Trump convicted on all 34 felony counts!

Any thoughts on this? I think the conviction is a farce based on a very far fetched theory that Trump violated federal election law. A rogue Soros backed prosecutor pursued this when nobody else would touch it. I am not under any illusion that Trump is a moral man. It appears he paid off a porn star but nearly every legal expert I have heard comment on this has basically said the case was a farce. Even some legal experts on CNN & MSNBC questioned the case.

I suspect the conviction will be appealed and then thrown out but I can’t see this playing out until
after the election and this may be enough to
saddle the country with a 2nd term of Joe Biden and that is a frightening prospect.

Any attorneys that post here care to comment?

I think violence is close behind if Trump doesn’t get a boost in the polls. The far right has had it with the left and their tyranny. That’s what it is. Yes, Trump should demand the Supreme Court takes the appeal now and the heck with the process.

It is a problem when the clear majority of the media are an arm of the Democrat Party. They will hammer on this until election day and they now have their campaign issue to use against Trump and prop up the most incompetent and corrupt president of my lifetime, and maybe ever. I wish primary voters had chosen DeSantis. I was afraid that if enough lawfare was used against Trump something would stick even if it was a convoluted twisted mess of a legal theory. I figured at least one juror would see through this and have the character to hold out so there would a hung jury regardless of their personal feelings about Trump.

Agree 100% My problem with the GOP is that they could have picked someone other than Trump - with all the same conservative policies - and avoided all the messes you get with Trump. 15-20 of GOPers will not vote for Trump or sit out this time. Some % of Independents (5? 10%?) will vote for Biden or not vote. I think it will tighten up again. I believe Trump can still win (Biden is THAT bad), but a different candidate would wind relatively easily. Watch GOP snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We’ve had Republican conservative Presidents like Bush and still didn’t get any better. Not like Trump had things with respect to the economy, boarder, the middle east and the communist-fascist countries of the world. And, people see it. Could DeSantis have done it? I don’t know. He gets into his own quagmires too.

1 puts a blight on the American Justice system. We all thought kangaroo courts existed in Russia and Venezuela. Using the courts to prosecute your political opponent is a new low.
2 NY law is different then any system in America…Every other state requires that you give a bill of particulars, what you are being prosecuted for. In this case, NY does not have to tell Trump what the charges are
3 Then the judge does not allow Trump’s team to present key witnesses
4 then the judge instructs the defense to go first with ending statements. The prosecution has to go first so that the defense can defend themselves, NOT SO in NY.

Of course this will do all of the following:
Trump will get re-elected because independents will see right through this desperation.
This is called election stealing and there will be a civil war if Biden’s party tries to rob citizens of their right to vote.
again, This is a sad day for all of America.
So Trump’s guilty, let the people decide.

It’s NY, they have had their heads up their asses since I was in college 40 years ago.

Whether you like Trump or not, every person in this country deserves the “Rule of Law”.
No one is above the law, but at the same time, no one should below the law either.

The verdict should be overturned by either the appellate or Supreme Court for the simple reason that Trump’s 1st and 6th amendments were violated by the Judge and the DA.

  1. The Gag order violated Trump 1st amendment, not because of the gag order, that is common, but because Trump was the only one that was gagged.

  2. Trump was indicted and charged and not until jury deliberation was it known “what underlying felon the charges were based on”. Violation of the 6th amendment.

3.The Judge refused to allow the defense to present evidence that what Trump did before 2016 DID NOT violate Federal election campaign laws. the Judge told the defense “He” would explain what elections laws were. Violation of his 6th amendment.

  1. The way the Judge favored the prosecution to the point that not very defense objections were sustained, Violation of the 6th Amendment.

  2. According to a FoxNews legal analyst and former NYPD cop, he is investigating “how” this judge was assigned this case. He believes the judge “worked his way on into the trial”.

  3. The Judge daughter fund raised for the DNC, which in itself should have recused himself. But the fact that both he and his wife donated to Biden and are Biden supporters the man should have recused himself.

  4. The fact that no state can charge a person for federal election campaign laws, is a constitutional violation of separation of state (Federal/State).

The problem is that Trump will not get justice in New York, the appellate court has already turned down his petition of the gag order, why do you think they will reverse this decision even though there are clearly constitutional issues with the verdict.? This is going to end up in front of SCOTUS.

Now, I would not be surprised at all if it ends up at the feet of SCOTUS, that they will overturn the conviction, but the surprised will be a 9-0 vote! I believe even the liberal judges on the court will see that Trump case was handled unconstitutionally.

I want to be very clear about this, I do not like Trump as a person. Nor do I like his behavior when he was President. The constant chaos in his administration, the bombastic comments, etc. That is why the people voted him out, the election was not stolen, it was not rigged, people got tired of his behavior.

