The WCC appears to be upgraded

Latest Div. I hoops NET rankings; WCC teams in top 100:

Zags 7
USF 21
USD 49
LMU 53
SMC 74
BYU 95

I fully expect to see SMC and BYU raise up to the 2-3 spots with USF and USD in the mix

Not so sure about Saint Mary’s, Utah walloped them a couple of weeks ago…

But with the weird way the season is playing out (Weber beats BYU who Beats USU who wallops Weber)…who knows?

Weber St is not that good, BYU was just sleep walking. That loss, like UVU’s caused BYU to hit the panic button in a big way…closed player meeting, Rose hearing it from Holmoe that we wanted to clean house, including Holmoe. Rose started coaching and BYU started defending and passing.

USU killed them in Las Vegas. Bennett coached teams are legendary for NOT playing away from home and when they do early in the year, they lose because SMC depends of their outside shooting so much. Bennett teams also never lose at home and they get better as the season progresses, signs of a very good coach.

I would bet anyone lunch that Randy Bennett takes at least a 3rd place in the WCC. Hate Bennett but I respect him.

I had BYU as a much better team then last year, (pre season). Ranked 40 or so. They were not, Childs was just prepping for a NBA run, TJ and co were going through the motions, Seljaas looked like he had regressed. After Weber, I had flushed the whole thing down the toilet.

Before the USU game, I could see BYU losing 8 straight games, a fired Rose or Holmoe and starting new. It was that bad. Then they all aired their grievances in the infamous team meeting and we saw a Different BYU team out there. I have said from the beginning that BYU has the parts to be a good team, would have been a great team with Dastrup but thanks to Rose and his petty insecurities, Dastrup did not get playing time and left. But I still think BYU has enough to dance in the NIT and with a bounce or two in the right direction, a micro chance to Dance with the big boys.

Where did you hear this? As far I as know, Holmoe is safe, Rose just got an extension and BYU is not known for wasting money…

I think the biggest problem with BYU sports is simple… The BOT insistence on going independent and using the sports program as a Missionary tool.

Why would any player want to come to BYU? if they are LDS, there are better teams in Utah right now (Utah and USU). BYU has no incentive to players because we have no league and we are relegated to sub par bowl games.

Does anyone in their right mind think BYU could be in the Top 10 in any sport with the current circumstances?

Women Volleyball which they were rank #1 after beating Stanford Aug 31, 2018. Now Final 4. Go Lady Cougars! I know we are talking about BYU FB & Basketball. But we still can get to top 10 in basketball but no way FB. I don’t like this P5 rule where they will only be voted higher (always) than one of those top G5 like UCF. UCF has finaly climb to #8 on their final regular season game as undefeated. And they did beat Auburn last NY6 bowl game 2017. This P5 playoff is boring and dumb.

Frank Jackson from LP verbally commited to BYU then back off a year later. Then his senior year Coach Mike K. showed up at his home. Yeah, if that is what BYU BOT want to use their sports program as missionary tool and there would be no way we would get to be top 10 in anyhow for both FB & Basketball! And why any lds kids want to come to BYU if they are Pro Material?

Go look at P12 tv deals vs; BYU and ESPN then tell me what you just posted. Playing on ESPN, ESPN 2 or EPSN U every week is a big deal for BYU. While Utah and anyone not named USC is relegated to P12 network and maybe one game on EPSN U, you will know why BYU is very relevant in signing players who want to be on national TV every week

It is not all about TV viewing Chris,

Seriously, If you were a Utah high school player, would you want to go play basketball in gyms like St. Mary’s, Pepperdine, etc. Or play in front of large groups like UCLA, Oregon or Arizona?

Add to that, there is a better chance in getting into the big dance in a PAC-12 Conference or even a Mountain West conference than in the WCC.

Second, Name one Independent school not named Notre Dame that has ever played in the BCS bowl Series/playoffs in Football in the past decade?

A Mountain West team has (Boise State)
A PAC-12 Teams has (Washington, Utah, USC)

Do you really think that a high school player from anywhere, does not look at playing in these big games? Do you really think that they look at “exposure” on TV as a main criteria?

We have lost several recruits over the past two years to both Utah and USU, Why? I will let you answer that yourself.

Sorry I should have been more specific concerning Football and Basketball.

good point, I was talking about football. But to address basketball, Football threw basketball under the bus when it went indy… The Mtn was 100 times better to play in.

Agree with MWC for basketball…

Football, I still do not see the benefit for a kid going to college to play football so they can be seen on ESPN, rather have a chance to play for a National Championship or even a higher tiered bowl game.

As a backup to my thought, how many players from BYU have been drafted in the NFL over the past decade, compared to USU and Utah?

Do you really think TV time is going to make that happen?

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I think that the fact that there’s a super star named ‘Covey’ who’s from Provo and played at Timp View High but now plays for Utah, pretty much tells you everything you need to know about BYU’s ability to attract players.

What about Sampson Nucua as well? His older brother played for BYU and he choose Utah… hmmm…

BTW, Mendenhall did not give him the time of day… That is why he went to Utah…

I think what is really telling is the Utah kicker (Guy I think his last name is) tried out for BYU and was cut by Kalani coaches, went to Utah and to be frank has become the best kicker in the state on the college level.

Covery wanted to play for the Y but Bronco did not want him.

I didn’t know that. I think we see where a lot of the problems are pointing. BYU would have won at least two more games this year just with better coaching. The Boise State game was particularly hard to swallow. But the administration doesn’t want to pay their coaches like the big schools so…

How about the Women’s volleyball team?

Look at UCF’s football schedule. It was juvenile compared to BYU’s 2018 football schedule. UCF did not get into the top 3 to 5 teams because of their week schedule. Give Sitake some time, BYU will not become a P-5 but we could be a good top ten G-5 football and basketball team if and when we get off of the P-5 horse and into a good G-5 conference like the AAC or another new conference created from several G-5 good conferences.

I’s more about culture than $$$$, I doubt if liberal P-5 conference will ever let BYU in.

There are plenty of very conservative P5 schools. Texas A&M, Bayler, Rice, Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, etc. The south dominates in both football and conservative politics. There aren’t very many religious schools though, I’ll give you that, but that’s true regarding proficiency in academics, research, etc as well. BYU is one of the few schools with a ‘religious mission’ that is also rated highly in academics and sports. Baylor used to be controlled by The Baptist Church and they were perennially bad at pretty much everything. Most religious schools fall in the Oral Roberts, Liberty, Westmont College, Wheaton College, etc. category. I don’t think anyone is conspiring to keep BYU down. I just think religion and higher education don’t mix very well. Ask Gallelio how well that turned out for him. :grinning:

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At BYU, higher education and religion are doing just fine. Perhaps the other schools just don’t have the fullness of the Gospel to understand more. Have you ever been a student at BYU? If you have you wouldn’t say such an ignorant thing. Go to Notre Dame and you will find that religion and higher education mix well there