There’s a game tonight

The board should be lighting up with predictions! Come on Cougars!

nah, the board is less active than i have seen it in years.

I have to question the coaches to not play starters who were dinged up last week.

if they can play, then play them.

also i still dislike the DC prevent defense. there is no reason to do it.

Started off fast but slowed down as S. Florida has made adjustments. Why isn’t Hall playing? Wind knocked out of him?

They are resting him, pretty sure he was more hurt than they let on.

Getting ready for the juggernaut Utah State next Friday.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This game isn’t done as we made no adjustments at halftime again…

again, no pressure on the QB. looks like BYU is playing a lot of backups…

poor coaching decisions

Poor containment as well…

Defense sucks

If BYU didn’t have Allgeier this game would be a lot closer. They are allowing a freshman QB to do what he wants and like all of their games to this point, they just aren’t winning the game convincingly.

They will win the game but not looking like the #15 ranked team in doing it.

They (defensive coaches) looked pass Southern Florida and playing a lot of backups, which contrary to what the coaches are saying is not as good as the starters.

OK, that is what happens when you actually try and block a field goal attempt… there is a chance you can do it. Why doesn’t BYU try that sometime?

They need to play like they belong in the top 20, not like they deserve to be there and slacking against a weak team, which is what they are doing tonight.

This game is not over.

based on this game, i am predicting losses to Baylor, USC, and at least one more.

I really hat our DC decisions… no reason at all southern Florida should be in this game.

Poor defensive position on tackling. Players claiming they are hurt. Not good.

they are playing scrubs and acting like it.

Agree Floyd. BYU has a history of making average QB’s look like All american’s. We have seen it many times.

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It irritates me when they play passive defense.

in my opinion bend but don’t break defense is nothing more than having a lazy defensive coordinator who can’t figure out how to coach.

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The first three games we were playing defense right. But, not tonight …

Seriously, if we actually take a closer look at BYU’s this season…

  1. Barely beat a rebuilding Arizona team that played well and hasn’t won yet this season, even against Northern Arizona, a mediocre team they should have beaten.
  2. Beat a struggling Utah team that had a QB who wasn’t performing and didn’t want to be at Utah. Had Utah played even a decent game that could have been a loss.
  3. Beat a good ASU team that killed itself with penalties. It was almost like ASU lost the game rather than BYU winning it. That is how it could have been viewed.
  4. Came out like gangbusters vs. a very mediocre South Florida team that has struggled for awhile now. Not a good team. BYU held on for the win as USF controlled the game for 3 quarters after falling behind big early in the game.

BYU is not an impressive 4-0 team. They seem to be over rated to me at this point in the season.

I’ve said it 100 times, so I’ll say it again:
Tuiaki is fundamentally soft and plays afraid. This allows bad teams to be competitive when they should not be. The entire second half tonight was EXACTLY like the Coastal Carolina game last year. Why did we beat UofU and ASU? Because we brought enough pressure to make their QBs uncomfortable. Tonight a freshman was laughing at how easy it was. This was a total EMBARRASSMENT. Until the onside kick we had a total FIVE MINUTES of possession in the entire second half. When will Kalani stop making excuses for his cousin? My prediction: no time soon.

They are rated just fine. No one else has played 3 P5 teams the first 3 weeks. And, we have never trailed in a game.
We have to do something about coming out with more momentum in the 3rd quarters. Also, we seem to not how to adjust as the game goes on.