This election is a farce

The Democrats showed their evil and wickedness ignoring the Constitution. I hope the Supreme Court will do their job properly and uphold the Constitution and correct the Democrats corruption. Pennsylvania is such a farce. Michigan and other states had their machines set to change Trump votes to Biden votes. 6,000 in one county. There are 47 counties using the machine and Pelosi is involved with that company.

We now are officially a bananna republic. Previously we were toying with it pretty good. But now we have reached banannahood.

This is why Trump must fight the results in blue states. If not this time, never!

The election is definitely a farce. The push for the bending of write-in election laws ensured the Democrats would win. I doubt there will be much of a fight. That’s not how the United States rolls as the advice given at the last General Conference indicates. The Biden Presidency will be very short. God help us with President Harris–an accidental President if ever there was one.

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Trump isn’t slowing down on this. I’m getting more emails to support this fight than I did for the election. Be a little patience.

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Whether the election results can be reversed or not is questionable but a pursuit of the truth is absolutely necessary. I have no doubt there was massive fraud but it is questionable whether it can be proven to the point the Supreme Court will take some action that could potentially reverse the presidential election results. I have no idea what they would do if a case is presented showing significant fraud in states closely contested. I guess they could order recounts with all provisional and mail in ballots closely examined and then disqualified if they do not have signatures, no postmark etc.
I don’t know what you do about the issue with the voting machines. It seems issues with those would be much harder to prove than issues with ballots.

If some of the things that have been alleged can be proven then maybe measures can be taken to insure the integrity of future elections. You can’t change election laws in midstream by the order of a state kangaroo supreme court like they did in Pennsylvania and allow votes to be counted that were received days after an election.

Even with mail in voting there should have been a deadline of Tuesday 11/3/2020. Not postmarked but received that date before the close of polls. Only alleged adults 18 year old or more can vote and there has to be some personal accountability for taking the voting responsibility seriously. I personally don’t want people deciding elections that have to be hunted down, prodded, bribed, and bussed to to polling stations. I want proof of citizenship and I want people to vote because they care and not because somebody offers them a pack of cigarettes or some other thing to go vote for Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or the Democrat flavor of the day. Before anybody gets too worked up about what I am saying please carefully read the post and try to decide what is hyperbole and venting and what is absolute truth (mostly just opinion).

This election should have been handled like any other. Go to the polls on election day and vote or participate in in person early voting. None of this mail in voting garbage unless you fit the parameters that have applied in past elections. If you work abroad or you are military, you are out of the country, or you are physically unable to go to the polls. Maybe there are other reasons but a pandemic shouldn’t be one of them. I hope the Georgia runoff elections for the 2 senate seats are handled like a traditional election and none of this mail in garbage with counting going on for days on end or those seats may be stolen as well and then the progressives control everything except the Supreme Court.

I am still nervous about Alaska and North Carolina. There are 4 Senate seats undecided and Republicans lead in all 4 but have to win 3 to maintain the Senate. The Republicans should keep the 2 seats in Georgia if the runoff is well monitored and there are some controls exercised on how votes are counted.

Repubs will win Alaska and NC. Georgia is where a runnoff for both seats will be watched heavily.

In Utah we have had mail in ballots for almost a decade. At first there was some “hiccup’s” , but the election people were able in fix them.

We have had very little issue since the beginning. So mail in, works… It is pretty trustworthy because the people in charge has additional requirements to verify valid ballots.

BUT, I do not think a State that has not had mail ballots in the past all of a sudden decide to have them. There is too many ways for programming errors (the field I work in) when you have imposed time constraints that are not reasonable. Then they have to figure out the work load of the servers so they don’t crash, like what happened two years ago in one state elections.

I like you Reed, Would hope we have some integrity and have things put into place to protect voting rights and counting.

One interesting thing about voting, which I think Trump should go forward in doing recount and maybe legal actions:
In Michigan (.64%), Georgia (.24%) and Pennsylvania(.70%) the percentage difference between victor and loser was less than 1 percent of the vote. Total of 52 Electoral votes that could go to Trump, if the recount proves different.

