USD is a tough foe, BYU will be lucky to get a win

I don’t know about this game. I hope BYU can keep their heads because that will be key. We will see what happens.

Well, not a good start. BYU is out of sync and down by 9 early in the game. What is the matter with this team, Yoeli throws up an air ball from 6 feet out and USD rolls out to a 12 point lead. Is this going to be another blowout loss?

Home cookin tonight in San Diego. Two calls on Seljaas that were not fouls. A lot of pushing on Childs when he’s shooting down low.

can only listen to this one but Wrubell doesn’t sound too confident. Luke just fouled someone and put USD in the one and one. USD up by 10 now.

BYU trails by 9 at the half. If they can come back and win it will be their largest margin of deficit to come back from and get a win this season.

I don’t see it happening, unfortunately. If Yoeli wasn’t shooting 75% from 3, where would we be? We’ve had some good steals on the defensive end, but the refs have made some horrid calls/non calls in my opinion.

58% 3-point shooting by BYU. Maybe there is a chance…

Weird no elbow call on SD on Worthington. They don’t have a film to review and no call and Luke bleeding in the mouth. Amazing with 4 min to go SD only 4 fouls on BYU. What is going on?

We are tied 3:50 to play. Get over the hump

Up by two with 6 seconds, but 60% ft shooting??? This game should already be won.

Yo shooting for 3 in OT???

Drives me crazy, man!

Ugly WIN for BYU and it is a WIN FINALLY!!! We beat SD and those ZEBRAS.

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Great win!

We had a new missionary in our area stop by so I missed a lot of the game but heard the end of it. Good win for BYU. I think this will solidify their place as the second place team in the wcc. Is there a way they can not finish in second?

Nice to get the win even though they tried hard not to win… haha.

I guess TJ had a huge game and Yoeli came up big too.

BYU shot 52% from 3 point line but only 48% overall! But nearly lost it with poor free throw shooting in crunch time. Outrebounded most of the game. Baxter was a no show and fouled out. Good defense by the guards, especially in the second half.

Obviously he is not ready. I have no idea why Rose even plays the guy, he needs at least 2 years in the program before he will be ready. Just ask the grasshopper.

Of course I am joking but this is what we should expect when a player with a lot of talent doesn’t get the playing time he should early in the season. He will be hit and miss the rest of the way, especially when he might be more effective at the end of the season here if he had played more early on.

I can’t argue with that. He’s shown he has the skills. Just wasn’t his night.

In the meantime, Gonzaga is struggling at LMU with 8:30 to go.

I wouldn’t go there, not now. We got LMU this Saturday. SF at home next Thur, @Zags Sat. and SD at home to finish the regular season.

Wouldn’t matter. He would be no more ready if he played more earlier. He is learning and has an individual learning curve. USD played Baxter well. He can’t create his own shot yet. That will come. Be patient. Had he played earlier BYU would be 14 -13 or worse. Not a good trade off.
Nice job Luke. Luke 3 points and Baxter 0.

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He can’t create his own shot yet. You learn to do that in practice. He wouldn’t be any better had he played earlier. He may have been worse with no confidence. Did you see his face when he sat down after fouling out?

then why is he playing at all? Was two of Luke’s 3 points on a dunk? Wow, so glad we have Luke to come through in the clutch and win games for BYU right now… that senior experience is so critical because BYU can depend on him to get it done when they need him.


You continue to demonstrate how little you know about the game of basketball. Your coaching experience was so long ago that it is irrelevant at this point. The game has passed you by, they don’t play it like that anymore. It is a different animal now.

BYU was able to scrap out a win because well… USD has a penchant for losing close games this season and it is in their psyche to do so. I am glad they won and if LMU is still down after their hard fought loss to Gonzaga (with help from the officials once again) then BYU may be able to steal another one. If LMU plays like they did against Gonzaga, BYU doesn’t have a chance.

We won in overtime because Luke was in the right spots at the right times. Baxter was again not. The outcome is we tied in regulation and won in overtime. You continue to show your lack of basketball IQ.