Utah, at Utah on the P12 network

Utah comes in ranked around 100. They are a very young team let by a 6’ fr guard, Jones. 3 point specialist.
6’6 Allan does a lot of damage inside, around the rim
Utah has several 7 footers but they are not a factor…yet.
Utah shoots well from 3 point range and they are at home (where they have not lost) but then Utah has played patsies outside of Minn. Just don’t let Jones or Battin have open 3s and BYU will be fine.

BYU is a team full of seniors, who all shoot the 3 at a high %. We have Barcello, the lock down defender and Childs, the X factor. Barcello will make life tough on anyone he defends, something we have not had at BYU since Abouo or Jacks Emery.

not that Childs is back, BYU now has Hardy, Lee and Seljaas who can come off the bench and not lose a step with the starters, may even out play the starters. I can’t remember when BYU has that kind of depth.

Road games are always tough but I have a feeling about this BYU team. They shot the ball well in Maui so the road games that killed BYU in past years don’t seem to be as much of a factor.

How long do you think it will take Childs to get back into “Game” shape?

Utah has a loss at Huntsman Center this year to Tulane on 11/24 65-61 and the next game against which u did win against UC Davis 77-73.
We shall see, BUT YOELI will have a MONSTER DUNK FOR SURE!
I am sure Mark Pope will continue rotating a lot of his players to see what will work with and w/o Yoeli.

Who is Hardy and where has he been?

About 0 seconds…He’s ready!

Childs is in game shape now, playing with the ones for part of each practice. He works over Lee and Nixon with the 2s the rest of the time.

I think you are saying, How long before Childs is up to speed? About after the first dunk. hahahaha.

Says, “Neutral” on the Tulane game. I agree that BYU is playing well right now, Has the guys passing for better shots so will Childs add to or muck up the flow?

Watching the Jazz over the years. I have learned that while someone may be able to practice and doing good, there is a whole different level to being in “Game Shape” meaning taking the pounding, shooting under pressure, etc.

I have no doubt that Yolei is in good physical shape, but there is a difference between practicing and actually playing in a game.

Hope that helps…

Oh yeah, of course. Utah is young, a great time to get back into the flow. Then we get UNLV and Nev at home, all great 'get up to speed" games for USU. That game will be a barn burner at SLC and a Dance marker more so then the Houston game was for BYU.

I think St. Mary’s may be a bit better than expected. They beat USU and that is not as easy as it might seem.

Winthrop at home? SMC could not make a 3 at home.
I watched USU play. They have great utility players like Brito and Miller but Merrill is not explosive nor can he get his own shot. Smart, Hardworking and will kill you with an open shot but so is our Toolson.

SMC won at home, Ford hit like 7 threes. Our Barcello can hang with Ford all day. We are custom built to play a team like SMC…for once.

I like our chances in both contests.

why does the Jazz hold onto Dante Exum? Terrible on D. Maybe they are trying to shop him but what a liability.

“POTENTIAL”… At least that is what they keep saying and which I don’t believe :open_mouth:

How about them Lakers! Now there’s a team going places :slight_smile:

Oops, forgot about Neutral site, my bad but glad u loss to Tulane. I am sure those BYU seniors players will be smart to continue playing smart team game.

Flakers! :yawning_face:

"Krystkowiak wouldn’t discuss his team’s injuries except to say most teams are suffering nagging injuries this time of year. Freshman center Branden Carlson sat out the Friday game against UC Davis with a knee injury, while freshman guard Rylan Jones played on a sprained ankle that has bothered him for a couple of weeks. Despite that, Jones had one of his better games, scoring 18 points with five assists in 34 minutes.

He’ll be joined in the starting lineup by Timmy Allen (19.4 ppg), Both Gach (12.9 ppg), Riley Battin (10.1 ppg) and Carlson (8.3 ppg) if he’s healthy. If not, the Utes will go with freshman Lahat Thioune (2.0 ppg) in the middle. Two other freshmen, forward Mikael Jantunen (4.7 ppg) and Jaxon Brenchley (5.6 ppg), are usually the first two players off the bench."

Boy, you should read all the S Media about the game tonite…. Ute nation is chiming in today…about how young they are and all their injuries. Sounds like they have all but conceded the contest before it begins.
Just play the game, you’re at home, quit your whining.

For BYU to Dance this year, it boils down to one thing:
Road Games

The BSU game is our only regret on the year because they are just not that good.

Over the next 10 games BYU play only Utah and SMC on the road. We have already done enough with our wins at Maui to get ESPN’s attention. They have made it a strong point in every game televised this year about the evil NCAA suspension and that BYU should be evaluated pre and post Childs.
Dave McCann is adamant that BYU should be ranked at this point.
So who starts for BYU???
Will it be Nixon? Lee? or Seljaas?

My guess is Nixon will start with Lee and Seljaas getting plenty of minutes

Good call, my man. Nixon is shooting a whooping 42% from 3 for the season. With Yo, 5 shooters on the floor stretches’ the defense. You keep Lee for resting Yo. Seljaas could be an ace to go along with Yo but I like Nixon to start with Yo.