The let down after the Gonzaga win

Was obvious. Yes, the defense wasn’t good enough (but why trash PU players for shooting well above their average?). The offense wasn’t either. The high from the GU win affected the freshman too much to bring it at PU. Instead, their play was PU :smile:
It’s hard to win in an away game after winning a big game like Gonzaga. Especially for freshman.

Sorry excuses… really sorry.

I know Portland is a strong program… their 9-11 record proves it. After some early season big wins against the likes of Abilene Christian, Alcorn State and the always tough Oregon Institute of Technology they hit a bit of a rough patch vs. Idaho State and Weber State (both losses at home), two powerhouse programs of the intermountain west… but they got back on track with wins against Cal State Fullerton, LMU and Pepperdine which showed just how dominant they can be. Unfortunately after sitting atop the wcc at 2-0, they faltered somewhat with 4 straight losses, three on the road and the toughest loss of all when they went down to San Diego, at home, by double digits. It was nice of Portland to give USD their first conference win in that game! Apparently BYU had compassion on the reeling Pilots and decided to help them get back to their winning ways by “letting down”?

It’s “hard” to win in an away game after winning a big game like Gonzaga? What a pathetic excuse… especially considering the level of talent on this team.

WCC = Weak Coast Conference

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Jeff Judkins agrees with me as stated on BYU Spirts Nation. So do many others and the play of our freshman show it is true. Much more sound concept than the conspiracy theory that has now grown in your head to include the federal government. unbelievable :slight_smile:

Judkins is the women’s coach… what is it that he agrees with you on?

The conspiracy has nothing to do with the federal government… that was an entirely different issue involving control and money, not the wcc, BYU and basketball. The two are independent issues, but related because basketball is a revenue producer, along with football. Every other sport is a loser, revenue wise.

Try to stay focused on the issues instead of bouncing around all over the place. I know it is hard for you, but do your best.

Judkins was also a great college player and he played professionally. At the collegiate level, for this conversation, women’s basketball is appropriate. I’d take his understanding over someone who refereed junior high school girls and now coaches VYBA 7th graders :laughing:

You are the one who tried to make the connection of title 9 and WCC officials and refs conspiracy against BYU :slight_smile:

did you hear that one of the reasons the Portland team did so well was that they were pissed off that more fans were cheering for BYU than for them in their own Gym?

Hmm…sometimes motivation comes in different packages…

That’s funny. Too bad our fans didn’t seem to make a difference for us.
Hey, I just ran into Jim Jawks at the grocery store with his wife. I can’t believe that he would rather do that than watch BYU Sports Nation and get real information to base his theories on with sane informed people. At least I waited for the program to finish before leaving the house :slight_smile:

Sorry, but Jeff Judkins may be the most knowledgeable basketball mind at BYU. He coached at the Men’s college level and would probably be a Men’s head coach somewhere except he took on the Women’s team as a favor and decided he wanted to stay. I like Rose, however, if I were an Athletic Director and I had the choice between Judkins and Rose, I would probably pick Judkins.

Imagine Judkins BYU men’s coach and Danny Ainge Utah’s men’s coach. How strange that would be.

What is there to be sorry about? I told Scott that he was the womens’ coach and then asked what it was that Judkins agreed with?

I got no reply because there was nothing for Scott to say.

I made no commentary on Judkins or his basketball knowledge. I simply stated that he was the womens’ coach and we are talking about the mens’ team. I hope Judkins is paying attention to his own team, as he should be.

I have no problem with your comments about the man, but I don’t understand why you are apologizing (sorry) about it.

You were wrong. Just admit it. Women’s or men doesn’t change his knowledge in these areas. Admit it :smile:

I can’t be wrong about something you haven’t even said anything about. Like I said, what is it that Judkins commented on? You won’t even tell me.

How about this… You are wrong and John Wooden is right.

“Happiness begins where selfishness ends” John Wooden

“Much can be accomplished by teamwork when no one is concerned about who gets credit” John Wooden

“I believe we are most likely to succeed when ambition is focused on noble and worthy purposes and outcomes rather than on goals set out of selfishness” John Wooden

I want to try and simplify this for you so maybe we can come at this from an easy to understand angle.

Since you didn’t see the game vs. Portland and you aren’t willing to accept the perspective of those who either sat courtside or actually watched the game on tv, let’s fall back to what you normally do when analyzing every game. Let’s take a look at the stats. I do this as well, but I also use my visual skills.

The Cougars had a total of 10 assists for the game. Coach Rose saw that as a problem when he said that they like to have closer to 20/game. When they play team basketball and share (ie. assists) they are typically more successful (ie. winning games) Unfortunately, and this speaks somewhat to their record, they are only averaging about 15. Why? because they are not playing as a team on a consistent basis. They play selfishly too often and it creates chemistry problems.

So far in league play their opponents are playing better in these statistical categories than BYU is -

  1. shooting % BYU - 43 Opp - 45
  2. free throw % BYU - 73 Opp - 77
  3. assists BYU - 82 Opp - 88

BYU leads in most of the other categories but these are critical ones that explain some of the problems we have discussed for why they lose games they should win.