Having said that, I believe Trump was not treated fairly by the NY courts, there is a current complaint filed by a US Representative of NY (who happens to be a lawyer) to the NY Judicial review board that oversees all judges in the State of New York about his conduct within the trial. If the review board agrees with the complaint, this judge could lose his seat on the bench, get slapped with a hefty fine or both.

This case reminds me of the cases in the south where the defendant was guilty until proven innocent simply because he was black. The white judge abused his power to convict him.

Here is my prediction: Any logical person, regardless of political slant, race or creed will see this for what it was a political headhunt on behalf of Biden.

Trump numbers will raise, especially among the black voters because they know firsthand what it feels like to be railroaded by the courts.

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violence is NEVER EVER the answer. If you want to hurt the witch hunters, he votes Trump back into office.

But here is where the GOP falls short, they are not very good a “getting the vote” out for the party. The DNC has already started since early voter happens within 50 days of now. The GOP waits and that will kill them.

Actually, on this particular issue, the liberal media legal analyst all said this was a smoke and mirror case. that the judge was biased.

It kind of surprised me.

I want you to think for a moment: What does most Americans believe in? Fairness, right? Most of the voters will see this (except for the far left) for what it was, a Sham trial, courts weaponized to defeat an opponant.

Don’t be surprised if Trump not only wins, but wins by a land slide.

Thanks for your balanced and well thought out posts. To be honest I don’t watch any mainstream news, including Fox (they are right leaning but still
MSN). I have read a few comments on mainstream sites that the case was not proven. I was aware of most of the points you made in your first post but not all of them. Anytime a case goes to a jury it is a crapshoot. Given the instructions they were given by the judge and the way the judge handcuffed the defense and gave the prosecutors leeway to do as it pleased it is no wonder there was a guilty verdict. Banning exculpatory evidence and overruling every objection the defense raised and sustaining all of the prosecutors objections is a travesty.

What happened here reminds me of the scripture in the Book of Mormon that states the destruction of the nation was at hand due to the corruption of the lawyers and judges. I am paraphrasing and would have to look up the reference but the point is we are seeing the same thing in our society today. Like the book says we need to liken all scripture to ourselves.

I have a friend that was a clerk for the Supreme Court. He is the one that told me about the Judicial Review board information.

What bothers me most is the fact that I grew up in 60’s during the civil rights, my family comes from the south. Many people died for the right of a fair judicial system for ALL AMERICANS. We have gone back 60 years.

I heard today that Trump could go directly to the Supreme Court. Not sure how accurate that is, but hopefully the rule of law will win at the end of the day.

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Good post. The issue that bothers me the most are the rules that are allowed to happen like not stating what the crime is until closing arguments. This is allowed in New York. This does not give the defense any time to prepare or give a defense. Then, as the Judge instructed, the jury can convict even if there was no proof of a crime. How can that even be possible except in a totalitarian full democracy where the majority rules unrighteously? How do the laws of New York stand?
As far as violence, it is sometimes necessary to stop evil and tyranny. It’s written in The Declaration of Independence. “It’s sometimes necessary to overthrow a government.” You can only poke the bear for so long. And there are enough people out there with guns to cause violence because of being oppressed.

That remains to be seen. What happens now may just be part of the script. Will Biden pardon Trump in order to show compassion and empathy? Will the media be on board with this to help get Biden elected. Was the media agreeing about the bad things the Judge did just part of the setup if Biden pardons Trump. Satan is a master of deception and evil planning. As you pointed out, he was with slavery until the bear was poked once to many times.

I’m wondering about him being able to go directly to the SCOTUS. If he can, can he before the sentencing 4 days before the Republican Convention? If he can go now, do it now.
Ya, something has to be done about the way States can ignore the US Constitution. After the Civil War, the United States became one nation. It we became the United States “is” and no longer the United States “are.” National Treasure is a great movie :grin:

From what I understand, he can go directly to SCOTUS for an immediate stay on the case, this would prevent the judge from potentially putting Trump in jail.

Good points Aro. I think the leftwing media is part of a bigger conspiracy to make people think they agree with the Right until the next hammer comes down which will be a pardon by Biden to show the independents his compassion and wanting to bring the country together. The Right won’t buy it but minorities and independents might.

If the judge violated the Constitution, can the Supreme Court have a hearing about removing the judge from being a judge? He has committed a federal offense against the Constitution.

Brian Peter “Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” - Hillary Clinton, as told to ■■■■ Morris in “Rewriting History,” 2005.

I dislike this attitude, the average democrat is not stupid. the majority of them are good honest people. They see the world differently.

now if you said the far left democrat, i might agree with you.