The cancel culture

is just another symptom of a degrading society and worsening situation as we move forward in time. I am playing fantasy basketball with a group of guys half my age. One of the players I drafted was Michael Porter Jr. who plays for the Nuggets. He is an up and coming player with loads of talent so I wanted him on my team. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware that he shared similar beliefs to mine about the Covid plandemic. He is “out” and not playing right now because of “covid protocols” which is another term for we don’t like your viewpoint so you will not play for an undetermined period of time. It is ridiculous how this whole thing is being used to control people mostly.

People are following the “guidelines” yet it continues to get worse. We are following politicians that are leading us down the road to unhappiness, sorrow, grief, pain. In terms of comparison, this year will not be better than last. I am convinced we should stay focused on the words of the prophets and do our best to live the laws of the land.

And when the prophet says “Follow the guidelines of the CDC” are you convinced then that what the the medical professional says about this pandemic is true?

President Nelson has told us to follow the guidelines several times. One thing I found interesting is that during a Zoom Christmas devotional I went to because of the inner city mission I serve in, Elder Rasband talked about how President Nelson, although a medical doctor with some world renown skills called in the medical experts (who in Elder Rasband words were card carrying members) to explain more about the pandemic and the vaccine being developed.

I don’t listen to politician from either party. Both parties are corrupt and spread disinformation. I listened to the experts, the medical research teams that have found that this virus is “different” than other flu viruses.

The reasons the numbers keep going up, is pretty simple, the “People” (Including members of the church) are not following the guidelines. They are not socially distancing, wearing a mask and more importantly washing their hands frequently.

Like I have said previously, I have three kids in the medical field. The last protocol I mentioned is the one they are saying people are not doing enough “Wash your dam hands” people (my son’s direct quote).

People think it is a hoax, that it no worse than the flu, when in fact this virus is 6 times more deadly to people, especially people my age (65+) and has now been found to have long lasting affects on the heart and lungs.

Like you Jim, I try to think logically and rationally. I have no idea what you must be going through in California. Some of the crap your Governor is doing is beyond me. Our Governor has tried to be moderate in things, he gets flamed from both sides (not doing enough, doing too much).

But like you said, Follow the Prophet of God and he has said over the pulpit “follow the guidelines of the CDC”.

The prophet is a messenger from God. He’s also not an infectious disease doctor. He hasn’t practiced for 30 years. What he’s good at is keeping us focused on the Gospel including following the 13 Articles of Faith.

I don’t believe many medical people because they are also compromised by politicians, money and power. What I do know is Jim is right. This is a perfect storm for Marxists to cancel as much of the Constitution and specifically the 1st and 2nd Amendments to destroy the Church, the Gospel and those good people who believe in Jesus Christ or Jehovah. Cancel God, cancel free speech, cancel language and create a one world order of Babel.

I roll my eyes and grit my teeth when I hear or read the statement “both sides are to blame. That is so false. Your statement makes it sound that it’s equal blame on both sides. No! The cancel culture comes only from the Democrats and Liberals. 99% of the teachers in 99% of the universities are leftists. That’s what’s teaching our youth to hate capitalism, the Constitution and the Founding Father’s. 99% of the media are members of the Democrat Party and leftists. That includes social media. Look at Georgia. It’s now leftist and so are both houses of Congress. Biden is a pawn of China and the leftist Marxist in the Democrat Party. Not the Republican Party. Both parties have dunces but most, 95%, are in the Democrat Party.

It’s about to get worse. It looks like the Democrats won both Georgia senate races. As much as I think the presidential race was stolen when it became apparent the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear any of the cases the Republicans should have turned their focus to winning the runoffs in Georgia. Very close vote but Warnock was declared the winner and that surprised me. I figured he was likely to lose. The other race Perdue trails Ossoff and most outlets have declared Ossoff he winner. Sad day for America. Hopefully the moderates in the Democrat Party will keep them from destroying the country before 2022 and maybe the Republicans can regain the House and Senate, but maybe America is too far gone and the slow slide to tyranny we have been seeing will rapidly accelerate.

Maybe the Republicans can get Joe Manchin to switch parties. He has no business being a Democrat in West Virginia.

After the way the vote was handled in Georgia in the presidential race I feared this would happen and I suspect the vote in these Senate races was questionable as well because the Republicans in power did nothing to make any changes to insure a secure vote. Coronavirus has done more than make people sick and die it has given us Democrat control of 2 of the 3 branches of government. I think the lesson to learn from this is that America is a favored land as long as most of the people are righteous. God has been patient with America but most of Americans are no longer righteous and view the state as their god and we are in real trouble.

