Will BYU even get an invite to a P5 league?

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after laughing for a few minutes, I got to thinking that it would be such a good fit to see BYU and BSU join the P 12…Just seems natural.

fish, in reply to your posting with photo,

It has been my life long dream, to have BYU in the Pac 8/10-/12/14 to be.

I think that if we would stay out of politics, it could happen. Otherwise, it won’t.
I live in California.

I never miss being at a BYU game vs a P5 team, no matter where it is being played.
I never miss being at a BYU game vs any team in the top 65, no matter where it is being played.
Stub Hub always provides me with a seat somewhere in rows 1-5 where I can take to the players
when appropriate.

When we play teams ranked below 65, in protest, I attend home games at the Rose Bowl vs UCLA.
This season UCLA is having a season somewhat like BYU’s 2017 season.

While we see P5 teams, like this season, #74 Cal and #82 Arizona, they are below that 65 mark, but they P5 teams, that are playing a P5 schedule. All teams that are power teams SHOULD BE good enough to be ranked in the top 65. That is where I want BYU to play and to be successful. We are getting the needed practice we need, (win or lose) and it is that practice that will get us where we need to be. The goal should not be to get a bowl game, at this time. Instead, at this time, the goal should be to learn how to play successfully vs P5 teams, so that if the call, the invitation ever comes, we will be ready.

Why is it always up to those on the right that have to conform to the biddings of the left? Maybe the PAC-12 should stay out of politics and live by the Constitution of the United States :slight_smile:

If you have to sell your soul and kiss the butts of academia I would say I could care less about whether BYU ever gets in the Pac 12. The church would have to be OK with same sex marriage, allow BYU to play on Sunday, and compromise on things we haven’t anticipated yet to get in the Pac 12. Even the Big 12 appears problematic at this point. When we were allegedly being considered the LGBT activists at Iowa State started raising a stink. The Big 12 is probably about the most conservative P5 conference out there and BYU may not be acceptable to a few of those schools.

There are many things way more important than being a part of the P5 country club. I have my doubts as to whether BYU can be BYU as a part of the P5 country club. BYU being BYU is far more important than being in a P5 league.

We are now at a tipping point in society where you are apparently guilty of a crime based on accusations unsupported by any evidence. We live in a society that calls evil good and good evil. At least one political party has no qualms about destroying somebody’s reputation for political ends and those who control that party also control education, entertainment, the news media, and now social media. I think the odds of BYU ever getting in a P5 conference are more remote as more time passes and society becomes more darkened and universities become more entrenched as indoctrination centers to train social justice warriors rather than institutions to educate young people and assist them in thriving in the world and being good citizens.

I agree with your comments completely.

Completely agree. Most Colleges and High Schools silence the knowledge from capitalists in order to promote Marxist socialism. Therefore, if you aren’t with them then shut up or die. This is where it’s all going.
We just need to be the beacon of light for those still willing to learn knowledge and know good from evil.

BYU mires in obscurity with no league affiliation. We continue to hemorrhage fans after a loss or two. I don’t know where this “sell our soul” mumbo jumbo comes from. The Facts: BYU needs to be in a P5 league to be of relevance.
BYU needs to be talked about in the same manner that Utah is currently being talked about in order to be any beacon of light to the rest of the sports world. The only thing that keeps us from falling off the face of the sporting map is our affiliation with ESPN. If that contract were change, BYU would run back to the Mtn West so fast, it would make your head spin…Fact. Makes me puke at the thought of it.

I agree with you, Chris, that a P5 affiliation would make it easier for us to retain relevance, but I believe consistent winning as an Independent will do the same–assuming a continued positive deal with ESPN. We saw what a win over a #6 Wisconsin did for us in the rankings. String together a few more wins over P5 teams and we’re right there with relevance. I don’t believe a P5 conference will ever come calling. Being a Church school with unpopular social doctrines is too much to overcome. I wonder if ESPN will ever “disown” us because of that.

I appreciate being able, now, to watch every single BYU game each year. What a blessing! I remember the Saturdays spent at the stake center huddled around a small screen with 10 or 15 other diehard fans just to get a glimpse of my Cougs. The Mountain West affiliation with games on The Mountain was a disaster! At times I wish we were back in a conference–any conference, because I enjoy having a league title to go after. But I prefer being able to watch any and every game each season.

