Well.... there ya go!

It looks like the team is living up to expectations for a third place… oh wait, not even close to third place.

Pacific’s best wins so far this year? Air Force and UC Davis… :unamused:

BYU loses again, 2-2 in the mighty west coast conference.

Really sad watching all the kids with the painted faces, pom poms, etc. There was a big contingent of BYU fans there… too bad they have to be disappointed. This team is not going anywhere…

I keep wondering if they called that foul for Childs to keep him from getting the close shot…

Yeah, I didn’t see that Pacific guy foul Childs at all. Why the whistle?

Regardless… a terrible loss but one we’ve come to expect. I will come back later and see what everyone else has to say…

Childs was slapped on the wrist. Good call.
Dastrup looked lost again. Luke was much better than Payton.
I think the way we are playing the game this year most games will be close last second shots. 0.3 from winning and 3-1 with you saying we have a shot!
Hardnett had Bryant open and should have gotten him the ball. The missed floater off the backboard was so far off. Yet, every team we play makes their floaters and short shots.
I’m seeing NIT unless we win the close games in the tournament. But, I still like this team. By next year, Dastrup will be better and probably overtake Worthington who looked good tonight.
We still can’t defend the quick guards.

Frustrating game.

1 - Why is Yo forcing it versus the 7 footer? Step outside and lets try to get some better looks from three.
2 - I like hardnet, but it seemed like he was getting backed down a lot. In great position and doing what was asked, but lost the size battle.
3 - Shooters seemed timid.

I don’t have a problem with Childs going up against 7 footers. But, he has to keep good technique. He’s also not shooting the jump hook. He’s guiding the ball and it comes up short every time.
Bryant was getting burnt too. Haws has to shoot better. And, if we shoot under 75% free throws we may lose more close games. Haws and Hardnett were 1-2. Can’t do that.

To clarify, I don’t either. But that specific matchup was a problem and I would prefer going elsewhere. Agree on the rest.

Lol we are back to next year again😅 Better than last year anyway. What if Childs or Bryant leave after this year? I watched SMC and San Diego play
tonight. San Diego led much of the game and to me had superior athletic talent. SMC just continued to play disciplined basketball and came back and won by 8 or 10. Of course they shot 28 fts too and made 24. I hope they have a couple of good recruiting years, because I don’t see much on the table after Childs and Bryant leave.

Childs is a sophomore and won’t be going anywhere early. Bryant will be back next year. Haws too. And then there is the mighty Dastrup too!
There will new recruits too. Calm down…

To paraphrase Dennis Green: We are who we thought we were.

As much as it pains me to say it, BYU is living up/down to preseason expectations. If you expect an NCAA bid, win the WCC tournament.

True, I have to point out that it is tough to win on the road.

This team does not have a defined identity. Childs does not face up to his man so he is easy to defend. For some reason Eil and Hardnett did not drive to the hoop, we won at SF with their driving, non of that at Pacific. Seljaas and Haws, our shooters get bullied out there routinely. Dastrup has no motor.

Rose does not rest our stars, Eli and Childs so they have no punch at the end of the game. Stodimeyer saved his guys for the end, game, set , match.

Ugly loss, I had so much excitement a week ago and it all came crashing down.

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[quote=“fish, post:11, topic:7808”]
Rose does not rest our stars, Eli and Childs so they have no punch at the end of the game.[/quote]

Very true for many times current and past star players. Except Jimmer had no choice against Florida during sweet 16 because of our missing player due to suspension. It would be better for those players to rest and watch what is going on at the floor.
It was painful last night as I have seen in past and no I didn’t sweat and nor get frustrated about the result and just move on. Just keep on trying and do better, I am talking about the whole team including Dave Rose and Heath Schoyer!
The only way to get in the ncaa is to win the tourney. I have a feeling we will lose more of those games on the road in their cracker box gyms.

I am finally at peace with that.

I just can’t wrap my head around some things going on with the program. I always thought Chatman was as good as anyone and yet he could not get playing time. Dastrup, what’s up there? Seljaas is regressing from a confident starter to a liability. Hardnett shows brilliance driving to the hoop, getting their guys in foul trouble (SF game) and nothing for us in the Pacific game. Childs struggled against easily the worst 7 footer of the entire season. I kept getting texts from my coach friends…why doesn’t Childs face up the post guys, he is far more athletic, instead he settles for the Worthington baby hook. We seriously need a coach who can teach our bigs a Kevin McHale step or two.

A week ago I was saying, “Feels like we are over the Hump”. Now, nothing.

Lol I’m always calm-Mika left after his sophomore year-go back under your rock and get out of the Sun😉

That is why I didn’t say wait till next year. What IF DASTRUP taking the same path that Jordan Chatman and others did?

Didn’t you hear Grasshopper? All is well in Cougarville! Seriously, its the depth of this team that concerns me. Two years down the road or even one year if the talent you have now gives up and opts out for overseas. Not sure how SM kept Landale all 4 years. It was at this time people were predicting that Mika, Emery and Haws would be taking us deep in the tourney. That is, all except Jim-go figure😉

He’s a Junior. Did he or Bennet said he will stay for 4 years? Is he nba material slow white guy from Australia? Who know what nba think of him.

Watching him last night I though he had Europe written all over him, but he plays very much in control and passes well so who knows-maybe. Of course that is pretty much the whole team. Nothing flashy. Landale is a senior😉

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Childs likes college. Mika didn’t. So, any time you want to rejoin the human race let us know :wink:

Landale likes college…He stuck around…