Time to vent about things

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am getting tired of Kalani “Focus” on all things Hall.

BYU football: Will Cougars QB Jaren Hall play in the New Mexico Bowl? - Deseret News

He says yesterday that Hall is “Still in the Mix” to play. WHY is he so focused on Hall that 1) he could do some permanent damage Hall health 2) he has already drove away a 4-star QB because of this infatuation with Hall.

Good coaches play who is available and “Sits” the injured ones.

As arkie posted in another thread, KSL has thrown BYU football to the sideline in order to gush over Utah football success. This all happened during Kalani’s watch.

Ah now I feel better.

Maybe Hall’s ankle is feeling just fine. You aren’t Hall. He will make the decision. Good grief…

They got obsessed with having another high draft pick at QB — hence not playing backups at all (to pad his stats). He also (rightly) had the rep of an oft-injured “glass Joe,” so the focus was on showing that he is durable (by making him play through injuries). I think that it was delusional he would ever be a high draft pick, because of his arm (and his history of injuries).

I think part of it was also the hype about being the first black RM quarterback.

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You’ll find that almost all of us wondered why Hall played when injured and continues to be the focus of what is essentially a meaningless bowl game. As McKay points out–and Chris pointed out weeks ago–the most logical explanation is to pad Hall’s stats so that he will be a mid-to mid high draft pick. The true losers then become the team because of the avoidable losses, Hall because he didn’t heal as well as he should have, and the fans because we watched out beloved Cougars needlessly suffer.

Thanks for your response, I sometimes get frustrated when I see the simple truth and it appears the coaches don’t.

I did forget about what chris and McKay has said in the past.

Agreed on Sitake playing Hall to pad stats. In my opinion, Hall is a NFL QB talent, probably a better arm than Russel Wilson. On par with his running ability. Def. not as durable.

What bugs me is We all know Hall will sit this one out. Fennegan will start, worst kept secret. There is a connection with Romneys leaving and Conover (Tom pointed that one out I think). Still blows my mind that we didn’t see Conover in about 8 full quarters of football. Guys talk and Conover may of just gotten bitter over the non-play. Too bad, I think he was the starter next year. My gut tells me that Kalani will bring in a talent from the portal which would be a major mistake given Conover had 3 years with working in BYU’s scheme and Fennegan has 2 years now.

There is a reason BYU always wins when we have a veteran QB. for 50years that is the pattern. Now we enter the Big 12 with little experience. I just hope Fennegan KILLS it out there Sat. and is talked about as the starter going into next spring. If struggles, BYU is going to be rough to watch after our 1st two games.

Fennegan excelled in HS in Texas 5A–much MUCH better competition than a lot of more highly recruited guys. But he was a total beanpole and only a 2 star recruit. Got a bunch of offers from little schools–then Boise came calling so he jumped at it. Hard to say if he will be any good. The only game he has ever played in college was part of a game vs BYU.

If I’m Jaren Hall, and if I’m declaring for the draft, NO WAY I play unless I feel absolutely 1000% healthy. If I’m coming back to BYU anyway, then sure I play hurt on the ankle. I think Fennegan will start and it will be fun to see if he’s any good. This game doesn’t really matter anyway.

The game always matters. We don’t play to lose. It matters to the players and potential recruits. Therefore, it matters to the fans…

The last high draft pick is a joke!!! Wilson is way over his head in the NFL!! A second draft pick should be much better. He shows no fire or control of the game. Disappointed.

Okay now go back to being a Utard. Merry Christmas!

A Utard!!! I’ve gone to BYU games for 50 years. No imagination. I just enjoy good coaching.

Haven’t learned anything in 50 years. That was great coaching with what we had to work with. A 80 yard pick 6 on top of everything else. Fooled SMU a lot. Great adjustments during the game.

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Learned they aren’t even close to the old days. The pick plus missed extra point by SMU helped. If SMU had thrown more often BYU had no defense. Miss the discipline of Bronco and an offense.

Once again, you were watching a different game. Defense played well against a top 10 offense. And, SMU didn’t miss an extra point. Which suggests you didn’t watch the game. BYU played SMU’s 2 point conversion perfectly. Stayed in their lanes and a perfect tackle.

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Not to disagree, but we are talking about the NY Jets here… A team that has chewed up so many good QB (think Sam Darnold for Carolina) because the organization is bad.

Even Steve Young floundered in Tampa Bay when he first got to the NFL because the team was so bad.

The thing about the “old days” is that the game is played different than then. The rules have changed (Sometimes for the worse). With the transfer portal, a Roger French type coach can behave the same way because if it “offends” the player, he simply transfers.

I will be the first to admit that Tuaiki was not a good coach. He was a horrible DC (thus the demotion) and even worse D-Line coach.

The hiring of Jay Hill will bring some of the fire back to the defense, depending on who coaches what positions.

On the offensive side, I am still not convinced that A-Rod is a good OC. I think he makes to many bad decisions.

BTW, the thing you will find about grasshopper is that he will take the opposite position to almost any person viewpoint. Just a word of warning.

And before he responds to this, I do have the personality to challenge people’s positions at time as well.

I like your last statement. The challenge with this site is that if you challenge you are immediately labeled a narcissist by narcissists. Which is okay as long as they would admit it. And, you know that I agree with most of what a person posts. Unless it’s really wrong. And then I simply want the person to prove their statement. What’s wrong with that?

There is nothing wrong with stating a opposite point of view. But to constantly call others names or personally attack another person because they don’t agree with you is WRONG and the reason why you get labeled. Case in point; ACE1876, a new poster, says Wilson is over rated. You call him a Utard. Some people might get offended whatever; but after he states, "

[quote=“ACE1976, post:11, topic:9640”]
A Utard!!! I’ve gone to BYU games for 50 years.
You follow up with, "

Highly offensive. Probably won’t see ACE1976 post again. Just last week you called me a racist when I was talking about Coaching hires and Polarity. The bottom line here. If you want new posters to stick around, don’t be personally attacking them. If you want to have a robust group of regulars, by kind, argue all you want but but do it in a civil manner.


You are right. That will be my New Year’s resolution.

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Thank you Fish!! Common sense finds a home!

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