Ultimately, team success comes when the chemistry is good and everyone is contributing, not when individuals are setting records for points scored in a tournament game or triple doubles…

Here is the problem. It doesn’t matter where a person sits. It matters what they are looking for. Those looking for bias or conspiracy will see every act as bias or conspiracy. Those looking for selfish acts of others will see all acts as selfish. Especially those they already believe to be selfish. Tom is not a reliable source because he will turn anything into a negative.

It isn’t a problem… and while I understand what you are trying to explain (something you refuse to acknowledge repeatedly) you simply don’t understand what it is we are saying, even when we describe it in detail. If I try to describe to you what an elephant is (ie. the story of the blind men of India) and you simply continue to believe it is a snake, there is nothing more that I can do. I must accept the fact that you will continue to see a snake. This in spite of the fact that the rest of us see an elephant. It isn’t a matter of safety in numbers, it is a matter of truth.

The conspiracy will always be up for debate but the subject of players who occasionally play selfishly is not as debatable, particularly when the coach himself as well as a particular player, acknowledge the facts. For perspective, I did not start the season off by claiming that certain players were selfish. This only came about as a result of observation and trying to determine why the team was losing to very beatable opponents. Again, for perspective, when is the last time I accused Chase Ficher of being selfish? It has been several weeks. Why? because his team play has improved significantly. He is more consistent, doesn’t force things as much, shares the ball more frequently, makes good decisions. All, I might add, visisble signs of NON-SELFISH play.

I disagree with your notion that Tom turns things into a negative and even if he did, why would that make him an unreliable source? I think Tom’s perspective is pretty accurate and he gives an honest and fair portrayal of what he sees, both negative and positive.

Lastly, I hate to burst your positive bubble, but a team that is 13-6, beats a perennial league champion on the road one day and loses to a weak team with a losing record two days later, has issues. When the coach comes out and describes the elephant in detail and you, as a fan, continue to claim it is a snake… well, at some point it becomes evident that you are blind. :sunglasses:

From your comment, it seemed you were dismissing whatever was said because he was the women’s coach. I now understand that your post was simply pointing out to our resident “expert” :laughing: that, absent a direct quote, you wouldn’t accept his expertise.
Right now, I think we are talented enough that we should beat any team in the conference. Unfortunately, I think that you are right on when you say that selfish play is limiting our success. We have proven that we can play defense. We have proven that we can score, even when the threes aren’t falling. Now, we just need to play as a team every game.

It isn’t that I don’t know what you are saying and even your reasoning. I simply reject it due to the lack of facts and logic. You take the words of the coach and KC and manipulate the interpretation to prove your point. I don’t have a point to prove so I use experience and knowledge you don’t have to resist name calling and interpret their words differently. It frustrates you that I don’t buy into unsubstantiated conspiracies and points :slight_smile:

\What a pile of BS… I’m not manipulating any interpretation to prove anything. They said what they said and everybody who read it got the same message, except Mr. Argumentative Expert (that would be you). The only thing that is frustrating is that you continue to argue the obvious. You never provided your “interpretation” for what Rose said about TEAM play, you only argued that everyone else’s interpretation was the wrong one. Just that fact alone loses any debate for you. I have no problem with you disagreeing on my conspiracy theories but it has now carried over into just about everything I say, including the selfish play issue. An issue that is so blatantly obvious, even the coach has said it. No misinterpretation here… but your ignorance on the topic is astounding! :sob:

I understand the confusion that might have occurred. I have no idea what Judkins said because Scott never provided us with anything. In order for me to accept or understand or know what somebody said, I have to be given something to read. That is something the resident “expert” NEVER does. Of course I don’t believe SG understood whatever it was in the first place. If he can’t understand what KC or Rose says, why would he be able to understand whatever it was that Judkins said?

I agree with your comment that BYU is talented enough to beat any team in the conference. I also happen to agree with you saying I am right about selfish play limiting the success of the team. Playing as a team EVERY GAME is the key to BYU’s success. I see it, you see it and just about every knowledgeable fan who has watched BYU over the years see’s it. Well… everybody but our “resident expert”. Not sure why he doesn’t see it, but not surprised either.

There are more than one reason for lack of team play. You seem so set to prove your point that only selfishness can be the sole reason for poor team play. Being a coach and assistant varsity coach helps me to understand team play. It’s great when you have a group with the chemistry where you can do just about anything on offense and defense. I had one team that I was able to do that with.
We know this team doesn’t have an elite chemistry. They make a lot of mistakes because of it. To the trained eye, the mistakes aren’t based on selfishness.

It’s not a selfishness issue. And Rose is partially at fault. It’s why we have seen so much shifting if players. The inexperience along with the experience partially causes chemistry issues. The level of overal talent is suspect and causes chemistry problems. The basketball knowledge does this too.
You have 5 individuals trying hard to win. They aren’t selfish.