What about Nebraska

I see this as a great game. I think the score will be a great score. A very even match. I do have one fear though. Do you remember when BYU lost that game to Utah to end their scoring streak. The score was 3- 0. It was played in a snow storm. You remember anything else? This is what I remember. I believe the running back’s name was Brown, I could be wrong. He was really good and the all time leading rusher, or would soon become such. One more little tidbit. He was suspended for that game. Once again the best player was suspended for a key game. How many times have we seen that senario? I almost think Bronco loves to suspend players, its almost a victim syndrom. Thanks to a bunch of obnoxious rioters at the bowl game and some discusting retaliation we now have another senario where an undetermined amount of players will be suspended for the Nebraska game. Who are they and what position do they play?, who knows. In what could have been a great game we now have nothing but doubt and wonder. What do you think? Don’t get me wrong, discipline is very important expecially with bad behavior. In a couple of cases it probably is warrented. Isn’t there another way to solve another situation that some BYU athletes just can’t seem to help but get themselves into?

But we have known all off season about this, so they have prepared to play a few men down. No excuses, Bronco needs to put up or shut up.

Instead of suspending some players why not do community service and suspend those players during Wagner game which will be on Oct 24th. Or have those players be suspended only during the 1st half of Nebraska game. Like Florida St suspend Winston only first half in one game - which I think he should of been kick off the team!

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Or have some institutional control so that brawling after a game doesn’t happen, ever. Bronco needs to hold the players accountable, unlike the administration has held him accountable for allowing this lack of institutional control.

The right thing to do is often the right thing to do because it’s hard. I remember last year many Texas players were suspended for the BYU game for violating team rules, and I think a few of our players still were as well, though I think we had most of them back by then. That’s just the way it goes. Fine tuning the rules is not a good idea IMO. The players need consistency and the worst thing you could do would be to give them special privileges because they’re really good players and we need them to win the game. Besides its just like when players are injured. You play with the next guy up and keep going. I think we’ll do just fine. I only hope they find a way to punish the seniors as well. Anyone that was completely out of control and throwing punches like that should have to suffer some repercussions.

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Learning the right behavior is more important than playing in the game. It’s a good lesson so don’t waste the learning opportunity because others are watching too.

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The game against #30 Nebraska is a must win for # 46 BYU. (We are the underdogs by 20 points with four of those points coming from home field advantage.

It won’t be a sure win. It won’t be an easy win,
but if we are to survive the 2015 season with any dignity, the The win vs #42 Cincinnati ; #30 Nebraska; and the #29 Michigan win, is absolutely necessary as the other games vs.

25 Missouri, #22 Boise State and #20 UCLA look like probable losses.

(Please Cougars, prove me wrong!)

I do think that we will win the rest of the season vs. #65 Utah State, #77 East Carolina, #84 Fresno State, #97 San Jose State, #111 UCON and of course the #22 among the FCS teams, or about # 150 over all, Wagner.
Shame on us if we do not win those sure thing winnable games mentioned above.

I am looking for a 9-3 season and be very grateful for the wins vs. Cincinnati, Nebraska and Michigan.
With a SOS like this, we as fans have to cut some slack for our AD and for our HC until such time as we get use to playing the stronger SOS.

What I remember most about that game vs. Utah that we were favored to win, but instead lost, was the bragging of our Head Coach that he game the team time off for needed time to rest and heal as he took a family outing showing that indeed, football only ranked somewhere around 5th or 6th and possibly behind fireside chats in the theme of things. Yes indeed, family values are more important than football. Yes, in the theme of things, we all understand that. There is no more proof needed.

Mike H,
I respectfully disagree.

We fans are just as much to blame as the players because we were crying for more fire in their belly. We were demanding that the game be more important to them. We wanted to see more fight in them.

The coaches were just as much to blame as the players, telling the team thing about the Memphis team and things that they really may have or may not have had to get the team fired up and wanting to beat the pants off of them.

The head coach in a press conference stated that the scuffles during practice really didn’t bother him.
He liked what he saw in regards to more fire and more urgency and more focus on winning. (I paraphrase because I don’t remember the exact words, but the meaning was the same).

