Two wrongs don't make a right

Why are some of our former basketball and football stars supporting BLM when as an organization they are encouraging people to block road ways and Police stations, both of these actions are against the law. I thought BYU taught everyone to honor and obey the law. (two wrongs don’t make a right).

People’s opinions and views are heavily shaped by experiences and interactions. Upon reading what some of these former students have said they have a different take than others. That being said most of those I have read about played over the last 30 years. It would be interesting to here the take from Black athletes who played at BYU who were there from the late 50s to 60s when the civil rights movement was happening. I never hear any of them speak out.

I would think many of them have different reasons. Painting all of them with the same brush is probably not a good idea.

IMO the problem with BLM is that the basic idea and the what the organization chooses to do are not well aligned at times. Who is not for protecting lives? Then again who is for what some of their protests have become?
Like many national organizations, BLM has the national organization which is an umbrella for hundreds of local and state affiliated organizations. The relationship between the different organizations, their leaders, tactics, and even problems they are protesting differ in some respects as well as being aligned in some respects.

To put it in an BYU LDS context, different bishops and different stake presidents on campus all at the same meetings all go back to their own organizations and implement the basic ideas in many different ways. No I am not suggesting that BLM is lead by revelation or that the local leaders of the church at BYU are not. Just that different leaders, different perceptions, different questions, lead to different actions, words, and outcomes.

That wasn’t his point. Why are they supporting a communist lawless organization like BLM. People can be for protesting for change without signing a pac with the devil.

Have you bothered to go to their websites to find out what they believe? What is their mission? What is their platform? We have lots of members who align themselves with the Democrat Party inwhich most of the platform is apposed to the Plan of Salvation. Why not just take them for their word.
Now, do black lives matter. Of course. So do Hispanic lives and Asian lives and White lives. But take our Mr. Brooks in Atlanta. If that was a Hispanic or Asian or White man that resisted arrest, hit an officer, took the taser from one officer and shot the other officer in the head causing him to fall, hit his head on the concrete and end up with a concussion, run and shoot the taser again there would be nothing going on. No protests or riots. Why not? Because BLM is a racist organization.

Don’t get me wrong I think probably about all of them are fine young men. I just wonder if they are getting all or enough information because it sounds like a coach may be sending them that way.

Do you watch BYU Sports Nation on the BYU channel? The two hosts are now all in with BLM. They had Yolie Childs on and he tried to equate BLM with a good protest message. He obviously has no idea who BLM is and what they stand for. His wife is white. Goofball.

I think BYU is falling into the usual appeasement trap. Like Mutt Romney. What will happen is exactly what happened to Drew Breeze. I bet NO hires Kapernick and screws up Breeze’s end of his career and Hill’s career too.

yes. of course. The organization that chooses to use that phrase…not so much. And the two are too frequently confused…pithy sound bites differentiating them are not easy.

To me this young generation is experiencing their Civil Rights era. They really don’t know what happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s. So they follow the left wing ideologues of today who don’t know what really happened during the 1950’s-1960’s Civil Right movements. These kids of today are being high jacked by the left wing. Well, I guess all youth have to have their own experiences. I remember the 1960’s and how as a U.S. Marine people spit on us. Those bozos really hadn’t been in the real fight either. Then at BYU we experienced the demonstrations against BYU when the Blacks wanted the Priesthood. Most of the demonstrators didn’t really know what the Priesthhod was. Yet many people, black, white and brown did things like throw hot angle irons at our basketball team on the road and at the BYU cheerleaders. Some guy at New Mexico exposed himself to the BYU female cheerleaders and the Cougarettes. At Wyomong twelve black players refused to play against the BYU football team. The UofWyoming Lloyd Eaton kicked them off of the Wyoming football team. Such is life.

People either forget or they just don’t know. Either way, those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.


Yes, we believe in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law of the law.

The force that the police has been using on black people nation wide to the point of death, is against the law.

This has been going on too long and for the past 250 years, nothing has been done about it. The punishment to the point of death, is not warranted by the crime. This is why we have a court system with a trial to make the decision what the penalty should be.

Black Lives Matter is a Protest that is intended to get the attention of everyone world wide to get the needer reforms in the way Police officers conduct themselves and the screening process for those entering the Profession. Most, I believe most, of the police officers to be doing an honorable job with their performance. These good officers doing their job correctly are not in question. It is the hiring practice with lack of adequate screening that is in question.

