Where are the Taysom haters now?

This is a big game to win. 8 more minutes left. Go Cougars!

He started looking good in the second half of the Toledo game. Looks like he had a good game today, but I only saw the 3rd quarter.

I am not a Hill hater, but did have questions about him as many did. He had a very good game today and I am happy for him and the team. Enjoyed watching the game. Hope Taysom has a very good rest of the season. The key to the game was both the O and D line. The running opened up the pass and vice versa.

Great game to watch! The team looked really good. Hats off to the defense, and what a wonderful pick and run-back by Davis! Let’s not let down for the next three games and keep winning!

Defense was much better!

Only one muff and that was not scoring in the first half on the 2 yard line. Other than that, great game plan and efforts from everyone.

Good post Roy. A grate game by offense, defense, and special team. Well called game by Ty Detmer. MSU looks like they are just headed down. After BYU adjusted at half time it was all BYU, except for the prevent defense or let down or whatever that allowed MSU to just march down the field to score their second TD. I am not a Taysom hater, he played great today, but each game is a different challenge for BYU, i.e. the opponent, the match ups, the direction of the opponent, etc. Yeah Cougars, best win this year.

Hill had a very good game today he is starting to really get the ball to his receivers. Next two games we play are against Mississippi State and Boise State and they have very good quarterbacks and those are the types of teams that give our defense fits I do like the direction Hill is headed in.

I would still rather have Mangum in there. Look, I know Hill looked much better today. But the defense he was playing against wasn’t that good. He only threw for 135 yards, and an aweful 5.1 ypa. I do admit, he had much better touch on the ball today. I hope he continues to play better.

My philosophy, when it some to quarterbacks, is that they need to be an excellent passer, and it’s a bonus if they can run the ball. But there are not that many Steve Youngs out there.

I thought Hill was very good today but in passing he only hit short and some mid range passes.

So, maybe their defense isn’t that bad then. And it turned out Hill’s running made a huge difference in the win. See, we played controlled ball and beat them.
Maybe then with Mangum we don’t win or score as much because their pass D for long passes was excellent and we would of had no running. Sorry, Hill was the difference. He made it easier for Williams to make his runs.

That’s what was open. How many interceptions has he had in the past two games? He’s now hitting open receivers and not forcing bad passes.

And that is just fine with me. He took what the defense gave him and didn’t force things.

Let’s hope Taysom keeps improving with each game. How could he not be rusty after so long away from the game. It’s coming back to him and his confidence is improving. The other factor is the improved offensive line play. Hill wasn’t sacked today! It also helps that the run game is working well. It was the most complete game of the year and Sitaki’s first signature win.

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Just an observation about how the game played out, no need to be defensive.

Hill was 66.6% passing. Jamaal was a beast. And Canada ran well too. I think Canada is learning a lot from Hill how to run hard and decisive.

All good stuff.

I am going to miss JW. He has a winning smile and just brings a love and passion for the game that makes it fun for everyone around him. Its good to see Canada coming around. The cupboard won’t be bare when JW leaves. It would be fitting for JW to break Harvey’s record at home this Friday night.

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Listening during post game on KSL when a reporter asked JW about Sqaully and Jamall said “that is my boy”. Pretty funny!
After this year Jamall will be missed big time and I too missed Luke Staley. Luke was a biggest missed even though he was injury proned. Lets hope we do well during Home Coming Game against Mississippi State. I love Taysom Hill but I like to see one or two plays with Tanner Mangum throw a accurate long bomb. TH is getting better hitting his receivers on short throws. Go Cougars!

I think we still have trouble getting open for long throws. It’s Ty’s offense that wants the shorter throws as well and more running by Hill. Too bad that didn’t happen more in the earlier games.