too hot and cold on defense.

There are times we look phenomenal,” he said, alluding to the second half against Arkansas and first half against Kansas.

“And then there are times we look like we are struggling more than we should. I think a lot of that just comes down to being assignment-sound, making sure we are doing our individual jobs.”]

BYU football: Cougars bracing for TCU RB Emani Bailey without top LB - Deseret News

I agree with Jim on this issue. The BYU offense shows flashes of creativity and then can’t run the ball against a high school team. The play calling will look great for 1 quarter and then make you pull your hair out the next quarter. I just don’t have faith in A Rod against good teams. The defense is much better than anytime since Tui was hired. But Hill has a poor hand of athletes left over from the Tui debacle. It will take 2 or 3 years to refill the pantry on defense in the line and backer positions. So I agree that beating TCU will be unlikely.


I do agree with you. I know we as a group have talked about how we come out of halftime as well. Other teams will make adjustments and we are slow to recognize them and adjust. Also, mentally we are slow out of the box each half. Where’s that psychologist we supposedly have?

Jim, I like your analysis. And I agree that BYU doesn’t look like it can put an inferior opponent away but also hope that we can beat an equal opponent half the time. Thus my 6-6 prediction (2 wins vs clearly terrible teams, 2 blowouts to UT and OU, and 4-4 vs roughly similar opponents). I’m sticking with 24-20 BYU in yet another sluggish game allowing too many rushing yards but Slovis and our pass catchers saving us through the air.

We’re going to have 3 take-a-ways. BYU 41 TCU 24


  1. I agree one THOUSAND percent on Arod. He seems determined to create some magical “balanced” offense that results in a bunch of early 3rd and longs, then he’s like “oh shi$, we need to score NOW!” and he opens it up and we move the ball in chunks THROUGH THE AIR.
  2. Agreed as well on defensive talent. We almost never see a D Lineman win a one on one and make a game changing play. We have hardly any sacks and I bet almost every one is a coverage sack.
  3. I hope you are wrong about beating TCU. I’m feeling optimistic at 24-20 BYU but fear getting gashed by their running game…
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I have often wondered is the Hopper really believes his score predictions or if he just puts them out there in an effort to cover himself after every game. If BYU wins he can say “I told you so and I am the only one who believes in the Cougars”. If they lose he can say “Well at least I have faith in my team and I believe”.

I don’t know if it’s a ruse to cover his lack of knowledge and understanding or if he really believes what he is predicting. The jury will forever be OUT.

I agree with thawk and tlarimer. They have pretty much summarized the team and season to this point. I am confident that they both have a wealth of experience with the sport of football and see/understand a lot that the average fan does not. The criticisms are accurate and valid. If BYU truly wants to compete and be relevant in the Big 12 they need to change the things that aren’t helping them win games. BYU has a NFL quality running back but they can’t run the ball. That is a major issue at this point in the season. They have had success being one dimensional but it won’t last. I am only being honest and realistic here. I would love to see them win every game they play. It is painful to watch them lose games they could win, only because they are outcoached or lack the proper understanding of what it takes to win. Go Cougars!

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You didn’t post a prediction for the score. I’ve been pretty accurate so far.

here’s a good writeup on the Killer Frogs site worth reading
BYU Preview: Q&A With Cougs Daily (

TCU isn’t very good this year. If BYU can’t beat them then it is very questionable if they can win two more games and get bowl eligible. I watched part of the TCU/Iowa St game and TCU did not look good.