What the BYU 2024 signing class says to me

Hill is killing it. Tom L points out to me that BYU has signed much needed linemen from several states (he can expound on that).

Today it was announced that Poppinga had stolen a DB kid, Tre Alexander out of atlanta. He is 6’3-165 and was passed on by big programs because of the weight but this kid can play on sundays, they say
BYU Football Signing Day Tracker: Commits, Analysis, Updates (kslsports.com)

What is also evident is that BYU’s Arod is not in the same league as Hill when it comes to recruiting.
Crickets on the O side of things.

It is the price you pay when you lose those 5 last games, especially 2 (OK and OKS). Remember when we said that keeping Tuiaki would put BYU’s defensive recruiting back years? The same can be said about our Coaches on the O side of things. BYU will eventually get it right meanwhile, us as fans will have to live with it for a couple of years.

Well, I just watched BYUSN and we got some really good offensive players. Including Tei Nacua. We have plenty of offensive line players moving up. There can still be portal players coming in once the OL coach is formally announced. I’m excited!

Sani Tuala is a 6’5"/260 edge rusher who played last year at Citrus College (Juco). He runs a 4.5 40–again, HE RUNS A 4.5 40. He was a rugby star in Australia and moved to the US to play football. Last year was his FIRST YEAR of football. His body is similar to that of some guy named Ziggy Ansah who decided to try to play football. Signing WILDLY ATHLETIC guys is important.

Another DL we got is 6’3"/355 YES 355 DT Danny Saili. Danny played at Hutchinson CC in Kansas, a perennial national champ contender; many NFL players have played there. Rated as one of the top 20 Juco prospects IN THE COUNTRY. Danny had multiple offers from schools in every P4 conference. In my book an all American caliber juco DL with NFL size and with two years remaining > almost any HS DL.

Ephraim Asiata. I hope you have all read the story of him surviving an almost certainly fatal gunshot wound. Dad is Matt Asiata, former Ute star RB who had a very good NFL career. Matt Asiata was such a complete bada$$ that he’s one of the very few Utes I’ve ever rooted for. Total STUD. Ephraim came back from death to not only become a highly rated edge rusher but to have offers from multiple B10, SEC, and B12 schools. Google his HS highlights. This kid is like a video game–he COULD NOT BE BLOCKED in high school. At 210-220 he won’t be an edge rusher at BYU, but he’s fast enough to play SS and strong enough to play LB and will be a stud for BYU. AND a GASHING recruiting loss for Utah. Jay Hill was at Utah when Matt played there; Matt loved him and both parents wanted Ephraim to break from family tradition and sign with BYU. This kid is a living miracle. Matt Asiata’s Son Survives Shooting

Let me add to what Chris said about Tre Alexander III from Georgia. I swear it has to be a prank that this kid signed with BYU…

Tre played at SW DeKalb HS in Decatur, GA. SW DeKalb is a mid-sized school (3A or 4A depending on the classification changes happening now) but has won 19 regional championships, including 3 in the last 8 years. We all need to appreciate that Georgia High School football is played at a different level and speed. With all respect to Utah, which turns out one of the highest ratios of D1 football schollies per student in the country, Georgia HS football is FAST. So, playing high level football against high level athletes, here is what Tre did in the last year:
1st team all region; 1st team all county

Bonus stats:
11.1 100 meter
WON state in the 400, and his 4x400 relay team had the BEST TIME IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

For comparison, (if my research doesn’t fail me) the fastest guy at BYU, Cody Hagen, BYU WR coming home soon, holds the Utah record in the 100m at 10.52, Marcus McKenzie, and Parker Kingston have all run multiple sub 10.7s. So 11.1 is FAAAAAASSSTT.

Tre had multiple SEC and B12 offers. He is 6’2". He is skinny but he’ll fill out in college. This kid is a high 3 star (87), but would be a 4 star if he weighed 180–which he will. This is a HUGE HUGE “get” for BYU.

Without Jay Hill, BYU gets NONE of these guys.

You were doing fantastic! And then, blah…Bad ending. You do know the difference between what Hill coaches and Arod? :grin:

Yes, I am aware that Arod does not coach DL, LBs, or DBs, and that arguably 5 of our 6 best signees are
Tuala (DL)
Saili (DE)
Asiata (OLB)
Tre (DB)
Jack Kelly (LB)

The other is Swanson (TE), who was recruited by Clark, who somehow got fired. By Arod.

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We got some great recruits for the offense too. Did you see Keanu Hill is coming back but going to play tight end?

The Hopper lives in the bubble… not technically, but mentally he does. He believes the hype and can’t see the reality of the situation. He watches BYU sports nation and is transported to Provo. He still thinks A-Rod is a good OC who knows how to call a game… bubblehead.

Just have to accept it, it’s hard but it must be done.

Stoked that Tei Nacua is coming to BYU. It came down to Utah and BYU and you would have to be missing gray matter to sign as a receiver for Utah unless you are a blocking TE. BYU was the no brainer.
Remind me, Hopper, who are the other schools that offered Nacua besides Utah and BYU?
having said that, Very happy he is here, he can be every bit as good as his older brother, whats his name, the guy that might be good enough to make the LA Rams or might be traded, refresh me, Hopper?

Now we just need a QB that can get the ball to Nacua and Hill and co.

Just how many guys passed on coming to BYU because of bone headed OC coaching calls that cost us an easy win over OK and OKS. The spin is that BYU is very different from all the P5 schools and that kids come here for “other things” and not the money.
BYU football: Cougars relied on ‘unique’ recruiting methods this cycle - Deseret News

Can you build a winning tradition with mid 50s recruiting classes? The past 40 years have taught me that BYU wins big when we have an NFL type QB and if you sell it that way, I’m in. With 3 starting NFL QBs BYU should be able to attract big time QBs and keep the QB U legacy going.

