UMASS, what we learned

Does that tell us it has been that way forever? I no longer enjoy(ed) the unfairness how each G5 University have been left out big time fun playing in big time events (Rose Bowl and the Dance).
I am glad BYU Women’s Soccer team got #2 seed but I think they deserve to be seeded #1 so they don’t have to play at Stanford. Why not bring the game at South Field at BYU in the SNOW?

My gut feeling is Alabama will be left out even if LSU loses or by a miracle Clemson loses-those teams are in along with OSU. Georgia wins out they get in-if they lose-they are out and Utah jumps Alabama and is the fourth and rightfully so, because with Jones at qb, Utah is better than the Tide. Again-supposition-just my gut telling me what’s going to happen

Sorry SR but I believe Bama will go to the playoffs unless their wheels come off. Bama owns the NCAA and if they win out and don’t get in none of us have any ideal how irate the Bama fans will be and what they might do. There are a bunch of those folks who are insane.

Well for sure you could be right-I just get this feeling…everybody is sick of Alabama and they got thumped pretty bad at home if my memory serves me. Of course if Utah loses to Oregon they don’t deserve it anyway. Not sure where that game is taking place

I hope Herbstreit is right.

I’ve posted that I believe Utah gets in if they win out-Alabama is past the point of getting in because they are Alabama and frankly, people are tired of Alabama and probably Saban. I love LSU this year and haven’t really liked Ohio State in a long time. Too much corruption in their system for my liking-but, like it or not-they are really good. Utah is the best team west of the Mississippi-but they have been known to “lay an egg” on occasion

There has been a big push to include Utah if they win out. Everyone says, Utah passes the “eye test” with its defense and QB-running back…we will see.

Well they look more “SEC” like than anyone around here, but they still need to handle Colorado easily and beat Oregon. Do you know where the PAC 12 championship is being played?

Never mind Santa Clara

I agree, yet on the otherhand, if Utah wins the Pac 12 title, as the champion of a P5 conference, they do have a shot at the playoffs.
They are not automatically left out.

outside of the fact that the 13 member committee is all from the SEC, Big12 and 10 and the ACC. Add to that they are looking for $$$$$$ games.

The problem with the PAC12 is they have 4 5-6 teams and 4 with a winning record. which means they also have 4 with a losing record.

NONE of the PAC12 teams have a single victory against a Top tier P5 team. In fact, BYU has more wins (2) against Top 25 ranked teams that Utah (0) and Oregon (1) does.

I know a lot of pundits are saying Utah should get in, but I feel like that is more because they hate Nick Saban and Alabama more than they believe Utah is a better team.

I think hate is a little bit of a strong word-people envy success, especially when they aren’t successful. If Utah wins out convincingly-I think they get the nod and their beating Oregon is far from assured. Alabama gets in if Utah falters and Georgia gets the shaft because they play LSU, probably the best team in the country and if they lose it gives them 2 losses. If Georgia wins it’s a moot point because LSU and Georgia both get in with OSU and Clemson. You are right, though, the PAC 12 haven’t shown well and Utah losing to USC and USC losing to BYU didn’t do anything for their creds, but I would like to see the Utes get in now that Oregon blew their chance

“Add to that they are looking for $$$$$$ games”.

I agree with you. I am in no way suggesting that Utah will get into the playoffs.

I am suggesting that if they win the Pac 12 championship, they are eligible to be in consideration, among others, for the playoff games.

I am not suggesting that they are better than Alabama, and I am not among those that hate Nick Saben. I am among the minority, on this site that actually likes Nick Saben, Urban Myers, and Pete Carroll.

I admire them for their ability to bring championships to the teams they coach. I leave their personal lives to be judged by those without sin.


"I think hate is a little bit of a strong word-people envy success, "

As usual, we are on the same wave link as I agree with all that you say in this knowledgeable post.

Thanks for the information and the break down. I appreciate the information which you have provided for us.

Hey Ron-nice to hear from you! Sports is a nice psychological field to study and talk about. To me “hate” is a pretty strong and dark word. I believe the average sports fan has dislikes for other schools and their coaches, but probably not hate. I, myself, have few dislikes for any programs and very few coaches and then it’s usually involving corruption. I think it’s a shame for great coaches like Rick Pitino to get involved in ethical problems when they have such great coaching abilities. That’s what worldly pressures do to a person. I admire people like LaVell Edwards that were such great examples of coaching and humanity

You know I am rooting for my son Michael and his wife Jodi (daughter inlaw) who are Utah and Georgia fan to get in the CFP. Jodi doesn’t want to see Bama getting in again.
The committee needs to end this having 2 teams from the same conference playing in this CFP or expand CFP to 8 teams, "including adding one from G5. Yes, it won’t happen.

You know bowl games are getting to be irrelevant-I might watch 3 or 4 through the championship. I think until they expand the playoff, this will continue to get worse. There is no reason a team like BSU shouldn’t get a shot at the big boys. They have beaten them plenty of times before. Basketball playoffs are a lot more intriguing

The only game I watch the bowl game is just BYU. BCS/CFP, hardly watched them.

Pretty much what most people do too. The money schools receive is based on that too. Some bowls won’t make it based on the teams chosen. It’s still worth having the bowl games.

Off note-Congrats to Virginia and Bronco Mendenhall winning their division and headed to ACC title game vs Clemson-outstanding turn around for the program!!!