USF is a formidable opponent

and though BYU has been making some great comebacks the last couple games, I don’t think they can play that same kind of game and expect to do it against USF. BYU was blown out in San Fran., one of the most beautiful and sinly cities there is I might add, so they need to play well to win this game, which I think they will do.

Here we go…

15 minutes in and it’s tied. I think they are shooting better than BYU, except for Seljaas. Of course Baxter is a big difference maker with his blocked shots and easy dunks. Good thing Rose waited until the end of the season to start and play him meaningful minutes. Not sure how this game will end but something tells me it will be close. I don’t see BYU blowing USF out.

Child’s to Baxter!

TJ 3.3 sec buzzer shot for 3 - nice.

Sorry guys, this loss is on me. I quit watching games because i couldn’t handle them losing stupidly. But the last two weeks they looked like they had it together, so i decided to watch this one. At 65-50 they apparently figured out I was watching.

Bob H: They figured I was watching too. The worst display of throw away that I have ever seen for BYU since 1964-65. I guess the real term is “EVER.” I am not sure if I ever want to watch this team again this year, or maybe the rest of the regular season. Jim H: Am I really that stupid wanting to watch women’s basketball? At least the girls are a young team. We can’t say that about this junior laden men’s team.

Don’t feel bad. I started watching Gonzaga instead of BYU, but they have been playing such good D that I thought they would take care of business tonight, but SF was better disciplined down the stretch and BYU wasn’t. I haven’t looked at the stats yet, but Emery looked poor from what I saw and made a crucial mistake with the intentional foul. Big loss that shouldn’t have happened. Probably looking at 3rd or 4th place now, but we will see

Burton: Yeah, whatever. Emery is emery, somehow he lost it tonight. Kind of like 9 turn overs in a row BYU.

My dad has a similar behavior that many times it would be his fault that he watch BYU FB/Basketball lose every time he watch the game. Nonsense thought to both of you.
Tonight game we got too comfortable at mid way of 2nd half and couldn’t battle hard enough just to keep the big lead. Can’t believe ref called on Emery for intentional foul call when SF did the same on Baxter? What a joke with those refs.

Bye bye 2nd place because the Dons has the advantage over BYU 2-0.

Looked at the stats and Child, Haws and Baxter, combined shoot 56% and the rest of the team 25%. Makes it easier to defend 3 guys than 8.and SF is one of the worst ft teams in the nation, but they have gold in Ferrari

I didn’t see the foul on Baxter, but that was an obvious intentional foul on Emery. You have to make it look better than that, and BYU shoots 26 ft compared to 18 for SF. Wouldn’t say they were the worst by far that I’ve seen

Crucial game at home-everything going for you-no excuses that I can see

Bob, I thought it was on Emery. Zero for everything except for fouls and turnovers…His game is on par with his hair cut.

No, you’re not stupid. I watched the women’s team and actually enjoyed it too. Now they have beaten Gonzaga, who were ranked 13. It is more fun than watching the train wreck that played tonight.

If I was a player trying to come back from an ugly past that caused distractions and problems I would consult someone on my choice of hairstyles. If he didn’t then he should have, if he did then shame on the person that suggested that hairstyle choice.

Major factors were:

  1. I watched the game
  2. 5 really stupid turnovers in 6 possessions that turned a big lead into a panic which led to horrible shot selection & bad rebound positioning. Emery had 2 really grade school TOsin a row. Followed by Haws and Yoeli.
  3. The intentional foul (BTW 2 points, 1 Rose was absolutely right to be upset, the SF dude wrapped both arms around Baxter at the other end - call it both ways, refs and 2 the rule is stupid every foul in the last minute of a game is obviously intentional. The flagrant foul rule protects players, England or to dangerous hooks,etc, but the intentional foul rule is just a way to let officials decide the momentum/outcome of a game with no protective purpose)
  4. Missing 3 out of four FTs at the 10 sec mark
  5. We stopped playing defense and they took advantage. Ferrari was by far the best shooter on the floor and we let him run loose. Looked like we’re replaced

Replaced our team with a middle school pick up team, just for my benefit!

Dang autocorrect. Expand the flagrant foul
England had nothing to do with it!

It isn’t on you Bob. It is funny how we sometimes believe that we jinx the team because we happened to be watching a game for the first time in awhile and they lose. Of course it has nothing to do with it.

The truth is BYU had dodged a bullet the last two games when they had to come back from big deficits to win games at the end. The exact same thing happened to them tonite. USF is actually a very good team and well coached. I can understand a team like LMU choking away a win vs. BYU but BYU should be good enough to not do the same thing and they did, which shows that they are not that good and still fit in the rest of the league as an average team. Remember they lost to USF by 20 earlier in the year. I was disappointed but not surprised by the result tonight.

  1. 53 minutes played for Cannon and Emery; all we had to show for it was ZERO points and allowing Ferrari to score his career high. This is not 53 mp vs UNC or Duke–this is 53mp against guys who couldn’t even sniff a scholly in the ACC. Lots of us have said it on this board: over half our roster is not even D1 talent. Until BYU gets a coach who will recruit better athletes, and not lose the good athletes we do manage to sign, we will continue to be an NIT bubble team year in and year out.

Was that really his career high? That is hard to believe. I don’t know about “allowing” him to do that. The guy was on fire and I don’t think anyone could stop him tonight. He was 5 for 5 on his threes. That is a man who is in the zone and almost impossible to stop.

I just thought there was a complete breakdown when BYU got complacent with 8 minutes to go. A big lead, under 10 minutes and just got lazy… sort of like the recruiting, ya know? The leadership and sportsmanship from Childs and Haws was terrible. They follow Rose’s lead complaining about everything and forgetting how they were in control of the game until they lost their composure. Disappointing…

Where is Hardnett again? Nixon played zero minutes too. BYU only played 8 guys and, like you said, got very little production out of several players. Not a good performance, at home, in the most important game of the season regarding their place in the standings.