Wazzou Predictions

WSU is not very good. They allow a lot of yards. Utah State, who could barely gain a yard on the ground against what has been exposed as a very bad BYU run defense, rans all over Wazzou for 222 yards. FCS Portland State threw for 318 and ran for 102. USC, who doesn’t run much, torched Wazzou for 400 yards passing. Utah ran for 212. Cal, one of the worst D1 teams, ran for 117. Oregon State ran for 309. Stanford only ran for 76 but threw for about 300. Basically every team except Cal did exactly what it wanted to do against the Wazzou D.

On offense, Wazzou is pretty good. Wazzou is not the Mike Leach air raid anymore. They are balanced with good experience and on a roll, with consecutive strong home wins over good Oregon State and Stanford teams, scoring over 30 in both games.

Two solid RBs. Both seniors who average 5ypc. If BYU does the full retreat thing on D, these backs will gash us like we have seen in almost every game this year, Wazzou plays keepaway, and BYU frantically tries to hold on at the end.

QB deLaura isn’t really a runner but can evade pressure. He’s only been sacked 6 times in 7 games, meaning if BYU rushes 3 or even 4, the odds of pressuring him are not good. Like the BSU and Baylor QBs, he is accurate and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes (15td and 5 picks in 7 games).

BYU is a 4.5 point favorite. BYU is only 3-4 against the spread this year, meaning that BYU has failed to perform to expectations in 4 of 7 games. I’m so sick of Tuiaki and Sitake’s defense making these games so pathetically terrible to watch that I don’t even want to pick BYU to cover, much less to win.

Despite my better judgment, I’ll pick BYU to win 28-24, only because Wazzou’s D is just as bad as ours is, and they have had a huge distraction with 5 coaches getting fired this week.

PS: Against Stanford last week, deLaura threw three TD passes. All straight drop backs. Stanford did not bring pressure on any of the 3 plays. Wonder if Tuiaki saw the same highlights…

Weather might be an issue tomorrow-I would normally say WSU scores plus 30 against the BYU defense. The question is can BYU score plus 35. Depends on conditions. Normally I would say 38-35 BYU

24-17 for Washington St.

It amazes me when people continue to pick us scoring over 35 points. We don’t have the possessions or time of possession, in the first place. In the second place, we have not been an offensive juggernaut, even against some bad teams (and even at home). We’ll be doing well if we can get above 20.

As you see in my post above, I recklessly and against my better judgment gave BYU 28 points. The Wazzu D is AWFUL. Against both the run and against the pass. Even with our atrocious TOP–and I agree with you, that Sitake doesn’t care which team has the ball more or which team runs more plays --I think Wazzu is so bad on D that BYU has to score at least in the mid 20’s.

I will always love BYU football but have realized this year that BYU football is not ready to handle the lofty expectations. Our philosophy seems strangely cocky: “You can have the ball as much as you want but we will beat you anyway, because we are BYU and are headed to the Big12.” The end result–which is already scripted–is another good but not great season, like so many others.

Watching AFA absolutely obliterate BSU’s defense for 300 yards rushing when we could barely get off the line vs BSU told me more than I wanted to know about BYU’s team.

No Hopper? Ok, I will take his spot. The rain that is forecast will ruin the unprepared cougars and they will lose. Obviously none of the other 75 posters on this site know anything about football and rain. Now that I think about it, I know everything, especially about rain and fumbling the ball when it is wet. I can see when players are not coached about water on the ball and can tell which players listened to the coaching and which ones didn’t!! Don’t question me about my knowledge, you narcissists.

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As long as Sitaki has more wins than losses, Holmoe and his bosses are ok with the FB program, in my estimation. Particularly given that there are only a handful (if that) of temple worthy HC possibilities in the entire nation. I had let go of the “exceptional year” hype until the Cougars beat Utah and Ariz. St. and I then swallowed that hook, yet again. However, I am finally resigned to the firm belief that BYU has a bit over average FB program and the probabilities are extremely high that the FB team will falter at some time in each season. For BYU, exceptional seasons are exceedingly rare and to expect otherwise is foolish, for me.

HAHA funny

Really Hopper, you have totally outdone yourself this time. Don’t you know that rain isn’t even wet? You are truly a narcissist :wink::flushed::yawning_face:

Well Arkie, I got hooked as well and it sure didn’t feel good when that hook got ripped out the last two weeks.

I wish I didn’t agree with you all so much but I am in the same boat… a life boat trying to escape the sinking titanic. That is BYU, the mighty titanic, unsinkable, Big 12 invitee, nothing to worry about, there are no icebergs on the horizon…

Same old business as usual and I have no idea or predictions about what will happen tomorrow.

Sounds like all of you are waiting for basketball to start! I’m out on a limb, but the cougars win tomorrow and next week against Virginia. Baylor is much better than WSU, so why not?

Thanks for giving me hope. We all know they SHOULD win, I just don’t want to be saying they COULDA or WOULDA if they had done something different… something simple and obvious that a D-1 coaching staff should know how to do.

Yeh I’m like you-a win is a win and a loss is a loss. Doesn’t matter about would have’s or could have’s- just excuses to whatever it is you’ve got going in your brain. I will make an exception-I hate it when a game is decided by a real sketchy call by an official -if it’s debatable keep your flag in your pocket or your whistle out of your mouth-both teams deserve that

Sorry to be a Debbie downer but Washington State beat Oregon state lately. Washington state is a very capable of taking down Byu at home especially if they are inspired to win for their fired coach. Hope I’m wrong. Wazoo 34 – Byu 28

Hope I am wrong but WSU 31 and BYU 27

Speaking of narcissistic posts, yours is the perfect example. Thank you for taking over that position from Jim :joy:

If BYU can hang onto the slippery ball we can win…

There it is again. You are absolutely obsessed with that term. It might help if you were a little more thoughtful about what you write before clicking reply.

Well 25 minutes to kickoff and one thing gives me hope. We are playing a PAC 12 team and other than Oregon beating Ohio St. (I think that was a fluke based on what Oregon has done since then) and UCLA beating LSU (not that impressive in hindsight based on what LSU has done this year), the PAC 12 has been a disaster in non-conference play all you have to do is look at their non-conference record and there is no question they are the weakest P5 league. So if BYU wins today, and I can’t say I am confident they will, we shouldn’t be too impressed but at least it will look good on paper.

I will admit that the PAC 12 has looked better since they started their conference play and several teams that were struggling seemed to have found their mojo, but that may be because they are playing other PAC 12 teams and that is why they are looking better. Anyway we will know the outcome in about 4 hours.

My prediction is in a sealed time capsule and my grandchildren have been instructed open it in 2071, exactly fifty years from today. if any of you are alive in 2071 you will know what I predicted… I would be 121 years old so I won’t be able to tell anybody I was right since I doubt I will be around then.

[quote=“thawk, post:5, topic:9174”]
Don’t question me about my knowledge, you narcissists.

So, you missed that direct statement Thawk made about me? Therefore, my response is perfect. And, you are once again wrong :slight_smile: