The Debate was terrible

I obviously wasn’t at the Lincoln/Douglas debates so I couldn’t comment but I am sure you are correct. I would just like to hear two candidates debate with no distractions of any kind, and no moderators, so the people could make judgments strictly based on what the candidates say based on set topics that are relevant. I don’t want to hear questions about whether Trump will distance himself from right wing extremist groups. I admit there are some but they are about 1% of the problem with the civil unrest so they are basically irrelevant and to bring them up is a red herring to distract from the real culprits who are all on what we call the left end of the spectrum. More to the point Biden should be asked if he will distance himself from BLM and Antifa. BLM and ANTIF are the problem and not some small obscure groups like the Proud Boys, who incidentally are not right wing terrorists but largely irrelevant and can’t be tied to any arson or looting or murder of police officers or minorities or anybody else.

Didn’t you know Antifa is just an idea? :face_with_monocle:

Totally agree here and agree with what Aro said. I agree with Floyd for the most part too but I would prefer Floyd to be influenced by what a person does as opposed to what they say or if they act “presidential” whatever that means. If you look at what Biden has done during his 50 years as a career politician compared to what Trump has done in his 4 years as a politician there would be no question as to who is more fit to run this country. In spite of the way he acts, Trump cares about the american people and their lives.

I don’t like Trumps style, his arrogance or the way he interacts with people but that isn’t why I voted for him. I voted for him because I had grown tired of the Obama’s and Clinton’s of the left who do nothing except put on a front and pretend to love this country when in fact they only love themselves and hate this country and the people who live in it.

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agreed, Trump is very good when he is in attack mode but isn’t that natural for all narcists?

Not a single person alive is not saying to themselves that they would of done better in the debate then theses too blowhards. I will say after re-watching some of the debate, Missed sooooo many lobs his way especially when Wallace asked if he would have a peaceful transfer of power if he lost. I would have looked at the camera and said, "Oh, you mean how Obama/Clinton had a peaceful transfer of power…Sure!. with a long pause before and after and not said a word for the rest of my 2 minutes and made sure it was dead mic space. for all of the world to know just how sinister the Dems have become. Speak softly and carry a big stick

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How about this Pence/Harris debate coming to Utah next week? How big is that going to be??? With Biden, dementia and Covid Trump. Now that is one debate I will be watching.

was Biden was carrying a wire in the first debate?

I did not watch the VP debate but listened to it on the radio last night. Pence was very articulate and thorough. He absolutely crushed Ultra Lib. Kamala Harass.

I thought the debate was fair with equally tough questions thrown both directions. There were some gotcha moments but Pence was clear, strong and reassuring. Harass was good at times but then Libs. are very good at making up things.

Camel Harass made childish faces at Pence all night. She was really irritating. But, Pence missed some opportunities. She attacked Biden in the Democrats debates and that could have been used against her. He didn’t.

What was clear was the moderator constantly trying to shut Pence down. But when Harass continues to over talk her time the moderator would hardly try to stop her up until the last 5 minutes of the debate. Much like Wallace did with Trump.

I don’t watch the debate because they are waste of time and I think the questions the moderators uses are some time “soft balls”.

I really don’t learn much from them. I do most of my research on-line and find verifiable information to know what is what.

Voting in this year Presidential Election reminds me when I was a kid and went to a boy scout camp. We each had to take a turn cleaning the latrine.

We knew it had to be done, but man, it sure stank! :open_mouth:

2 minutes and 15 second responses hardly tell much. However, it does give statements by both that allows you to go see if they lie in your studies.

I’d like to see maybe a debate day where the candidates debate one subject for one or two hours without a moderator. Give them time to let them explain their positions in which they cannot in 2 minutes with a moderator interrupting just the Republican.

I did see a Hillary sighting during the debate. She entered in and sat on Pence’s hair for a while. She was acting as a Russian Spy. :cricket:

Maybe not that long, but maybe a half hour/hour for subject matter, but more importantly, maybe each debate focuses in on one or two topics (different topics per debate date).

Then you can get a real feel how candidate feels about subjects.

Someone on Fox today suggested a Debate Day. One subject for 2 hours the whole day. Cover 5 or 6 subjects. 2 minutes is silly and the questions the moderators ask are often demeaning and poorly written.

Found this on Youtube, Reagan pretty much lays it out for us.

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Reagan was great here and elsewhere. November 3rd will be a huge milestone towards pausing the march to socialism and then to communism, for a time.

not many Ronald Reagans in the world today. I had a conversation yesterday with a person who said they would not vote for Trump because he is not a moral man. So…you are willing to vote for socialism because you don’t like Trump’s sex life? I said. We are in a war today and we have to stand up for our kid’s futures

There are people today in America that don’t believe we are capable to becoming a communist country with socialism and a dictatorship. Even a polit bureau. But, this is exactly what Pelosi is establishing with the 25th Amendment commission and packing the Supreme Court with leftist Democrats. She’s setting up to get rid of Biden and place Harris as her Kruchev. It’s happening before our eyes and people refuse to believe it.

And Biden is a moral man? :grinning: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

can I smell your hair or rub your shoulders?

no says the creeped out woman…you smell like ben gay.

That is the problem today… No politician is a “moral” man… they all lie (which makes them immoral in my book), They do things that most people have no clue about (like late night mistresses).

You should ask your friend what he thinks of John F. Kennedy? Was he a “moral man”, he makes Trump look like a high schooler when it comes to treatment of the women in his life and the hundreds of mistresses he slept with, including Marilyn Monroe.

Did anybody watch the debate last night? I did not and I am interested in a non-biased opinion if that is possible. Did Trump help himself, hurt himself? Did Biden do anything to help himself? I know the strategy was to let Trump be Trump which probably means say nothing of substance, play defense, and hope to not make one of the gaffes he is noted for.