Where was Nixon?

Why didn’t Nixon play tonight? We could have used him tonight.
Bryant: 3 for 8 FT, missed some layups
Childs, missed some layups and put backs
Hardnett: played good game. Made layups
Luke: missed layups
Haws: good defense but couldn’t hit an outside shot. Made layups
Dastrup: 23 minutes and 1 rebound. Shot well.
Seljass: can’t shoot. Made a layup.
Bergersen: played well.

I noticed the same thing about the missing Nixon tonight. Is he injured or was their some other circumstances? If he was healthy and ready to play, besides the technical foul Rose blew it again if there isn’t a reliable reason why Nixon was not in the game. Worthington, Seljass . and Bergerson do not spell Nixon. To me Rose better have a better season next year whether in the rec league WCC or the MWC or it should be bye bye for him.

Shoulder injury in the WCC championship game. Had surgery earlier this week.

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So why Dave Rose didn’t say anything about Nixon injury. Is this a new policy from Athletic Dept. don’t talk about anymore about personal injuries? I kept saying why he was not playing during the game.
Too bad he was not available when needed when Yoeli got foul issue.
Oh well wait till next year and hopefully with healthy players along with two main guys coming back.

With Childs in foul trouble and the Worthlesston effect. we could of used Nixon to put pressure on Tavis and get him in foul trouble because that dude was a wrecking ball down low.

He really showed how slow Dastrup is. Dastrup reaction time on defense is why he didn’t play much. He’s got to work on that because he can help us on offense. Especially if Childs leaves. I hope he doesn’t because it showed last night he has a lot of learning to do. He’s no Mika yet.

Leave to go where? G League? I’ve heard that Yo thinks he is going to the NBA, and he said as much in the DN article last week. In case there were any doubts, last night made it pretty clear that he is a mile away from NBA ready. But I witnessed his huge blowup with DR up close and personal at the Portland game, and if they have a strained relationship anyway, maybe he’d rather go get paid to play in Europe than play another season in the High School league.

Haws was terrible-key turnover at the end of the game

What two are those btw?

Time to get out of the rec league. Childs thinks he’s better than he is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he went the Mika route. I think Rose has lost a couple of these players and this program is in disarray

He plays 40 minutes a game with Rose as coach. If he wants to get to the NBA anytime soon he needs to stay put. A lot is shots he takes will get swatted in the NBA. He’s got talent but needs a lot of work and Europe won’t help him a bit.

Mika needed to stay another year. Time in the court as Jim says is key to getting better.

Now there is an odd statement. I’m almost sure that Mika is better now with a year in Europe against other pros than he would have been otherwise against the rec league

It really wasn’t the turnovers that did us in. Missed layups all second half. Missed free throws. Bryant wants to go NBA and he goes 3-8 FTs? That’s nuts! 3 in the second half and we lose by 3. Yet, we still had a chance at the end of the game. We didn’t give up and I like to see that.

There is still the consistent problem with us coming out from half-time. With the new coaches I thought we took care of that problem.

Turnovers at critical times, when you are just standing there with the ball with a chance to tie or take the lead and you don’t even get a shot. Of course Bryant uncharacteristically missed fts but then without him we wouldn’t even have been close. All water under the bridge now

probably happened on his mission and he came home early but waited to get it fixed. He should ask Zac how that worked out.

Ummm… you think playing time helps a player get better?


Better for Europe basketball yes. Not for American NBA basketball. Skills are specific to the tasks.

It’s not under the bridge. There are drills to help with concentration with layups and free throw shooting. Yes, that was a bad turnover Haws made. Others have done the same during the year. Lack of concentration and that can be corrected.

Others with surgery have come back just fine. One has nothing to do with the other. Haws didn’t have surgery and he’s shooting worse.