Where's Larimer's SF take aways?

Just want to make a few points and leave the rest to Tom.

Thought BYU did its best job of covering the 3s all season but SF is going to beat plenty of teams on their home court. They are really good at trusting each other, at finding the guy cutting to the rim or finding the open 3.

Mika and Childs both got burned a number of times by letting their guy get an open look at 3 and Ratimen hit 4 big 3s. They can’t get caught in No Man’s Land and trust that BYU’s other players will defend down low…That is why Bry. is so important to the team. He is long enough to compete with everyone not named a center.

Dastrup is the only big on the BYU team who properly defends the pic and roll. If you look at his stats tonight, it shows that he played a total of 3 minutes and had Zero in every category but the truth is when SF’s big when up and set a pic on Haws, Dastrup D-ed up the SF guard almost to half court causing his long pass to get picked off by Childs.

Mika and Childs continue to struggle with TOs down low which is concerning because SF is the weakest inside game of anyone in the WCC… while Haws and Bry are still working on their passing. Beo needs more time as does Dastrup, Coach Rose cannot win big games by only playing 6 guys like he did tonight.

Very encouraged by what I am seeing.

Great win

Dastrup can’t score 31 points. Beo can’t shoot free throws and until he can he should not be on the floor. A guard that can’t shoot free throws is on the bench.
It would be nice to see Kaufusi get more playing time. But right now, the guard line is basically 4, Rose, Emery, Haws and Bryant. Bigs, Mika, Ayres and Childs and Shaw. Beo and Dastrup come off the bench when needed. Not sure where Kaufusi is at all.

Fish, I am glad you have joined the camp of more playing time for the reserves. Last night is a perfect example of what I have been saying all along. Granted, Bryant needs additional pt right now. But, Rose had the perfect opportunity to give Beo minutes in the second half but didn’t do it. Haws was having an off night on offense and Beo was at least his match on the offensive end. On D, Beo is just better than Haws. TO’s are again advantage Beo. Haws should have had 10 min more on the bench and Beo on the floor in the second half. If Haws isn’t scoring, he can’t be on the floor with the current mix of guards. Basically, any of the 5 guards who is having an off night needs less time in the second half. It would be very healthy for the whole team. 6 players getting time will lead to disaster against good opponents. Big wasted opportunity by Rose.

Mika is still not improving his passing and assists which had to be addressed by the coaches. Instead of scoring 30, it would be better to score 25 and have 3 assists.

Maybe Dave Rose was hoping for more alley oops from TJ to Mika Slamma Jamma stuff. I love to see more of those but we would like to see TJ be doing more consistent in hitting his shots, perfect passes, assists and MORE Defense. But I agree that he can’t be on the floor and allow other gaurds to see what they can do.

Did you see that Portland game last night that they only had 9 points in the first half to SMC? Are they really that bad? We should have no problem but I am knocking on wood.

Mr T, I have always been in “your camp”. I think you always need 8 solid guys and a few “situational” guys. But I think Rose is still working on team chemistry around newly activated Bryant and that explains why starters got so many minutes with Eli, something I fully agree with.
Watching Rose limp off kind of put an exclamation on how important Elijah is to the team going forward. Once Coach Rose is satisfied with Team Chemistry, then I think he will focus on developing his bench more.

on another note, I think we all saw a “box and one” for one play last night, needless to say, Zone defense should be a foreign word to BYU so far.

Mka had 3 assists. Just knock 6 points off his night and you would have had your wish. Not much you can fault Mika for - 31 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal, and 2 blocks, 12-17 from the field and 7-8 from the line. I’ll take that stat line any day. I guess if you want to nitpik you could focus on his 4 turnovers but the guy is usually double teamed whenever he gets ball down low so he is going to get a few turnovers. From what I have seen he passes the ball fairly well.

Haws has a ton of potential. He is a head scratcher for me. He really struggled at the beginning of the year. Then he started making everyone see the big upside he has. Now that we are getting scouted closely by WCC teams, he is really struggling again. He didn’t take care of the ball nearly as well as he should last night. But people do remember the dunks from Haws to Mika. The TO’s and especially the poor defense gives away more than he gives on the offensive end… In a surprising number of games. What is weird is that he doesn’t have off nights against all the good teams. He can take over a game against good teams and then really stink it up against sub standard competition. I think there is a huge competitive steak in him, but Rose isn’t helping TJ by giving him tons of pt when he didn’t earn it. TJ has had his opportunity and I believe he will get more focused on doing the little things correctly if he is held accountable for his on court decisions with pt doled out accordingly. Rose just seems stuck on Haws and it isn’t helping Haws or the team.

