Ukraine thoughts

Ukrainian Parliament member to politicians: Where is the red line? (

When will our current President and his idiotic administration realize that the world is at the brink of war?

We have had a democratic elected Government being invaded by a demonic monster that is so delusional that he hides inside a building.

The Ukraine government has been a good partners in global treaties with NATO and other countries that were supposed to promote “Freedom and Stability”.

The fact that Switzerland has broken their century long “neutrality” stand, should speak volumes to the Biden Administration.

The people of Ukraine are NOT asking for “boots on the ground”, they will fight this invading army themselves.
What they want is:

  1. a “No Fly Zone” over their skies so that these invaders stop shooting up schools and orphanages as well as private residences of the cities.

We the US has the greatest Air force in the world and can prevent these tragedies from happening by simply protecting the skies. We did it in IRAQ, Syria, etc.

  1. Equipment (bullets, guns, Anti-Tank missiles, etc. to fight against the invaders.

  2. They want REAL Sanctions:
    a. Against all 360 banks that deal with the Russian bank.
    b. Oil pipeline shutdown

  3. US open its production of oil to reduce the amount of money Russia gets from the oil sales.

I am not one that wants to go to war easily. I have had too many friends who did not come home from battles overseas or came back “changed”. I understand that people do not want the US to be a “Policing” country, but doing what the Ukraine government is asking can and will minimize the damage that Russia is doing.

All I can say is what someone famous once said before:

“When good people do nothing, Evil will prevail!”.

There’s a lot of things we did wrong since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Clinton gave back Ukraine nukes to Russia. Bush 1 and Clinton should have included the Ukraine into NATO. Putin or any other former KGB should never have been leader of Russia. China should have been dealt with as well long ago.

So, today, we have a new Stalin. He has no feelings about killing Ukrainians or any others who get in his way. He fears no one including Biden and the weak leaders of NATO. Sanctions won’t stop him. The question is, if we go to war against Russia, what will China do? Will we again be fighting on 2 fronts. And, will either side be willing to lose without using nuclear weapons? Will it be better to let Putin have Ukraine?

Deal breaker right there. Can you imagine the US or a Nato plane shooting down a Soviet plane? War with a mad man who has about a 1000 nuc.s at his disposal.

We should provide the Ukrainians with Stingers and systems that can knock out Soviet planes, support these guys all we can but stay the HELL out of any Soviet war.

Squeeze the dude with shutting down all his oil outlets, no fly zones around the world for any Soviet flights, Banks don’t do business with then and get Cyber currencies to also shut down and trade. Turn them into North Korea.

The Ukraines will fight even if their government falls, just keep supplying a gorilla campaign. Eventually the Soviets will tire of their dictator and do away with him.

The NATO and US nukes are more than what Russia has… There is that!

Just to be clear, I was mentioning what they wanted, not that I necessarily if it was a good idea or not.
I personally would like to see it happened, because first the Russians would be insane to try to go one on one with the US in the air.

I have seen that the hackers group “Anonymous” is hitting Russia with all types of hacks!

Well, maybe he wants to become a North Korea. But, China will buy his oil and keep him going.

If Donald Trump would have still be president would Russia invade Ukraine? If they did what would Donald Trump don?

Not a chance. Primarily because they would not be selling oil and have pipelines to Germany and Europe. We would still be energy independent. And, the Ukraine would be even more prepared for war.

Trump approved and signed a law that Ted Cruz drafted on stopping the pipeline… Within days of Biden taken over, he waived the sanctions. What a misstep by the inept President.

Never thought I would say this, that Biden will go down as the worse President including Jimmy Carter!

Carter was misguided and very not prepared to be president of the USA.

Biden has socialist / communist related goals that he wants to make happen. Plus Biden is deranged…

I don’t even know where to begin… thanks Floyd for opening a can of worms. :wink:

All I can say is gas is over $5 a gallon and groceries are really expensive, noticeably more than they were a year ago.

Everyone was warned what this administration would do… and they are ruining not only our country but the world in general.

What a disaster.

But, people were mad at the orange meanies tweets. So, they chose good old uncle Joe, a littler girl neck-sniffing pervert.

No, I posted this as a way to vent a little, I love to read American History and how it’s people always raised to the occasion to do what was necessary.

It makes me sad when I see our inept President and his Administration cronies not learning from history and they are doomed to repeat it.

Biden focus on “punishing” Russia is the same stuff that the world did as Hitler invaded Poland. Sanctions, telling him he was a bad boy, etc. We have a moron for a President.

Like I said “When good men do nothing, Evil will prevail” and that is what is happening exactly.

Sorry for opening the can of worms, well sort of sorry. :open_mouth:

Sanctions really don’t hurt the fascist and communist leaders. They hurt the citizens especially the poor. Which are most citizens under tyranny rule. In fact, both Hitler and Stalin blamed certain groups of poor people and killed them including by starvation. Maybe they think their people will rise up and overthrow the thugs. It can happen. Russia spent all their money on a 10 year war with Iran and crumbled. Won’t happen this time because like China, they run a more capitalism economy. As long as Russia can sell its oil and natural gas they can warmonger. Biden is still buying oil from Russia. Idiot.

I am now seeing in the news that more and more democrats (not the far left ones) are pushing Biden to ban the buying of Russian oil. The person that surprised me the most was Pelosi… Her exact words were “Ban ALL Russian Oil”!

But Biden is being strung along by the Far Far left… What a Dolt!

Pelosi watches the polls and that’s why. Biden doesn’t watch anything. His administration are all far left loonies. Jen Saki recently said Biden doesn’t want to produce more oil. Instead, he wants to develop green energy. I’m good with that except produce more oil until the other energy is fully developed in 10-20 years. Open the oil in the U.S. and take over Russia’s market in Europe.

You make a lot of sense when you talk about politics and you are generally grounded in good principles and ideas.

What on earth happens when you talk about sports?

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Jekyl and Hyde thing…

As for Pelosi, she is a weirdo. She only cares about staying in power.

At 81 years old???

Yes she does…Why do you think she fought off AO-C attempt to take the Speaker’s spot?

Like I said, she’s a weirdo.

Pelosi may well be a weirdo but she is a shrewd, calculating, crook who is focused on gaining/maintaining power and MONEY, as much $$$$$ as she can get her hands on.