I get irritated of those who think President Benson know when the Savior is coming. The Lord said he doesn’t know the day He’s coming. Only the Father knows. So, for the rest of us, we should be doing everything we can to preserve life and preach the Gospel to everyone along with our families. Not to give up or give in.

But, I have to say that the Church when I joined was far more conservative than today. We are far more tolerant of sin. Things people do today we would have excommunicated them for 44 years ago. We tolerate homosexuality and living together out of wedlock. The latter I deal with but work hard to get people to marry. I’m not abrupt or mean to gays. I befriend them. But I don’t condone the behavior. Especially in the Church.

The question will be is what will Democrats do first to destroy the country? I think it may just be making Puerto Rico a State with two Democrat Senators and more House Democrats. They will try also to make Washington DC a State as well.

The Democrat Party has taken God out of their platform and has no constraints on sexual behavior of any kind. I understand that the Republican Party has plenty of problems and I am a Republican by default. I am more of an anti-Democrat than a Republican. That said I can’t vote for a Democrat based on their party’s stance on numerous issues. I will continue to support the lesser of two evils hoping they can slow the slide of our country into tyranny with a loss of individual rights and the prospect of being an impoverished 3rd world nation in terms of both moral decay and a loss of freedom encompassing freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the right of an individual to own and control his property.

Isn’t he passed on? I would think he might have some information being a former Prophet and all.

That’s what happens when doing three things at one time. A rare occurrence messing up :santa:

The Democrats better take note what’s going on today or Conservatives will be back and remove that government. This is just a little taste.

I know what you mean… Multi-tasking at our age can be a bit scary at times… :open_mouth:

In my opinion, what happened in DC should NEVER EVER HAPPEN!
There is a right way and wrong way to protest, they are no different then the thugs of Antifa in my opinion.

Violence never solves anything, even with the American Revolution, the Patriots first tried to resolve their issues peacefully.

Storming the capital resulting in the death of four people is never appropriate, PERIOD!

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Not sure where I read it, but President Nelson said something to affect that “trouble times are ahead”. This may have been last year conference talk, but I remember him saying it.

Over the past two conferences, the focus has been on members developing faith through various resources like “come follow me” and other programs. To “Rely on God” to get us through these times.

Although I do not like what is going on in our country, I know God has a plan and is control. All I have to do is stay close to him and my family and I will get through it.

Yep and the Washington Times reports they were Antifa who crashed the rally. Floyd, what we saw happens in third world countries by democratic socialists or Marxists. Welcome Americans to socialism. Hope you all like it.

God is in control of what’s going on? He’s doing what he always does and let’s us control our own destiny when we as a society reject God and his commandments. Satan takes control until we repent or there is no more hope to change. Then he floods the earth, destroys cities and in our case, destroy the wicked to usher in the Millennium. Hope we all enjoy socialism as we allowed it to happen. Yep, keep the faith and protect your families as well as we can.

Read Conference talks by President Nelson to understand my comments Scott.

Beyond that, I really do not care what you think about my comment.

Cancel culture guru… I care what you have to say. I’m not a Democrat Socialist

The Hopper likes to interpret people’s comments in a way that allows him to reply so he can show us how strongly conservative and anit-liberal he is. It is a pattern of behavior. If there is any doubt about what he believes he wants to make sure we know.


I noticed on another post you mention how members are getting away with stuff they did not do years or decades ago.

I believe it happened as much back then as now, but it was not as “Known” as it is today.
For example, A young RM got his girlfriend pregnant in the late 1970’s in my ward, his family was one of the stalwarts of the ward, he basically got a slap on the hand for it. While another friend who did the same thing, but family was not one of the “Stalwarts” was excommunicated for his actions.

So my point is, I guess it has always depended on “who” the person is and “who” the family is in the church to know how things are “judged”.

I have no idea what it is like to live in California these days, I know when I was younger I always wanted to move there, but never did. I know in Utah, we have some a lot of issues, although I will say our previous Governor tried to be “moderate” in things, but the whole zealot far right wing has taken a toll on our community. I would think you have the same issues, only from the left side of the scale.

That is why I really liked what President Nelson has done more and more with focusing on what is really important our relationship with God and the Savior, our family and how we “choose” to live the gospel. I have never been comfortable in church settings, I am a bit of a loner in that regard, but I took take to heart how to best serve and live the Gospel.

I think you nailed it Floyd. Growing up here we had a great balance of beliefs, perspectives and ideas. It was idyllic really. I can’t think of a better place to grow up as a kid than right here. My siblings who have moved away to other states say the same thing.

Unfortunately all that has changed in the last couple of decades. It is so different but none of those differences and changes are for the better. This state is a mess for many of us now. It is a bummer. That is why following the Savior, the prophet and his counsel is the way to go. Nothing else to look to or emulate…