Tei plays a lot like his older brother Puka in high school anyways. Reminds me of the old days receivers who thought, “If I can touch it, I can catch it”.

I find it interesting that his brothers helped him make the decision, there are some Ute trolls on Desnews said that these brothers hated being at BYU. Nice to prove them wrong.

I also stoked that we caught:
Po’uha who everyone thought was going to Utah after his mission. Of course, who would not want to play for their dad?

Ryner Swanson, wasn’t sure if he was still coming considering that the reason, he chooses to come to BYU was coach Clark.

Danny Saili: He was committed to Texas Tech, but flipped to BYU, this is a BIG recruit.

Ephraim Asiata: I have mixed emotions about this kid. His dad is the former “Big” Running back from Utah who played several years in the NFL. This kid has talent and he good.
The issue I have is with his past, two years ago he and a few of his friends who at the time was at Hunter High, liked to bully some of the other kids. It got to the point that one of these bullied kids decided the only way to stop it was shooting these bullies.

First, let me say I do not endorse or encourage shooting anyone for any reason. There are other better ways to handle it. Everyone talked about how Asiata was the victim, but never talked about why Ephraim thought it was okay to bully other kids.

Outside of that, I think the fact that most of our recruits are 3 Star is a good start.

Interesting thoughts on how to recruit at BYU:
BYU football: Cougars relied on ‘unique’ recruiting methods this cycle - Deseret News

Sometimes it takes a shot in the head to turn one’s life around. Don’t we have examples in the scriptures about this very thing? Sounds like he sees the benefits of being at the Lord’s University. Alma the Younger?

But didn’t Alma the younger admit to people what he did was wrong? Did he not apologize for his actions? As far as I know, this kid never admitted what he did was wrong, but plenty of people made him out to being a victim.

Just saying, in my opinion, this is not a good comparison.

This is something that is personal for me, since I was extremely bullied when I was in high school until I was a junior where I grew 8 " and put on around 50lbs of muscle. All of a sudden, the bullying stopped.

I don’t like bullies of any type, size or whatever.

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How would you know if he apologized and repented? Isn’t that between him and his bishop? It sure seems like he has. BYU is where he knows he needs to be. I’m sure BYUSN will do a Deep Blue piece on him and your need to find out might happen. I’m going to take him where he is now and I’m sure his teammates will support him even if you won’t.

I grew up in the area where this happened and have many friends still there.

Here is the background for what happened, and you can make your own decision:
Hunter High teen accused of shooting football players now charged with murder - Deseret News

And your friends know if he has repented sufficiently? Just more rumormongering. What happened, happened. What has happened since is what counts now.

You aren’t the only one who had a tough growing up life. But, you have this tendency to judge others by it. That’s not fair. He seems like he learned a valuable lesson that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make restitution when he has already been forgiven by the Godhead but not you.

The article really doesn’t tell us anything. Two groups of boys are fighting. Like that doesn’t go on everywhere. One group decides to bring a gun? There’s a lot that seems to be unknown. In any event, this certainly doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a huge change in his attitude as he also lost 2 friends.
I remember that age.

I get it, as long as they can play football for BYU, it doesn’t matter what type of person they are in High School.

Now I know why your standards and principals are swayed so easily.

Read some scriptures starting with Alma the Younger. Then, Paul and his miraculous change of heart. The woman adulterous. Tell us how he behaved between his sophomore and senior years? Was he still a bully and just an all around awful person? Aren’t you the what have you done for me lately guy?

Both repented and made amends with those they offended… Did this kid do that?

Tei: gamer. Big get for BYU. WRs don’t need to be the fastest guy on the field (that’s for corners and FSs IMHO). They need to be fast enough. As long as they are fast enough, they need to be fearless, run great routes, and have great hands. Warrior receivers. See Puka, CHoffman, Matthews, Collie, and Glen Koslowski, the granddaddy of them all.
Puka and Samson: loved BYU according to my friend who talked to them 1 on 1 almost every day.
Po’uha: I only see DesNews articles if they are linked to Cougarfan, don’t EVER read the SLTrib, and don’t read the comments in either. I love that the Ute trolls are mad about Kei and Po’uha. PS Coach Po’uha went out and got himself some GREAT looking DL recruits.
Swanson: still can’t understand why Clark was fired. I’ll ask soon but waiting for the dust to settle.

Ephraim Asiata: I’m staying out of the religious commentary below, but will say this: I’ve very close to somebody directly involved in Ephraim’s recruiting. His parents are awesome people. The family believes in the BYU mission and both Ephraim and his parents know BYU is the atmosphere for him to grow as a person, as it is for almost ANY kid deciding between the two schools. Even when the papers were saying he would follow his dad to Utah, I was told we were “almost certain” he would sign with BYU; I think he was keeping it quiet to avoid the criticism he knew would come from Utes who have always revered his dad. Ephraim will have to earn respect from his peers on the job like we all do, and will have to deal with adversity that others don’t know or understand. I’m sure the taunts he receives at Rice Eccles stadium will be VICIOUS. I’m told he has matured and been humbled through his lived experience and has the potential to be one of the greats at BYU, both in skill and in leadership. Let’s give the kid the chance to earn our love and respect starting today.

What just happened? how is it that I come back to visit cougarfan, like 2 hours later and there are 10 comments starting with Alma the Younger. No wonder people think BYU is full of Nut Jobs.