Now, I hear everyone wanting to punish the kids that were encouraged to turn on the heat during practice but was not capable of turning the heat off after the game.

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t put all the blame on the kids. We don’t want to take the fight out of them. What we do need to do, is a better job coaching what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

I would like to see community service for the wrong doing in season 2014 and let season 2015 start over fresh. None of us are without sin. None of us should be guilty of dishonestly casting the first stone. That’s my opinion. What is yours?

I agree that the fans, and especially the coaches are to blame as well. Using bulletin board material to motivate is fine when its true, but in this case it appears the truth was stretched and you can’t do that in today’s media environment. Bronco ended up motivating the wrong team I’m afraid. I still say some players need to sit out though. Believe me, this punishes the coaches as well as the players, not to mention the fans. Imagine any other job where people started swinging fists and helmets at each other’s faces! Heads would roll, and for good reason! Football players need to learn boundaries and accountability as well. This is more important than a game or two IMO. Without sportsmanship its not a game, its a war, and that can’t be the attitude anyone wants to promote. Respect for your opponent and yourselves has to come first.


I remember the game of which you speak vs Utah a bit differently. This is what I remember:

  1. Yes, Brown was suspended, as you say, before that game.

  2. We had a bye week to prepare for that game.

  3. Bronco game the team that Bye week off to rest and heal, (or maybe it was the coaches that
    wanted the rest).

  4. We were favored to win that game, but Utah Utes was prepared and we were not and we
    indeed did lose that game.

  5. As usual, we had excellent coaching and excellent execution for that first big P5 type team
    and we did win the game, only to let down by the coaches and the players to lose the Utah
    game which we were favored to win.

Can someone explain the rationale behind Boise State looking like a probable loss to me? Boise lost the two most important pieces of their offense to graduation. They’ll be breaking in a new quarterback and the last time that happened their offense struggled for a couple of years. Our offense shouldn’t struggle to put up points, and I don’t see their offense being able to outperform ours.

They are the best non P5 program in the last 15 years at least. And they have proven they know how to beat us. Let’s see how both teams do in their openers before we predict the future, but the fact that they are a 11 point favorite vs Washington should tell you a little something about their program still.

We are in catch up mode to Boise State when it comes to the rivalry, I hope we can make another dent in their armor this year.

We have a “rivalry” vs. Boise State?

Is there any team BYU does not have a rivalry with? That is a serious question… BYU and BSU have played one another a total of 5 times. How does that constiture a “rivalry”?

The state of Idaho hates everything from the state of Utah. It’s why it’s so windy in Utah, because Idaho sucks.

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Same question with utah vs Colorado. BYU vs Boise St NOT!

Glad to see Hawks back on the Board. Welcome Back, Jim!

It might be because Boise State absolutely throttled byu last year. Watch that game again. Boise’s play calling was superb. You never knew what they were going to run next. Trick plays, innovative runs and oassing attack…meanwhile byu and Robot Anae ran off tackle left and off tackle right all game long. A complete coaching catastrophe as Harsin’s offense schooled byu’s one dimensional offense big time. It was literally night and day diffetence. I hope Anae took notes because Boise could have easily won that game by 35 points had they not let up on the throttle early on in the second half. In-game adjustments continue to haunt byu as Robot reads from his dive heavy script.

Maybe byu will actual call a running back screen this year? That’d be great, and a long awaited blessing, seeing as how Anae has forgotten how to call screens. Not one traditional running back or wide receiver screen all flippin’ season last year.

Also Boise may be losing a couple of key positions, but they are returning their entire offensive line and 10 defensive starters. Boise has every reason in the world to be favored and confident against byu this year.

Have Ana-ice day.

I think even with a healthy Tayson, Boise would have socked us in the jaw last year. This year. I think we catch them early enough that they are still taking the training wheels off the key positions that you mentioned. I look at this game as a likely win for the Cougars.

Hope you are right Dan. As long as,Anae doesn’t go all conservative again, byu might just pull it off. Here’s to hoping!!!