USD for the third time

Not sure why but I don’t like this game. Well, I guess it is because it is so late in the evening and USD has already played two games. I think Chris is right, having played two games already is a big advantage. What is there to back up that notion?

Pepperdine has won 3 games in a row and absolutely dominated San Francisco tonight, who was playing their first game in the tournament. In fact, both USD and Pepperdine were the lower seeds in last night’s games and they both won.

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Every 3 point shot we’ve taken is short. Is that rust or too late for our kids to be playing?

Well, this game isn’t going well at all. With less than 8 minutes to go in the first half, BYU is down 26-10. Will the commisioner take a look at the results and change the format? Probably not, but like Chris said, there is a distinct advantage to the team that has already played in this arena.

BYU looks out of sync, confused and without answers while USD looks comfortable, in rhythm and making lots of shots. Maybe it is because they have already played 2 games in this arena. I don’t blame any of the players or coach at this point. This is simply a case of being uncomfortable in the venue.

Not a great format. Haws can’t even make an easy layup.

Combination of being a late game, it is 10 pm MST and they haven’t played in this arena while USD has already played 2 games here.

One other thing, the officiating is pretty bad.

And now Luke is in the game…

Luke can’t hurt anything today. Haws is leaning on his jump shots which means he’s aiming.

I think Baxter got them all sick. Speaking of Baxter, what you are seeing is what he was doing the first half of the season. He’s back to that kind of play. Still think he should have started day one? I don’t.

Hard to say-BYU isn’t executing or playing good defense, especially the last ten minutes of the half. As for the format, that should affect SMC and Gonzaga even more, right? So we will see Monday. Worthington is a klutz and has been all year, but BYU is too small inside without Baxter and Worthington being a klutz. This is what happens when Haws is off his game

Maybe Luke is coaching the team this week while Dave Rose taking a break? That makes sense. Go figure. Yeah, we only played 1 game after losing to GU which was on Feb 23rd - that is 14 days with only 1 game. And SD played 4 games with 2 games in a row with all the warm up in this Oreleans Arena. Chris is right that SD took advantage of it and we are a bad team! No NIT!
And now Yoeli is going pro (not nba) after tonight game. There was an DeseretNews article today about Yoeli and his mom, good story but read one part he was going pro after this season. Dave Rose need to call it quit.

Exactly! The team goes has Haws goes, not Childs. Childs will do his thing better when Haws is scoring

One of the ugliest games I have ever watched and I have seen a lot of basketball games. I am talking about every game I have ever watched, not just BYU games.

Aren’t there some players that never get to play? Why aren’t they in the game? This is another example of why Rose has lost it. He isn’t even thinking about those guys that come to practice every day and know they aren’t going to play in most every game.

There are 4 minutes left and they sit on the bench.

WIth 2 minutes to go he puts in 2 players that never get to play.

That is terrible.

Rose didn’t deserve 20 wins this season. It was one of his worst efforts as a coach that I can think of.

As Haws goes so does the team. Means good things for next year even without Childs.

I’m not even guessing about next year. BYU relied too much on Haws and Childs and we saw the end result. No Childs next year is likely. That leaves Baxter the only inside presence. Haws and Harding at guards. Emery should come off the bench to spell Haws and Harding. Seljaas will probably start, but a defensive liability. Other than that is unknown. Rose better hit the recruiting trail, but I say bring on the Pope and instill some energy in this program, but they won’t get rid of Rose for at least two years.

I’m listening to coach on the BYU radio show and it just doesn’t feel right. He can’t stop talking about how his team scores the basketball and just couldn’t get the ball to drop. No comments about defense, etc.

I guess it’s good that he told the team to stay together and finish strong, etc. but it was the bench that was doing it. They only lost by 23 but I think they were down by 50 at one point.

I like Rose, like I like Worthington but the excuses and nonsense have got to stop. You can’t keep claiming moral victories, etc. TJ had destroyed USD in both regular season games and he was a waste this game. Why did he press at the end of the game? because he didn’t want the score to look so bad.

It has got to end… this concern about appearances and perception. This program needs something to change.

The reason he’s talking about the offense is because his starters shot 25% and 50% from the line. That makes it more difficult to get back and play solid defense too. Almost all the 3 point shots were short as well as the shorter ones too. That’s shooting tight and nervous. And, Baxter being sick lost about a months worth of development.
In this game, it was the benefit to SD to have played a couple of games. They shot poorly in their last game but not tonight. Rose can’t shoot the ball for his players. We had open looks. Can’t blame Rose for that poor shooting.

just like their coach. Just sit there, Rose, with your arms folded, then tell us that it is hard to beat the same team 3 times.

Would you stick around when your upside grows smaller with every year you play Rose Ball? Proud of Yo, now go get paid.
Everyone has bad games, I get that, but Rose will never change up in game when his team is not scoring. As Jim said, why not play the guys that never get playing time. They’ve put in the time, they have done everything you asked them, coach. I would reward them…but instead, starters are still playing to save face and everyone ends up with a bad taste in their mouth.

I read that attendance numbers are way down to like 13,000. If you do the math, bringing in Pope or the USU coach could erase any buy outs real fast if we re energized recruiting and play. It’s hard to fire a guy that has been year for so long and has a consistent record…and had to recruit to the WCC…but we have to see a New direction in the program for fans to come back.

After Yolie got his T, Rose took out his starters. That was at about the 7-8 minute left mark. Others got to play and we showed them that our subs are better than their subs.
Yolie isn’t ready for overseas either. He shot 6-18 and no defense. One more year. Look how poorly Isaiah is doing.
Haws isn’t ready as he choked again in a big game. I will say this, SD shot horribly against SCU in the first half. Then they shot much better in the second half. Having a game under their belt helped. We were short on every 3 point shot which means we weren’t accustomed to the depth perception of the arena. See if SM and GU have the same issues Monday.
No, the players just didn’t perform and work the game plan. Not Rose’s fault. And, at this level, play the subs nonsense is simply silly.

I mentioned about Coach Smith at USU - is he LDS? Coach Smith and Mark Pope are young and fun guys.
Jay Drew from SLTrib wrote last week about low attendance at the MC. There has been too many late games at the MC and especially against GU and smc on a late Thrusday night games. But, we are a bad team and who really want to come to MC that Dave Rose still believe his current players are name Jimmer with little defense? I shouldn’t use Jimmer which HE IS still the best shooter in basketball. Since Dave Rice left the program and BYU joined wcc, everything went downhill. And Yoeli is a good guy and I will support him where ever he choose going pro or staying at BYU. Did you read that article about his mom - great story.

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I agree. This team was not structured to go very far. Basically it was a two man team and San Diego after two losses knew that and put the clamps on Haws which affects Childs also and who else stepped up? Harding was the only one without pathetic stats and I like him better than Emery because he is bigger and plays more in control. There is a place for Emery also with his energy. It’s time to bring in an entire new staff and turn things around with an increase in energy and more discipline on both sides. Childs is ready for Europe so wave goodbye. He will learn more there in a year than he will under Rose. Baxter will get big minutes next year and if the incoming group can get good experience then maybe two years down the road with new blood we can see what we should be seeing in football. Honestly I have been predicting the demise of BYU basketball for two years now, mostly because of recruiting for the front line and it’s become evident-perhaps not even a NIT bid. I don’t know anyone that is a Rose hater, but sometimes it’s just time to make a change. Good luck to Childs, Mika, Bryant who all left a sinking ship. Really good players

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Harding came in early and didn’t produce. All his baskets came against bench warmers. He’s definitely better than bench warmers.