Who will be the starters?

Let the hype begin.

Oh, Man; We have all summer to brainstorm who the starters will be.

Lets start with the no brainers.

Haarms (would not of come if he was not promised starter time)
Harding (earned it in my opinion)
Lowell (just speculation on my part, could of been Baxter)

With this group, you have 4 great outside shooters and a 7’ 3 Center

Harward will spell Harrms at Center, as can Lee.
Baxter, Lee and George will share time at strong forward or even at the 3.
Lohner can play 2- 4 as well. No way will he start with all the D1 players with soo much experience.

Knell and Spencer can come in and spell Harding, as can Lohner.

Either Bacellos or Averette can run the team with any combination. One of these two will be on the floor at all times unless Pope wanted to field the tallest team in D1 and run for fun
Harding at point
Lowell at 2
Baxter at 3
Harward at 4
Harrms at Center

Erickson will get time at the point if B or A get into foul trouble, he is that good. Wade could spell at the 2. Tripple could surprise and get playing time

Odd men out (again, speculation on my part)
Jessie Wade
Cameron Pearson
Townsend Tripple
Brandon Warr.

You really believe Baxter will start? Can he shoot? Harward is a forward. Lowell is an outside shooter. He could be a Dirk kind of 2 man. Just a thought.

Lee will spell Haarms. Baxter spells Harward. George spells Harding.

LOL! I love your passion for BYU basketball (sports) fish, it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back for more.

I love a lineup with A and B on the court at the same time. Both knee-to-knee, in your face defenders who are quick enough to stay with anyone. At the other end they are both completely unselfish and despite their lack of height can finish at the rim against much bigger guys. I agree that Baxter may come off the bench, but you know I’m his biggest fan besides maybe his parents and his sister, and am hoping he gets big minutes. Baxter will finish lots of dunks in the half court when A and B beat guys off the dribble and a big has to leave Baxter to come help in the lane.

I hope he’s been working on his shot. At least midrange shot.

Just saw an interview with Caleb Lohner. 6’8” and a 40” vertical leap. He can play the 2, 3 and 4. How deep and good can this team be?

He looks big physically, a large frame. I doubt his vertical is 40". He probably used the same measuring tool that you did when you had this mistaken belief about your vertical jump height. :grinning:

Iff coach mac is correct then Lohner is claiming to be one of the elite of NBA jumpers…it would be nice if it were accurate.

Coach Mac is saying the average vertical jump. That includes big slugs in the middle that were no Wilt Chamberlain.
Not sure who he was testing either.

Did you read the entire piece?

"Well known NBA leapers including Vince Carter and Michael Jordan have their standing verticals at over 35”.

Apparently Lohner has a higher vertical jump than Michael Jordan and Vince Carter did. It would be refreshing if you would just admit the obvious, that you are wrong, once in awhile. What is the mental block or pride issue that prevents you from doing it?

I think he’s full of it. He doesn’t know. Look up vertical leaps on line.

I could never see Barcellos as the Point. He is just too good knocking down 3s and defending their best player. Averette, if he can penetrate as well as they say he can, should be Haws part 2. I can see BYU winning as lot of games with this group.

The question will be if everyone will be happy? We are at least 12 deep. When Averette is out, who will run the point? I’m thinking Lohner can play it.

I’m curious why you keep counting Wade out. First at point and now essentially even for playing time on the court.
Few played him as a freshman at the point after his mission. Probably sooner than he should have because he then followed the all too familiar RM pattern of injuries. If, as Pope claims, Wade is back from his injuries, and is committed enough to bball to walk-on…why wouldn’t he play…

It is amazing looking at the on paper depth of this team. Several reasonable options at every position. Though of course how well they fit together, injuries etc will determine whether the paper strength shows up on the court.

It’s good enough to take out 5 for a rest and put 5 in. And, as a player gets into foul trouble to be easily replaced.

The most important factor is how well they play together. The game of basketball has deviated away from being a team game into a game of star players going one on one and making a run to play professionally. I have seen mediocre talent do a lot when they buy into the team concept. If BYU is as talented as some of you say they are, if they can develop some chemistry that is how they will really be successful.

Pope has shown he can get players to buy into team play. Also, all these transfers know this and that’s a big reason they want to play for Pope. They also see the coaching staff and know they will improve.

Well we saw what Pope did with Nixon and Lee. I’m pretty sure with this talented group of people Pope will do amazing things. My only question was who can penetrate and who will deliver the ball of these talented people so it really does boil down to Averette and Barcelos And may be Erickson

Looks like Lohner can from his highlights. George too. I don’t think penetration is going to be a problem. The only thing I see that could be a challenge is hero ball. That’s where Pope and his staff will correct.

Just was listening to Coach Pope talk to BYU Sports Nation from last Friday.

Anybody know what they were talking about when Jarom said there is one more to announce but that they cannot do it right now? I assume because until all the paperwork is done NCAA regs require BYU entities such as Pope and the show to not discuss things in public.

To quote theathletic article this morning: BYU envisions Harms as a space-the-floor power forward. It wants to play to what it believes his strengths are, and it will create those strengths if need be.

So Haarms at 4 Harward at 5 for starters though possibly Lee at 5.
Tough problem how to get all the bigs time.
Lee and Harward at 5. Haarms and Baxter at 4. Lohner and Wyatt at 3.
Townsend Tripple? anytime? anywhere?

AB and BA each getting 30 minutes.

Johnson and George Redshirt.
Erickson and Wade time at point for next year when ABBA are gone.
Unless Harding and Knell…