What is the ratio of Dems to Repubs?

I saw a program where a professor author says the universities in the U.S. are bring new Professors at a rate of 50 Democrats to 1 Republicans. What is the ration of new hirings at BYU and the make up of all teachers at BYU?

A miracle if you get an accurate count of what you are asking.

They have in all other universities. Why not BYU?

Here’s the point. Based on comments from the announcers on BYU Sports Nation, I’m concerned that liberals are infiltrating BYU and changing the culture from a God based foundation to a man based foundation. That video for BLM a Marxist organization should disturb all. If you are for freedom and the Constitution and give money to BYU and the athletics then you might want to know.

Well I think the Tea Party is a white supremacy group associated closely with the KKK…
Neither one of these comments is an accurate Statement.
While there are Marxist in some of the BLM groups, Just as there are KKK supporters in the Tea Party.

The problem you have Scott is that you like to generalize groups you do not agree with as some type of evil organization and support and extol those groups that align with your belief system. Without actually doing much research beyond far right media sources…

BYU is not being infiltrated because BYU supports some of the policies of BLM. WE are led by a Prophet.
All BYU is doing is helping people within our church that some of their actions and comments are hurtful and disrespectful of minorities which is not acceptable in the Gospel of Christ.

Floyd: Well I think the Tea Party is a white supremacy group associated closely with the KKK…Neither one of these comments is an accurate Statement.
While there are Marxist in some of the BLM groups, Just as there are KKK supporters in the Tea Party.

Scott: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyhy4IvkENg
Patrisse Cullors of BLM admits she and the BLM are a Marxist organization.

The tea party never was a Marxist or Fascist organization. The KKK supporters have never been members of the tea party. A baseless argument by you and others on the left.

Floyd: The problem you have Scott is that you like to generalize groups you do not agree with as some type of evil organization and support and extol those groups that align with your belief system. Without actually doing much research beyond far right media sources…

Scott: Another baseless statement by Floyd while Rome is burning. Time for you to do a little research now that we all have some extra time. It’s nice that you try to pander to the Marxist while using the Prophet as your scapegoat. Here is what the hard left who are currently occupying major cities all over the country are saying: https://nypost.com/2020/06/23/shaun-kings-calls-to-remove-jesus-statues-lead-to-death-threats/
“If your religion requires Jesus to be a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus, then your religion is not Christianity, but white supremacy.”
The Brooklyn-based King — who has denied being a white man masquerading as black — posted a photo of a dark-skinned Jesus that he says is the most accurate depiction. “White Americans who bought, sold, traded, raped, and worked Africans to death, for hundreds of years in this country, simply could not have THIS man at the center of their faith,” he said of the reason for images to lighten the skin of the son of God central to the Christian faith."
Floyd, they are coming for BYU and the Church. Are you ready to defend both or continue to cave and ignore what is happening? Will Brigham Young’s statue have to be torn down and rename the school? What about the Christa at Temple Square? And, what about the entire Temple Square? If they can go after Catholic Churches in Washington DC, you think they won’t go after the Temple there and everywhere?

I hope you are ready. Appeasing this BLM movement is not going to work. It is only going to embolden them. The BLM is only a part of a much greater attack on our Country and our Church. I asked about the ration because this is what was said about Bill Ayers and the Weatherman Underground decades ago that is coming to a theater near all of us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKTltWU1e7w
Current disparity in the colleges and universities today show 98% of administrators and teachers are Democrats. And, current hiring practices for professors is 50 to 1 Democrats to Republicans. This can only lead to a one mind education brainwashing the youth to pro-Marxist socialist beliefs. You can brush it off if you want. But we know Satan is working overtime today. I know, you’ll just say follow the Prophet. But, how many will when their lives are threatened? And, does it have to come to this?

Sometime in the last handful of years, I was back in Provo for my wife’s high school reunion. I talked with one of her high school classmates who was on the law faculty there. We compared some of student experience at different law schools. She was very proud of the fact that at BYU you could not find the out and out leftists that lead many of the leading law schools here in the USA.

When I was starting my graduate studies, at BYU, one of the books I read with the political science faculty reading group, gave the advice that for conservative students, you keep your head down, your opinions quiet, choose your mentors very carefully, and not come out of the closet until after you had tenure.
One of the reasons I chose to attend the University of Chicago, is that they still have an active conversation between the left and the right there.

I am happy that the Chicago Statement, is being adopted by other universities. https://www.thefire.org/get-involved/student-network/take-action/adopting-the-chicago-statement/

Here in Seattle, I think over Christmas, I was talking to a faculty member who said that UW debated adopting the Chicago Statement, but that in the end the current president chose to adopt a variation instead. That variation, sadly means largely that the Chicago statement for academic freedom is gutted for any substantive academic freedom.