I did see a little bit of the Portland game. They were awful, but BYU plays the worst BB of the year when we walk into Portlands gym!! So, no predictions from me on that one.

I think you answered your own question. competitive is a weak word for Haws. I chalk up a lot of what we see to being young and rusty.

Did you see the box score? SMC had a total of 2 Free Throws the entire game. Have you ever seen a stat like that?
Portland also had a total of 16 R for the game, SMC had 50. and that was @ Portland.


Spells how good SMC is executing, not how bad PU is…well PU.

You said it right out of my mouth about how good SMC is. Maybe that was their good night at PU gym and hope they have a bad night here at the MC.
Lol! 50-16 Rebounds

When we play PU we better play all of our bench as a practice game.

Aro, you are correct. When Mika has 3 assists or more, BYU wins. He is not as gifted a passer as the STM post. He needs to work on that for NBA types. He really doesn’t have quick reaction to a double team. Those things will hopefully come with time and hard work. But, yes… If we could have another Mika we would be in very good shape. I think Corbin will have trouble seeing pt this year as Dastrup developes… may be he will get some time against GU but I think his BB days are numbered.

For as much basketball as Haws has played, he makes some really poor passes and decisions. He Keeps doing it… Which is a mental issue. Poor defense can be worked on… But terrible passes and trying to make every pass a high light reel is killing him.

I remember saying the same things about Emery last year. I fish with Coach Barry Hecker , retired NBA Grizzlies. He said those same words in regards to Emery last year, “Boy, that Emery will Kill you, only interested in his own shot”.

Emery this year has become our best defender and is just consistent on the offensive end. Haws…Growing pains.
You and I both agree that we need more Beo. I don’t agree with you on Kaufusi, Coach Rose loves guys with experience and once Rose sees Kaufusi getting his bball legs under him, we will see more and more of Kaufusi.

Well Haws has almost exactly 50% more TO’s at this point in the season than Emery did last year so the inexperience factor should be wearing off. I just see silly passes that obviously he has been allowed to get away with because 1 in 10 have the crowd pleasing factor… The fans quickly forget the balls that sail over teammates heads that are all the way across court. I guess I expected him to get over those issues sooner. But he sees no decreases in playing time… So why should it concern him?

Beo can’t be in the floor until he can make free throws. He’s no where the talent and he doesn’t play better defense. You just have this man crush on Beo. Get over it. He’s no Haws.

His older brother just ended his career as the all time leading scorer at BYU. Younger Haws is a good player, no doubt, but the issues with nepotism at BYU have always been alive and (not so) well. He is going to get the majority of playing time regardless of how well he is doing, it just is what it is. The fact that he doesn’t look like a player but has a couple highlight plays every game is an overall negative. It’s like Rose is willing to accept 5 bad plays/passes for that one fantastic one.

On another note, Beo’s free throw shooting needs to get better. I don’t know his numbers or percentages, but he misses way too many for his position. He should be at least 80%.

I agree with the free throw shooting but disagree about the defense. Haws defense is sketchy at best. His one on one defense is weak and his team defense is probably worse. Haws needs to hit the weight room… fast. You didn’t or aren’t understanding what thawk is saying about Haws or about Beo, but that’s no surprise.

I agree with Haws needing to get into the weight room. Although he’s stronger that he looks.
Haws has much more upside than Beo. And his defense is better than you want to think because he’s a LP product. And his blood line.

Jim you are correct. Beo has shot 13 times from the ft line and only made 4… The bigger problem is that he was 83% in HS. Go figure. On the plus side, he draws fouls going to the bucket and missing his ft is far different than a TO or forced shot that is rebounded on a fast break by the other team…or a terrible pass that results in numbers on a fast break the other way. It is time for Beo to get those ft’s to drop … there is hope as Chllds started off with his first 13 ft’s at about the same make rate as Beo. Good thing we didn’t pull him out of the rotation for not making ft’s!! The other issue that hopper is always wrong on is Haws’ defense. Let’s just watch tomorrow night and every time Haws’ man gets the ball lets see what happens. Haws is so bad at D that Rose gives him the easiest assignment and he still looks bad. Let’s keep a count of offensive pts scored for and against and also TO"s and assists. It may open the eyes of Hopper. Beo may not get in the game to improve his ft average so we can just focus on Haws!!