Ukraine thoughts

She’s a calculating politician with a lifetime desire of power. She fought off AO-C because of her thirst for power and hatred for capitalism and liberty. She’s cut off the Capitol building from the people. Age doesn’t end this thirst for power.

I was perusing the website for the Institute for Understanding War and round across an interesting article about how we got to this point with Russia/Ukraine.

One of it’s member Jack Keane is often on Fox News with his views of what is going on.

I found it very interesting, thought I would share with you guys.
ISW Report_The Kremlin’s Worldview_March 2019.pdf (

That was an interesting read Floyd and yes, I actually took the time to read it.

The world is in semi chaos and our country is rotting from within.

I listened to the state of the state address by Newsome today and it was so disappointing. I think he may have lied more than Biden did in his state of the union address. It is so disappointing to see what the leaders of our country are doing, or not doing, for the people they SERVE. Politicians are so out of touch with reality as they pursue their own selfish desires to gain power and money.

Not a good situation for any of us right now.

I read the document who I believe are mostly retired leaders from the military, expressing their views from their eyes. I thought the article was very concise and accurate.

That is saying something Jim!

I agree, in my opinion, it is not just one party that has these problems, some of the crap I hear coming out of some the republicans mouths makes my stomach turn.

I think Arkie was right when he said both parties priorities are $$$ and Power and Staying in office (not in that order).

I am not a big fan of our former President Trump as a person, I liked a lot of his policies, but he was so toxic against people. He love to play the “Art of War” with anyone regardless of party. I think he thrives with combat.

Personally, I feel the reason Trump lost the election was because of his behavior, not his policy decisions nor because the election “was stolen”. I am hoping someone a little more diplomatic will run for the GOP this next cycle. Not sure who that is, but time will tell.

I am currently reading a book written by President George W. Bush, called “Decision Point”. He is open and frank about the major decisions he made while President. He adds some background details to help you understand why he made the decision.

Right up front, he says "I do not know if the decisions I made were right or wrong, only “Time” and “History” will tell. Reading this book has increase my respect of President Bush because of his candor and honesty. I did not always agree with his decisions, but I have always felt he did what he “thought” was best for the country. If you get a chance, you should read it.

Wish we had more men in Politics like him now.

I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate your thoughtful posts. I would have to agree with most of what you have written here. GW Bush is a good man, agree with him or not. It used to infuriate me when his opponents would say Bush lied and men died. He did what he did based on the information he was given.

I would like to see DeSantis nominated. He has Trump’s toughness and would implement his policies. He wouldn’t take abuse from the press but I think he would dispense with a lot of the vulgarity and personal insults that plagued Trump.

The thing about Trump and his mean words in the 2016 campaign is he dispensed with them once elected. He tried to be statesman like but the Democrats would not give him the chance. Not because of his behavior nor his words. But because he beat the Hillary even with the Russian Hoax and treasonist attempts by Hillary bought and paid for Russian Hoax. Not only that, she’s a much worse person who I believe killed people to protect her husband and her political ambitions. Bhengazi was one of those she had killed to protect Obama and her from being caught and impeached. In fact, the hatred has been to protect Hillary from prosecution over that and other illegalities.
Was Trump a great person? I’m not judge him but his past is questionable. However, he doesn’t drink nor do drugs. He’s a competent business man who looks at a challenge and comes up with solutions. NK for one that Hillary had us on a nuclear war collision with. The Middle East and getting truces and actual good relationships between Muslim countries and Israel. Stopped Putin in Syria even killing some of his troops there. Putin would not be in Ukraine right now if Trump were President. The economy was great and we were energy independent. Trump also never was against green energy development. Inflation low. Then, China and the Democrats had a plan. Unleash a pandemic onto the country. Control the narratives. Do another fake impeachment. And, fix an election.

Then you have not been paying attention.

Scott, the vast majority of American grew tired of Trump “mean words” towards anyone he disagreed with, even within his own party.