I was concerned when the video was identified with BLM. That organization is not only leftist / socialist but will only accept one way of thinking - their way. If the church allows more of this identification, my concern will be a bit of alarm. The Dems, leftists, socialist aim to knock the USA down as a representative republic. To do this they are helping to create chaos, panic and the tearing down, and away, our history. Looks to me like they have started well, to do just that. The church has begun to ever so slightly change from what the church was in my youth. That is obviously to survive in the raw atmosphere of the past 10 to 15 years. I am concerned but not fearful or panicked.

They are already going after the Smoot building at BYU. Sad but it’s happening faster than we think.

The general public, along with politicians, institutions of higher education and other groups are focusing in on one or two big problems" as they see it because they avoid and are in denial of the true problems facing this country and our society.

Twenty five years ago the church issued the “proclamation on the family” and they admonished government leaders warning that if measures and efforts weren’t made, significant problems would result. The breakdown of the family unit as the basic strength of society is the single biggest problem yet very few, if any, political leaders or leaders of these new movements talk about it.

Church leadership is in an extremely difficult position trying to balance doing what is right with appearing to do what is right at the same time. The gap between those two things is widening. It is almost impossible anymore. There is no doubt in my mind that the prophet of God is an inspired man who is very aware of what is going on and what we need to do.

The black ghettos started losing their fathers 60 years ago when Large cities were taken over by Democrats who needed the black vote to stay in power. The rules for government assistance made it hard for fathers to remain in the home. So, they began to leave the homes. Only 25% remain innthe homes of black families. Couple that with white women who have been brainwashed into white shaming the past 20 years in the leftist universities and you have a really messed up country. Then more Marxist professors and here we are. This pandemic has made it hard for the Church to teaching Christ. And here we are.

Its called “Come Follow Me”, the home study program of learning the gospel that the church put in place over a year ago. My belief is that the brethren foresaw something like the plandemic and the program was put into place. We have done it nearly every week for the past 3 months and it has been great. Our learning and understanding of many gospel principles, in addition to partaking of the sacrament, has been a blessing in my family’s life.

There are many ways in which faith is tested and resolve is tried. This is just another one of those.

I agree. For us active families it’s been great. For those less active that would come ocationally, they are lost with little or no support. The missionaries keep calling us to meet on ZOOM. I finally told them to do everything they can and focus with the less active families and people with little or no support. And, investigators? Are there any? That is who I was referring to.
We had a ZOOM Father’s Day meeting. There maybe 20 couples on the call. Our family was watching and then we had Ssacrament. One family moved to Idaho. Come follow me is great for active members. Not so much for everyone else. What do you think?

“Black sovereignty, by any means necessary.” By ANY means.

Equality is one thing, which I am for, but black sovereignty? Not so much. Violence, not so much.

The real issue is not “Racism”, but how local and state governments have failed with their policies for inner city people (not just blacks lives in the inner city) in giving them equality.

I won’t go into more, because all that does is create arguments and contention. Which I am trying to reduce in my life right now. I am focusing more on what I can do to help others. Right now, I am serving in the inner city mission helping people get through this pandemic in one piece.

I had forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder… But I will also mention that even though some families has two parents, the proclamation also talks about parents taking responsibility for teaching their children the difference between right and wrong, and being productive people. Watching some of the 20 yr old attitudes and entitlement beliefs, I am beginning to wonder if parents have failed. (Not saying all parents are bad, just some).

A long time ago, my bishop (who happens to work for a conservative think tank) was telling families in our ward that there would be a day that would come where church would be taught in the home and not in the chapel.
That we as parents needed to start focusing on and taking responsibility for our family having a Christ centered home and stop relying on the church to teach your children the gospel.

How prophetic was this Bishop’s warning?

As for spreading the gospel, they missionaries have come up with some very inventive ways to spread the gospel through Facebook, Zoom, and other technologies. My wife and I work with the missionaries assigned to our inner city ward. We have lots of fun helping them.

During this pandemic, they have been able to teach four families and have them baptized. The work of the Lord will roll forth and no pandemic will stop it.

Like I said, they are Marxist and segregationists. How about we give them Guantanamo Bay.

For many, yes. But, you better look closer at what and who has been teaching them for the past 20 years. Leftist liberals teaching them to hate America, America’s beginning was flawed and therefore it is still flawed and has to be fundamentally changed to Marxism.

You have been told for many years the Constitution of this country would hang by a thread and it will-so look it’s no surprise. What do you do about it-do good works. Do you think missionaries will save this country by toting M-16’s or M60 machine guns? There are some scary dudes on this site, but there are everywhere you go. A great article by Apostle David Bednar on government and protecting your rights, recently. Worth anyone listening to-member or not. Much better than listening to drivel. The message has always been the same-succor the poor-love your neighbor no matter their circumstances or race. This country May never be the same again, in just the span of a couple of months-it’s disconcerting, but prepare yourselves for what may be, physically and spiritually. Remember one important item-if enough people are dissatisfied with their government-the attempted overthrow will be violent. Has been from the beginning and will be to the end-nature of man

Not really. Go back and check things out. Fascists and communists have actually been the minority with the guns. Same was true with our own revolution except our founding fathers were seeking small limited government with liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Not totalitarian government. The movement was actually the minority.