I read somewhere that there was just 127,000 votes difference between Trump winning and losing.

Another interesting thing happening is in the House of Representative, where currently the democrats have 215 members (need 218 to be the majority) and the GOP has 200.
If the numbers hold (that is a big “IF”), it looks like the GOP would have picked up another 4-5 seats.

So Pelosi and company power is now diminished because she has to have some republicans to vote for her plans.

I think in less populated states like Utah mail in might work well. Maybe I am naive but I would trust election officials in Utah, in general, more that I would trust them in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, so forth.

It looks like Tillis has been declared the winner in NC according to one news article I read an hour or so ago.

I heard someone from the State mentioned that they have a secondary system in place to verify mail in ballots. One of those ways is the signature on the voter information. Another is that they have to have a valid address (not secondary home) in the State.

Not saying it is perfect, but If proper protocols and less political posturing was done, and more importantly they have time to set up the system, it could work for plays like California, NY, etc.

The key to my is “Timing”. They should be working on the next election in 2 years for mail in ballots, not months before an election.

That’s good… I think Georgia has some weird election rules for “runoff”, why would they not narrow down to two candidate in the Primary’s then have those two run in the Primary? Weird.

The key is that before elections are held people should have voter identifications that are tied to the SS system so dead people can’t vote and there aren’t more ballots submitted than those who signed up to vote. Also, machines should be built and maintained by U.S. companies and not Canadian like the ones in 33 states. The one that turned 6,000 Trump vitesni to Biden votes. Also, Article 2 section 1 if the U.S. Constitution says elections are to be controlled by state legislators and not Governors like Pennsylvania and others states.

Can’t wait on AG Barr either as there hasn’t been one Democrat go to jail for the crimes fromnthe 2016 election. How come Democrats neverngo to jail but Republicans do?

USA Today now confirming Tillis won NC. Cunningham conceded. Republicans have to get Alaska and at least one of the Georgia Senate seats. They should get all 3 but who knows right now. Georgia used to be solid red but is turning purple and very competitive. Republicans will have to come out in droves in the runoff to insure the Senate doesn’t go to the Dems. With the senate and a conservative court it will be hard for the Dems to get too crazy.

They will just start rioting again which will hurt Dems in the midterms. Bunch of commies.

I guess we won’t know who controls the Senate until after the new year because of Georgia screwy election process.

One thing I heard today, I thought was funny is that Joe Biden does not want the democrats to win the Senate because of some of the things the progressives want to push through (green deal, Medicare for all, etc.). This way he has an “out” from supporting it.

Would not put it past him, because when he was a senator, he was a moderate.

Well, I think he’s looking over his shoulders at Kamala Harris. If the Democrats control both houses then the House will enact the 25th Amendment to make sure their socialist-communist agendas can happen. By the Senate remaining Republican then it’s possible to keep the far left from getting all their programs.

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Just announced by CNN that Sullivan ® wins Alaska senate seat. Dems now have to flip both Georgia seats to take control of the senate possible but unlikely. It is more likely that the Republicans retain both seats. I would say better than 50/50 repubs retain both. about 25% dems flip one of them and about 10% Dems flip them both (just my opinion). You know the big Hollywood and Soros money will be flowing into Georgia in the coming weeks.

did you see in the news that the democrats are demanding Trump to concede?

Funny they did not say that in 2000 or 2004 or 2016…


to me the best part of the election is that the GOP seems to have the Senate wrapped up, and more importantly the GOP has enough seats in the House to stop all the Pelosi and Schiff BS.

the democrats can’t push anything without help.

Typically that does happen when there is a change in Presidency. The moderates feel free to vote either Republican or Democrat. I just wish people would stop voting based solely on emotions, one subject and with the libertarians. The Democrats figures out that it was time to buy off the Green Party so they would vote Democrat. Libitarian votes in some states were enough to give Biden a victory. There’s enough in the Republican Party for libertarians. They need to see the big picture. Hope 4 years of Harris influence and Biden stupidity will help them understand.