Like I said, I liked a lot of his policies and things he did AND he should be recognized for those accomplishment (like how he fast tracked the research for the Covid vaccine).

BUT his behavior never changed and he was vulgar and disrespectful all through his Presidency.

The people voted him out because they got tired of his childish behavior.

What, calling Joe sleepy Joe? That’s mean? Calling him out for not campaigning. What did he say that was mean? In his campaigns, he was talking to his base. If you can’t handle reproving Democrats with sharpness and truth, then get out of the kitchen. Biden and Democrats have been by far more vile. There is no way Biden legally got 81 million votes, more than Obama who got a lot of Republican votes. No one got tired of Trump who voted for him in 2016. That’s a Democrat talking point.

So, how do you like Biden’s Presidency? He’s said by far more rude nasty things to conservatives including the media. His ideology is causing a possible world war. Devastating economic programs and social confusion with overwhelming hate between races. Not just black and white either.

No doubt Biden and those controlling him have been the worst since he took office one year ago.

Is there anything else he can do at this point to screw America more than he has so far? If there is I’m guessing they will find a way.

Once again, you shift what is being talked about…

I am talking about Trump behavior as President towards those he works with, not what he said about his opponents.

Trump is a decently successful (by world standards) ahole! But he did more for the USA in his one term (so far) of office than was done in the past 30 years. If we are going to elect people on a non-ahole status, we have to get rid of most state legislators, most govenors, the house of represnenatives, the senate, the president/vice-president, their staffs and the tens of thousands of beurocrats in Wasington D.C.

The USA, as a constitutional representative republic, run on general democratic ideals, is in BIG TROUBLE!!!. And there is no one in real decision-making power who is not an out and out ahole crook. NO ONE! Not Republican or Democrat. Everything that is happening now is orchestrated (to some or a lot of degree) to irretrievably damage the USA as a constitutional representative republic. And I would addd, they are doing a bang up job of it.

Oh good grief. Every President has had disgruntled employees. There are tons of employees for administrations. All you hear about is a handful trying to make money and a name for themselves. Happened to Obama, Bush and so one. What a poor excuse to base TDR on. I can give you more people that praised his work with them than you can give me that didn’t. And, quite frankly, I don’t care about that from a President as long as it isn’t sexual abuse.
“Oh! My boss does like me!” WAAAA!

I’ll take Trump over Biden, Hillary, Obama any day for the good he did America and the world. No wars. Peace was growing in the Middle East and much more.

I believe that is why he was elected in 2016, the “People” wanted someone who was “NOT” a politician and would shake the foundations of “machine” in Washington.

Like I said also, I think people got real tired of Trump behavior (justified or not) in the last year of his administration. Trump fell into the trap of “US vs Them”, which has handcuffed most of the Senator’s and Representatives in Washington right now.

You still do not understand the context of what I am saying… Therefore I am done trying to help you understand my context.

What a chicken way to agree with me. I answered your statement and was spot on to your post. Instead of trying to clarify you run…

The reason he lost is two fold:

  1. Covid19
  2. Election cheating

That is just what was portrayed in the media and it is simply an excuse to get rid of somebody who actually cared about people and not the status quo of the self entitled ruling class. We live in Book of Mormon times with kings, queens and evil despots. The idea of three branches of government, checks and balances, etc. is in name only.

JCoug: “. . . is in name only”

Me: YESemphasized text

term limits. nothing more.

one narcist defending another. Great

and by the way, Trump lost because he could not keep his dam mouth shut.

in the words of his ex- attorney general Barr, " Would I vote for him after all the damage he has done, and he were the repub. candidate. YES!..the Dems have gone so far to the left, it is dangerous, so yes, I would vote for him again.". Aside from being the world’s biggest Ahole, he got things done and would be sorely needed to stand up to Putin and show China that USA is strong and will send a missile your way if needed.

You quote Barr who wrote a book to hide his inept ability to get Durnam to prosecute Hillary and Biden’s. Barr, the narcissists you quoted.

I agree that Trump should be President. Biden is a fool.