Tuiaki is out, Who's "Next"?

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BYU football: Cougars’ seven-year defensive coordinator stepping down - Deseret News

What other defensive coaches will go?

What about the head scratching offensive play calling? Should Arod be “Next”?

I understand Tuiaki being out. I don’t think the offense has been the problem. Some of the play calls haven’t been good but for the most part the offense produces enough to win. The defense tends to let other teams control the clock and keep our offense off the field. Roderick has only been in the position 2 years. He could be better but i wouldn’t be one who would call for his head at this point.

You have to be careful what you wish for I remember people being down on Norm Chow his last few years at BYU. That was a big mistake running him off. He proved his stature as an offensive coordinator
at several P5 programs. Robert Anae was another one people were down on, but he had some real good offenses at Virginia. He did real well at BYU when John Beck and Max Hall were there. People
Didn’t think he did well with Jake Heaps but Jake did real well his freshman year with Anae running the offense and then when Anae left Heaps took a step backwards his sophomore season. When Anae came back he adapted the offense to take advantage of Taysom Hill’s skillset. It seems BYU fans are never happy with the O-coordinator. I don’t think offense is BYU’s problem right now.

Chow biggest problem was not with the fans, some wanted him gone but overall, he did a good job and kept us all entertained. Chow’s biggest problem was that he rubbed the boosters and the AD office staff wrong. He was abrasive and condescending when he interacted with them. He was the “heir apparent” succeed Edwards, but the AD just could not tolerate Chow’s behavior.

That is true, but at what costs? I had a friend of mine son play the O-line under Anae’s GFGH scheme. He played the number of plays that would normally be done in a two-year stretch was played within one season.
He was so banged up after his sophomore year, he never recovered for the next two. He has told me that there were two or three other lineman that had the same issue.

Again, Anae biggest problem was how he interacted with the players, other coaches and the AD office as well as the Boosters.

IMHO, I think besides a new DC, we also need a really good D-line coach in the same mold as Steve Kaufusi who can teach the players how to be better. Kaufusi put a lot of his players into the NFL.

remember that well, GF GH works if you have blue chippers 3 or 4 deep. Big Big mistake at BYU.

BYU does well enough on Offense, I finally got my wish, With Tuiaki gone, I would think Lamb is next. Don’t ask me, ask Tom about it.

If it were my choice, I would go after the DC from Stanford, LDS and a great recruiter when faced with Stanford’s extremely tough entrance requirements. He would excel at BYU. I’d offer Tanner McKee at the same time.

Stanford DC: Lance Anderson. He was good enough for Harbaugh to bring him from San Diego to Stanford, and good enough for David Shaw to keep him when Harbaugh moved on. Anderson had some great defenses at Stanford–with just as much recruiting limitation as BYU has (no HC, but way harder to get admissions to admit a kid). Stanford routinely beats BYU in head to head recruiting battles. An active, LDS returned missionary P5 DC with 15 years straight at the same D1 program? HAHAHAHAHA that just doesn’t happen anymore! That alone says A LOT about Coach Anderson. For Stanford he is top recruiter for California, Arizona, Idaho and Utah–where BYU gets about 90% of its players–meaning he already has long-term relationships with the high school and summer camp directors in those states.

BoiseCoug (I think) also posted about Frank Maile at BSU. He also seems like a good fit. He’s a big up and comer. Succeeded at USU, stepped up in competition to BSU and has succeeded there as well. Only 2 years at BSU but I consider that equal to a P5 school in recruiting intensity, albeit it’s a WAY different animal as far as football budget goes. You may remember Maile in the news 2 years ago when the USU football players all wanted Maile promoted to be the HC, but the AD said she had concerns about hiring a Polynesian, LDS coach from Utah. The players were so pissed about her bigoted comments that 80 of them refused to play and they forfeited their last game. It was both terrible and hilarious all at the same time. BSU snatched him up as Asst. HC a month later. Aggie football players allege anti-LDS bias in head coach search | KUTV

Either one-just act on it ASAP. It may prevent good players from opting to the portal.

You make an excellent point–and the early signing date for D1 football is December 21–just 3 weeks from now. Get a high quality, high profile DC NOW and we may either save or flip a couple good recruits!

How open are head coaches to letting one of their assistants interview for other jobs prior to a bowl game? I don’t think there are very many, if any. That leaves Anderson and little else, unless BYU wants to promote Lamb or Clune or Gilford.

It is football, Floyd. Not Baseball or tic-tac-toe… We get lots of wimps into our football program I guess…

By my count, Kaufusi coached 15 years and BYU and 7 players played in the NFL; an average of one every two years. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a lot.

7 in 15 years is not bad considering Khyiris Tonga is the only BYU DL not named Kaufusi to play in the NFL since Coach Kaufusi left…

BYU sack totals with players recruited by and coached by the current staff:
2022: 12
2021: 20
2020 (vs the JV schedule): 23
2019: 17

Sacks are simply not a priority with Kalani. It doesn’t matter which players he has. I’m not even really knocking the results, because these results are BY DESIGN. Bronco wanted chaos in the backfield and was OK giving up some big hitters. Win or lose it was fun to watch. Kalani obviously is happy when BYU gets the rare sack, but his philosophy is all about NOT pressuring the QB, allowing long drives made up of short gains, and hoping the offense screws up (penalty or TO) on its own. In his world this works for him. In my world it results in super boring football games to watch.


Case in point! When BYU has the ball I watch the offense-when BYU is on defense, I switch it over and watch BSU or Oregon whether on offense or defense. No sense stressing myself out​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yeah that gfgh was controversial but Anae did well in his first stint without using the gfgh with Beck and Hall. A lot of people got down on him with Jake Heaps but he was breaking in a new QB and running backs. I think BYU fans are sometimes unable to cope when a rebuilding year comes along.

I wonder if BYU would pay a guy like Anderson enough to lure him over. If he is as good as advertised the new Stanford coach may want to keep him or maybe Stanford would promote him to HC.

I wonder if BYU would pay Anderson enough to get him? If he is that good it would seem the new Stanford coach would try to keep him. They may even want to promote him to HC. He has been a top assistant for a long time and it seems like his next move would be to a HC position somewhere.

Here is the list Desnews came up with for replacement of the DC:

BYU football: Here are some of the candidates to replace Ilaisa Tuiaki - Deseret News

Jay Drew loses a lot of credibility with his first sentence. I would say Grimes was a home run, but Roderick?

Yea that made me a laugh a little bit. Was wondering if anyone else thought the comment was a bit weird.

Here is an article by ■■■■ Harmon about “Why” change was necessary.

BYU football: Why changes are necessary | Opinion - Deseret News

Heard somewhere, don’t know where that the strength and conditioning coaches were fired. Anyone know if that is accurate?

With all the injuries (especially on defense) happening this year, I would hope they would “adjust” the Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Not sure when it was, but Bronco Mendenhall had a stretch where they went through a lot of injuries. He fired the entire staff and brought in a new guy (he went with Bronco to Virginia). The following year they had less injuries. I think it was during the GFGH offensive scheme time period, but not sure.

I would hope Kalani would do something similar.