I would not be too quick to criticise our Black Athletes for supporting their heritage.
Don’t try to force them to choose between supporting their black heritage and their devotion to what many, not all, of the white brethren in the Church feel should or should not be said or done with the BLM movement.

This is my opinion and I don’t expect many on this site to agree with my opinion.


The civil rights movement in recent times, started in the 60’s and 70’s. The 50’s was relative calm. Yes having been born in the middle of the Great Depresssion, 1035,
I do remember it well. I was living not far from the Watts, Willowbrook, South Central Areas of Los Angeles, when you could hear the call “Burn Baby Bun” Awe yes, I remember it well.

This was not a Liberal Far Left Movement. This was a movement from a whole generation of Black people that said, “We have waited for over 200 years for justice and equality and we are not going to wait anymore.” WE demand it now." With the peace treaty, Affirmative Action, the tready kept the whole country from burning and it prevented the second civil war from happening. I worked for the Federal Government at the time and may pay was funded by the US Defense Funds. Papadena California was the next place scheduled to burn. Not the poor area, but the richest area. Don’t over simply this by calling it a Far Left Extremist Movement.

It was far more. If was for Liberty and justice for all citizens and not just for white citizens.

Hydleman, DevMo, Harold, grasshopper, texcoug, and fish,

All of you seem to be of the same opinion and of one accord. You would all like things better and more like it was in the 1950’s and the 200+ years before the 1950’s. Those were the fabulous 50’s and before, if you were white.

My suggestion to each of you would to make good close friends with a group of black people and let them tell you their story while your contriution is to listen and learn.

Ron, I’m sorry to say you as with the athletes are ignorant about The BLM movement. It has nothing to do with the police. More unarmed white people are shot and killed by police than blacks. BLM is an international organization funded by Marxist and Socialist inside and outside the U.S. their goal is to do the Democrat Party’s bidding to up end the Constitution and replace it with a totalitarian Marxist regime like Mao did. Read their website and go to YouTube and listen to their leaders since they were organized in 2013. They are Marxists.

You jump to conclusions. We don’t want a Marxist organization that uses Police brutality as the source of their revolution. The tearing down of statues, creating autonomous zones in cities and defacing monuments and churches isn’t about police brutality. It’s about anarchy. We agree with you about the history. But this is 2020 and only in big Democrat run cities does the same things go on as they did back in the 50’s and 60’s.

You have no idea who I am or who my friends are. I have said nothing about rosy days of long ago. For blacks in America the rosy days were not and are not as rosy, Period.

That has nothing to do with the lies I have heard leaders of the BLM movement admit that they use to push for their advocacy.

Justice for all absolutely should include the poor, and downtrodden, especially the poor and downtrodden. And sadly, that has meant a disproportionate burden of a lack of justice for some minority groups. America should stand up for its ideals…for all of its citizens of whatever group they happen to belong.

What this has to do with bball. I am not sure.

You and hopper have both seen me as on the opposite side of the spectrum…you both seem to be jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

When BLM’s leaders claim themselves as Marxist, the black lives matters becomes a smoke screen for their real purpose for the riots.

I have no problem with a lawful protest. I have a problem with a organization supporting a unlawful protest where they harm others and damage personal property. I also think we may be a little judgemental . As we don’t know if the police killed the black guy (George Floyd’s autopsy, highlighting cardiovascular disease and “potential intoxicants” in his system, as if those factors might explain his death as police officers pinned him to the ground.

The findings contained just one mention of physical trauma, noting that Floyd’s body showed no signs of asphyxia or strangulation. The other autopsy did not agree.) Also the policeman has had other problems in the past that did not involve blacks so who am I to judge that he was doing this because the guy was black. And the guy was high on meth had counterfeit money and giving them a hard time. So like you said we should let the courts decide before we get to judgemental.

Floyd was handcuffed. Put him in the car and take him to a padded cell. End of story on that one. The shooting in Atlanta is completely the opposite. Brooks was not handcuffed and fought injuring one of the officers. Stole a taser and shot at the other officer. That case is going nowhere.

BLM is a Marxist organization. The peaceful BLM protestors are smoke screens for the violent anarchists. The other liberals there are brainwashed fools thinking they are helping something that doesn’t exist, systemic racism. Major city’s police departments are run by mostly black chiefs and black mayors/city councils. How is there systemic racism???

Ah Ron, the answers are usually neither on the left nor on the right, but flow irregularly somewhere in the middle of the river, but flow they must, as they have always and will always continue to move forward in the progression of eternal events