USU, why BYU got the win

It was the USU inside game vs BYU’s outside shooting. BYU shot 11-38 from three, 33%. USU only made 6-21 from three

USU made 14-16 free throws to BYU’s 1-3. big problem.

USU had 34 rebounds to BYU’s 29 for the game, still a big problem

The main reason why BYU won was we got Bean into foul trouble and he had to sit most of the 1st half. Merrell had a rough night with Barcello in his grill all night.

Haws and Childs had big nights with Barcello making 2 big shots to seal the win. Toolson had a very poor game, as did Merrell.

This squarely puts BYU in the Dance conversation with our next big test to be SMC at Moraga.

Well, as with football, we now have to win the games we should win. Not look ahead until the day before SMC.
I’m not worried about losing the rebounding by a few. We shoot mostly outside shots so you would expect the other team to have more rebounds.
We shot just under 40% from 3’s. We have to shoot above 42% from 3’s against SMC, Pepperdine and GA to beat them. And, turnovers under 10 like today.

It was a good close game like we knew it would be. USU missed some shots that they would normally make and BYU did likewise. Throw out the stats in a game like this-I just like the way BYU handled itself down the stretch as they have done all year. Good win against a good team

Good until BYU has a cold shooting night and we don’t have the ability to work inside and get garbage stuff. BYU may not have won this game if Bean, from USU, had played his usual 35 minutes, instead he had 21 total minutes…he is USU’s double double guy, as valuable to them as Childs is to us, remember Utah? Childs goes out and we lose. Same thing here.

I will savor this win but it is a unique thing about this team

Fun Fact:
BYU has 8 guys that shoot 40% or better from 3.
The only two guys that don’t? Seljaas and Haws…they both shoot 32%

If someone were to ask me who makes biggest impact threes, I would have to say Haws, then Seljaas. Weird. Haws because his threes are almost always when we are late in a possession and no one else could get a shot off…Seljaas because he has had game shots called for his and he has never hit the big one. EVER

We beat some teams better than Utah without Childs. Yes, had he been able to stay in the Utah game we may have won. But, the real reason for that loss was 20 turnovers that lead to layups. In football. We call them pick 6’s. Last night, I only 9 turnovers. And the only reason for Utah State being so close was the refs called fouls on shots for them and not for BYU. Yet, Childs and others were fouled on shots that weren’t called.

It’s a different situation because of the mentality of the coaches-these kids aren’t afraid to take the shots whereas previously some of them would have sat immediately with an errant shot. Just because there was a discrepancy in foul shots doesn’t necessarily mean the officials were biased, sometimes it’s a matter of what kind of offense you are running and whether you are taking the ball hard to the rim. You have to watch the game and really see what’s happening. I had little problems with most of the calls-in fact the lack of calls against USU, ultimately hurt the Aggies in the 2nd half as BYU was able to burn clock at the end of the game. This comment was not a response to anything you posted-just an observation

I mostly agree with you. However, the times we were inside shooting or laying the ball up we were being hacked. Especially Childs. But they didn’t call those and did call the ones we committed. And, had they called the ones and we made our free throws then it wouldn’t have been close at the end.
We still miss too many free throws and at bad times. We have decreased the turnovers like we did with Utah and Boise.

Yeah, we were 33.33% shooting free throws which was pretty bad when we only made 3 attempts. :smile:
And I don’t want to go back discussing about our bad losses to bsu and u which we did too many TO’S and missed FT’s and all those ticky tacky fouls on our players.

Just move on and continue getting better. Next wo games should be wins before wcc start.

The key to wins going forward is to eliminate the mistakes of the past. Turnovers and 42% 3 point shooting.
We are making many more layups and short shots than we have in past years and that is always a key. Free throws has to be 80% or higher. So, 1 for 3 missing front ends, especially down the stretch, or 11 for 33. They have to be made :slight_smile:

Our next game, Weber State, is soo bad. They have one player to watch out for, Sr Jerrrick Harding. Not a single player on Weber’s team shoots outside worth a darn.

Orol Roberts, on the other hand, has played good teams and will give BYU a game.

Watched SMC dismantle Cal @ Cal. Ford was unstoppable.

Also watched Gonzaga win @ Arizona. Monster win. Kispert was a force. Tillie rolled his ankle again. GU squandered a 13 point lead with a 1:30 to go and almost lost the game. I will have to watch a few more games, but they don’t strike me as Nat. Contenders that are getting all the hype. Not as athletic as past teams, or maybe not as good shooting.

Is Oral Roberts as good as USU? If not then I expect a blowout :slight_smile:

Hard to tell with Gonzaga. They are deeper than last year but not as physical up front as they were with Clarke and Hachimura. Still they probably have more offensive fire power on the front line. Arizona is a tough place to play and had only one loss. So this is a really good win. Gonzaga plays a tough schedule and has 11 straight road wins-they next take on North Carolina at home next, but Ohio State and NC both lost to Unranked teams today so I would say it’s anyone’s ball game right now. It’s what you call parity😉

I think BYU is the best team in the country right now :hugs:

Yeh I’m not surprised🤪

They are fun to watch…

As fun to watch since Jimmer was here

Those two Jimmer years were amazing. I don’t know which team were better - Jimmer Fredette or Danny Ainge days?
Jimmer did beat @Arizona during his Junior year which was amazing.

As for this year, what if we have Gavin Baxter playing and Yoeli Childs (no 9 games suspension), would we have a great season today? BYU 2019-2020 would have been a good year but not like Jimmer and Danny Ainge days.

Maybe even better. Same great shooters. Good defenders. Better big men that are offensive threats. The thing with Ainge’s time period was you had future NBA players who stuck around for 4 years.

Well, off to my colonoscopy. Have a great day🤗

Zona had played only one tough game, @ Baylor before Gonzaga. They were untested. Gonzaga on the other hand always loads up on top 50 teams with a few top 20 teams every season so they were battle tested long before Arizona.

BYU has played a top 20 SOS so far. It is a shame we play Weber, OR then start league play. Our SOS will take a big hit from here on out. BTW, BYU has done enough to get “IN” with wins @Houston, N-UCLA, N-Va Tech and N-USU. Blowing our Nev and UNLV did not hurt.

I am certain that the committee will look at our Before Childs and Post Childs records when they choose BYU. We just have to stay away from our forever Rose gaffs to bottom feeders in the Rec league and get at least one from SMC and/or Gonzaga in league play. BYU is sitting at anywhere from a 7-10 seed today in the Dance rankings.