Well, that's it for this season

Really didn’t make the field of 64 so I hope everyone is happy.

Sorry I was so “negative”, but you see what I mean.

Worst and most influential call of the game was the charge on Bartley with BYU leading by 9 at 66-57. The entire momentum of the game changed and it just felt like things were going to go badly.

And they did…

Nice little team right KC?

One and done. The biggest crash this season. Hopefully the BYU women can do better.

Whow Jim, you are being kind to this team.

Actually, I believe that I just saw BYU play one of the all time worst halves of basketball i have ever seen, not this year, but period from any team. They gave up 63 points in the second half while playing virtually no defense at all. Have you ever seen a team look more confused and out of sync than BYU’s defense in that half.

At the same time, they must have had 12 or more turnovers, not the forced variety, but just the real stupid and lazy play kind.

No, they don’t get a pass from me on this one. And neither does Rose. He had no foresight at all at half time as to changes that would come at him in the second half. After that blistering outside shooting first half, was he really not able to anticipate a stretched out defense to shut that down. The lane was wide open for all sorts of drives because of that but only near the end did BYU attempt to attack that weakness in the D being played by attacking the middle.

On the other end, why in the world did Rose continue playing a matchup D when every single guy was getting whipped off the dribble by his counterpart. What kind of defense allows that kind of penetration for an entire half? Did anyone count the stuffs in the half? Really, did we have five guys on the court?

Absolutely sorry, sorry second half performance by the entire group. Some will say good game, but I won’t agree with that because the performance of BYU in the second half was anything but.

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understand and agree with you but where was i kind to this team?

I just thing they deserved better from the refs, in spite of their bad play.

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, it is just entertainment anyway.

Agreed, you cannot and should not blame the refs!! We had a 17 point lead!!! We totally blew it!!! We deserve this loss, and showed we really belonged in the NIT this year! How embarrassing this was to watch, no defense terrible defense, terrible play calling, our players laid an egg and will be remembered as doing so! Bad bad game and we should of and could of won! Cougars you deserve this game and loss hope future teams can look at this choke game and learn from the past! Ugly loss!

The charge wasn’t the real problem. The lazy passes and sloppy ball handling in the second half lost that game. Some brick shots by Haws didn’t help. But he scored 33 and can’t be faulted. Lazy offense lost that game in the second half.

I agree with the lazy passes and your general assertion for the primary reasons on losing the game. I also know that the officials did nothing to hurt Ole Miss’ chances of making a comeback. But neither did BYU with the weak defense.

It’s not like this is the first time BYU had a second half meltdown. Pepperdine, a much weaker team than Mississippi did it to the Cougars.

Do we root for Gonzaga now?

You can’t say they had “nothing” to do with it.

I’m not saying it was the reason they lost, there were other, bigger reasons for BYU losing.

But there was plenty the officials did to influence things.

Lastly, BYU just does this kind of stuff come tournament time. It’s predictable…

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We had plenty of chances with foul shots and choked. The refs gave us plenty of opportunities. Up 9 and three weak passes and up by 3. We started trying not to lose and lost. We gave them the game. But, they also shot lights out and drove the lane. Sad.

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We should have won and therefore belonged in the NCAA tournament. Even though our defense was bad in the second half, our passing and rebounding hurt.

It’s like a 12 step program, but it does feel better after a tough loss to remember this. Good job at my blaming the refs. We just didn’t defend or for that matter play well in the second half. Was nice to have a shot, but we just don’t have the dogs to run with the big boys. We have to play almost perfect at times to compete with the big programs, and last night was just not our night.

A very nice little team. We showed some heart being a group of mainly local grown talent to try and hang with the big dogs. Tough loss for sure, as it seemed the first half we came ready to play. The lack of size and ball handlers just killed us in the end. What could have been, once again, is our programs battle cry.

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What a load of crap. Mississippi is not a big dog. They are a mid level SEC team from probably the weakest power 5 basketball conference. BYU just choked. Mississippi is not a big basketball program!!! The local talent is pretty good, Collinsworth & Haws are local talent. You recruit who you can get and Rose does a great job getting the kids he has a shot at. BYU should have won the game if not for a 2nd half meltdown. BYU folded more than Mississippi taking it from them.

I would be surprised if Mississippi wins another game.

Compared to us, they are. Mid level SEC team is the definition of big dog. And Rose does good with the talent re is able to get, but the program no longer gets the balance they did years ago. Local talent is good, but not enough to hang with the big dogs.

You are full of it as usual!! MIssissippi is not a big dog!! They have no basketball pedigree whatsoever. The talent level coming into the BYU program is at an all time high. You get the best you can get and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Mississippi was lucky to get in the tournament. The are nowhere close to Gonzaga. BYU folded. Rose has never won less than 20 games and 25 is the usual number. He has the best record ever at BYU and has more NCAA tournament wins than any coach in BYU history. You can look it up facts are facts.

Mississippi is not a big dog!!! Just being in a power 5 conference doesn’t make you a big dog!!

Yes they are, and Gonzaga is elite, not just a big dog program, but an elite program. We are a good little team, but we are not what you say we are. This is not the most talent byu has ever had, it’s not even the most talented team in the last 10 years. I’m surprised you would think that, unless you just started following the program recently.

Actually I never said this was years team was the most talented ever and I am not saying they are an elite team, or a big dog. They were just good enough to make the field of 68 about the same as Mississippi. You are reading things into the post that weren’t there. I am speaking of the top 100 recruits in the pipeline. You will note I said the talent coming into the program is at an all time high. How does that imply that I said this years has the most talent ever? There are more top 100 recruits ready to come in the program than ever before. T.j. Haws, Nick Emery, and Mika (who has played one year). All of them top 100 recruits. Dastrup, not a local boy, also a top 100 recruit. Jordan Chapman was the Washington state HS player of the year a few years ago. I have followed the program since the days of Stan Watts probably before you were born. Rose gets the best he can get considering the problems inherent in BYU recruiting.

If you think Rose should quit signing local kids and go out and compete for the kids the so called big dogs are after you are sadly out of touch with the reality of the problems inherent in BYU recruiting.

Jimmer wasn’t a top 100 recruit. He was somebody that everybody but Rose and Sienna missed on. He only had one other offer from a another mid major, Sienna. The recent Lone Peak signings, and a few others like Dastrup, are the most top 100 BYU recruits has ever had since there have been top 100 ratings.

No Mississippi is not a big dog. Just a nice little team from a big conference that caught a better team napping after it got a big lead. This year Mississippi and BYU were both just nice little teams. BYU didn’t get beat by a big dog just a nice little team from a big conference with one big dog, Kentucky.

Oh, ok, so another “just wait till next year” post. Haven’t seen too many of those over the years.

Get a massage, it helps ease the tension you seem to have.

The fact is the recruits coming in are higher rated than past recruits. Maybe they won’t be as good as we think and we will be disappointed again, but 3 of those kids played on a HS national champion that embarrassed some teams with “big dog” recruits.

You can’t complain about the quality of players being recruited lately but you can complain about performance like last night’s 2nd half.

Based on your past issues with BYU basketball recruiting it appears to me that you want BYU to check its principles at the door and sell its soul and do it the way everybody else does it. Just go root for Kentucky and you would be happier. If you have certain parameters you have to follow when recruiting you have to target kids you have a chance at getting and fortunately there has been some good local LDS talent in recent years.

You know we did broke the record in Dayton like we did 3 years agao when we were down by 25 points to Iona. Well, we broke that record (I think) again when we were ahead by 17 and lose to the end by 4 - total to 21 points.
Anyway, next year should be better to both fb and bb.