Time to bench Taysom

Yes, there have been some drops, but when the receivers drop so many passes, you have to wonder if there is some thing wrong with the passes. Also, Taysom has lost a step. Time for Mangum.

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I’m surprised that the offense looks worse than last week. I was expected them to do better against UCLA.

Our defense are on the field too much and going to get worn out pretty soon. I like to see Tanner in soon. They are not clicking and running game is dead!

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Taysom is not as fast and when he is not dynamic as a runner he is a below average to average passer. However, his receivers are average at best. O line is being beat. If something does not change UCLA will score 21 or more points in the second half.

Not really. UCLA is taking great angles on him and not being blocked or rerouted. What he’s not doing is deciding to run sooner.

No creativity. No tight ends. I don’t think Mangum will have any better luck.

How will tanner help the run game?

If he can beat them with the pass, that will open up the running game. We are one dimensional. I haven’t seen any quickness with taysom.

Really? The guy can complete passes beyond 10 yards. Doing so will help open up the run game. They are challenging BYU to pass, and Taysom can’t do it.

I don’t know if UCLA will score more. Taysom is waiting too long to decide to run. UCLA’s quickness stops him from getting his speed up. He seemed quicker last game because he decided to run sooner. Also, the line was blocking better than tonight

FYI: I was watching the Stanford USC game today. I saw a Stanford player tackle a USC receiver with his shoulder striking the USC receivers face mask. Surprisingly, the PAC-12 officials didn’t make a targeting call against Stanford.

I’m guessing the refs got chewed out for those calls and were afraid to call them. I don’t understand why we didn’t file a complaint.

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Taysom completed a pass longer than 10 yards! :astonished:

What happened to the pass defense? That was horrible.


Hopefully, that pass defense will be better than it was on the last go around.

After game comments, Tayson has lost quickness with two year layoff. Offensive line is not up to par. Time for
Tanner Mangum at QB.

I am very disappointed that Detmer sacrificed a W to try to let a 6th year senior iron out the kinks when it was clear to all that the 6th year senior could not run the offense at all. Worse that Detmer had a 1st team freshman All American QB standing next to him the whole time.

How does Magnum help the line? How does he help Hill with his quickness?
I think it was evident again as it was with Utah that Hill and the line play better with a faster pace game.
They aren’t going to can Hill. They won’t change the offense. They will speed up the game and go faster.

Disagree. Just speed up the offense and Hill will be fine. We will score more points.

Agreed. Let’s face it Taysom is a broken play passer. Most all his passes are late. Also when he does connect you notice that the receiver can hardly ever run after. He just isn’t very accurate. I was disappointed we didn’t see Mangum a series or two before half time.