Washington In-Game Comments

Defense better tighten. Offensive Line choked on opening drive at the 20.

They’ll be ok

well, maybe…

2 facemask penalties. That’s just lazy tackling. Defense looks not ready. Offense can’t freeze up inside the 30.

Too many penalties and mistakes

Ugly! What is there problem?

Celebrated too much from last 2 games? Forgetting how to play hard the right way. Now 4th and 14 and punting. Our defense need to do stop them.

Turnover for 6 again. Too many penalties and lazy ones.

Washington has figured out our defense. Need to make some changes.

Finally TD. Now BYU D’s need to stop them

Misses extra point. Heads just aren’t in the game. Good thing Washington is making mistakes.

just realize missed PAT. You don’t want to missed any of those extra points. G come on

Not a good call for Washington. If we can get a touchdown before the half we are back in this game.

Wilson got hurt at the end of the USC. He’s not running or moving much today.

There goes the run game. Looks like an ACL

Jake Oldroyd heard me. Good boy for making 54 yard FG. Too bad can’t add +1 point to go along with 3 point FG.

That would be really bad for Ty’son. Did he walk on his own which I thought Greg Wrubell saying?

Now BYU needs to score starting the 2nd half with the ball.

They showed him walking all the way to the locker room. He was helped by two trainers on each side. He was walking but not great.

Sucks too. His mom who is in the military made the trip to watch him. She just kept her head down the whole time.