The Transfer's is beginning

Critchlow is transferring, which not that big of a surprise, although he is a graduate transfer.

On another note, It looks like we locked up Zac Wilson younger brother Josh Wilson who happens to e one of the best linebackers in the State of Utah.

Got the Harper kid who is a three star receiver who comes from the same high school as Romney. That should help with the receiving corp.

Yes, the transfers are beginning. Happens every year. See if we can get another P5 running back. I hope not and just let McChesney play. No one on the coaching staff still has answered why he did not play in the SDSU game after 228 yards in one game. Perhaps he’s already told coaches he’s transferring or he has an Honor Code problem. The quietness of the response to the question suggests the honor code since they don’t publicize HC violations now.

Good news-hopefully we can wrap up Romney also! I wish Critchlow well-he is a class act and hope he can find a lot of playing time elsewhere

Well the good news is that it looks like Kalani is re-openion the Polynesian pipeline again. It seems about half the signing are Polynesians.

Another good note, we have so far three 3 Star players signed.

I think his strengths are the Polynesians in recruiting And picking up 3 stars is a good Thing for BYU and then developing them into more. I’m not really too familiar with the culture as you probably are in Utah, but I imagine there are positives and difficulties like everything else in life

When signing three 3 stars is good rather than 4 or 5 stars, that really tells us where the program is at this pint in time. Can the 3 stars be developed beyond that kind of designation, yes, certainly. Can 4 and 5 stars be developed beyond those designations, yes, certainly. But you start out lower and there is a lower development possibility. Not being argumentative, just an observational opinion.

Potential is a hard thing to gage. There are 4 and 5 star athletes that never get better (Jake Heaps). What Sitaki and all BYU coaches have done in the past is look at potential. The kid from Mater Dei in California was great in high school agains 4 and 5 star athletes. But he’s a 3 star athlete. Why? Size? Maybe. He’s a good fit for BYU and what BYU needs and may end up being great at BYU. Sitaki is pleased so far.

Don’t have any arguments about what you write. Just one question, wonder if any 3, 2, 1 or no star players have flopped?

Depends if the coaches see potential like good speed, quickness and strength potential. Like Austin Collie. We have mostly 3 star recruits so far. Jerry Rice went to a division 3 school and yet his upside was huge. Arguably the greatest WR of all time. Sitaki is looking for developable players. Many are members who will have an extra 3 years to grow and get stronger.

Normally about 50 percent or better get drafted in the NFL of 4 and 5 star players, coming out of high school

Not surprisingly, you did not respond to my wondering.

Critchlow has more maturity than either Wilson or Hall. Joe should of had more playing time at BYU.

I have more maturity. Should I have started?

Doesn’t have much to do with playing great at BYU. Also, please share your reference for your statement.

All it shows is the rating system is fairly efficient at determining which players make it to the NFL level

BYU rarely gets anything better than 3 star players. The 2009 recruiting class they got Jake Heaps (5 stars) and he only started full time one season and considering he was a 5 star he was a bust, Ross Apo (4 stars) and he was mediocre at best, and the linebacker Stout who was also mediocre. It was the most hyped class in BYU history. I think Van Noy was part of that class and he was a 3 star and is having a great NFL career. For whatever reason the 4 and 5 star players don’t always pan out at BYU. I don’t remember how many stars Jamaal Williams had but he was only 17 when he played his first game for BYU. I guarantee he was no more than a 3 star.

Heaps lost the QB position to a 2 star player and then rather than competing to get his job back he transferred to Kansas and then to Miami. Cody Hoffman who wasn’t hyped that much turned out to be far better than the hyped Apo. Stout was only a part time starter one season and wasn’t anything close to Van Noy. I think Taysom Hill was a 3 star recruit.

Ben Olson was a QB hyped as much as Heaps and he never played a down at BYU as far as I can remember. He transferred to UCLA and didn’t do much there. My cousin was the strength and conditioning coach under Mendenhall and Gary Crowton and he told me that Olson later regretted having transferred and wished that he had stayed.

Obviously I wish BYU would get a lot of 4 and 5 star recruits, particularly the ones that are LDS, but it is better to get a 3 star who turns into a great player than a 4 or 5 star who never develops. The big power house teams get mostly 4 and 5 star recruits with a few 3s sprinkled in. For some reason it seems that when BYU does get a 4 or 5 star they often don’t pan out.

What you are saying is pretty accurate and I don’t really know why that is the case. Maybe when a team is composed of mainly 4 and 5 star athletes, the competition is intense to get a starting position they really have to work and progress to get better, where at BYU they might feel more entitled. I just don’t know. I do know the statistics, though. And they say that 50 percent of 5 star athletes get drafted into the NFL compared to 6.5 percent of 3 stars get drafted, however a significant portion of NFL players weren’t rated out of high school. What is obvious, talent wise, is a serious drop off in talent from top tier P5 schools compared to the rest of the nation, but, as a few have proven, talent doesn’t always translate into victories

In some cases the star level for a few BYU players was way low to begin with. Guys like Van Noy, Hill & Jamaal Williams were probably 4-5 star players to begin with but for whatever reason they didn’t get rated that way by ESPN or Scouts. It was obvious from the moment they stepped on the field as freshman players they had great ability and serious athletic talent.

There’s never been a test that can measure the heart of a man or woman. Of the 120 that are on a roster or redshirting at Alabama make it to the NFL? You say 50% of 4 and 5 stars are drafted to the NFL? You mean of those that actually start.
Yet in the NFL, most don’t last more than 2 or 3 years. They say anyways. But, a Fred Warner or Van Noy will last longer because they have hearts of a lion and will prevail on fully developing their talents.
I’ll take our 3 stars because they have the abilities to develop into 4 and 5 star athletes with the right coaching and their own personal motivation.

Olson had obnoxious, hectoring, SoCal parents who were putting intense pressure on him to transfer to UCLA. They picked him up from his mission in Canada early so he could have shoulder surgery to get him ready in time for the season.

I’m not sad when we don’t get 4 and 5 star players, because their sense of entitlement and prima donna mentality doesn’t work at BYU (never has, and probably never will). Jake Heaps and Shawn Bradley also come to mind. I’m generally with Bronco in this regard (preferring hard-working, humble, motivated low-star players to highly-touted out of high school ones).

They’re treating Zach Wilson with kid gloves, because he also has this prima donna mentality, and will bolt if he has to compete in an open, fair competition. I think that’s the real reason Romney didn’t play against SDSU. I don’t think he’s worth it all to hitch our wagon and do or die with him, but Sitake has made his choice and he’s stuck with it now. As we are with him.