We need to keep winning. It’s too early to tell, but if Wilson pans out, or maybe Hall next year, as the stellar quarterback and leader we’ve needed, independence and ESPN should provide us all of the relevance we need.

I am still a big BYU fan but in recent years sports is becoming less and less important to me. If getting in a P5 conference requires the church changing its stance on moral issues then I guess I don’t care whether BYU remains relevant or not.

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But if you can not draw the necessary talent to the BYU programs,how can you compete with the so called “Big Boys”?

With BYU BOT insistence of increasing the academic standards for admission to BYU to the point that the football team can not use any JUCO transfer (because they don’t meet the standards) to fill holes, hurts the program ability to “win consistently”.

After awhile, players (even LDS players) look at the track record of the school and think:

  1. How good are the coaches to improve my skills?
  2. How many players in my position has gone on to the NFL?
  3. How many of those players were “Drafted”?
  4. What chance do I have to play for a Championship?
  5. What chance does BYU have to make it to the championship series?

In the past few years, BYU football has been relegated to third best team in Utah. It has lost the last two to USU, the last 5 to Utah and has lost to the likes of NIU, UMass, East Carolina…

Nothing to promote “Consistent Winning”.

I’m going to make Ron U.'s head explode, but I wouldn’t mind if we dropped down a division. It would be awkward with a 65,000 seat stadium, and I wouldn’t do it for a few years, but if we continue to be non-competitive, I think that’s the way it goes. We might actually be a better match for Division 2 with our unique circumstances and how things have evolved in 2018.

Right on ARO. P-5 inclusion for BYU is a pipe dream.

The P5 has always wanted to be an exclusive club and cut out as many schools from getting a piece of the pie as possible. The ACC and Big 12 killed the Big East. The Big East was considered a BCS conference until it was destroyed as a football conference when the ACC took Boston College, Pitt, and Syracuse and the Big 12 took West Virginia. So then what was the P6 became the P5.

There was a time when I had a vain hope the Mountain West Conference could get BCS status. It was on a par with the Big East in football and Boise, Nevada & Fresno were all joining the MWC and all had strong programs at the time. Utah got the Pac 10 invite and the dominoes started to fall. BYU left for independence and TCU left for the Big 12. BYU’s chance at inclusion in the BCS picture would have been the MWC remaining intact and getting stronger with the infusion of Boise, Fresno & Neveda. There was no way the P5 was going to let that happen. The P5 destroyed the Big East and shut the door on the MWC. The P5 wants 5 super conferences and that is it. They want the money and they want the power to control everything including who can win a national championship.

BYU probably played a part in the formation of the BCS when they won the national championship in 1984. That really grated on a lot of big time programs and I think the BCS was formed to prevent an outsider from ever winning a national championship again.

Now we have 5 super conferences and you have to play by all their rules including taking a politically correct position on a lot of moral and social issues if you want to play in their sandbox.

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I am not sure all P5 schools believe in this… I believe that Oklahoma was really pushing for BYU to be included in the Big 12, but got out voted by the Presidents (no one wanted to give up money)…

I heard something interesting from Whittingham about making the field more level for getting into the championship playoffs. He basically said that the NCAA needs to make all conferences have the same amount of conference games including a championship to make the playing field level.

His complaint was that if you have a really good conference with several top 25 teams in it like the PAC-12 does right now, it is not fair that they get penalized for playing tough competition every week while other conferences don’t even have to play a championship game. Add to that, a team like Clemson can go undefeated in conference because the rest of the teams are really not that good.

I see what you are saying. I think a lot of P5 schools are good with admitting schools to the club if they see a benefit to their conference, which is understandable, nobody wants to admit a school that won’t up the stature of the conference. My issue with the P5 is that they don’t want any other conferences to be a part of the club and I think they were very happy to see the Big East dismantled and taken out of the club and the MWC gutted of its best teams so they didn’t need to worry about them pushing to be a part of the BCS club. If it is too much trouble keeping a conference out of the club just gut it of their best teams.

I would like to see the playoff expanded to 8 teams and to include at least one mid major and to allow no more than 2 teams from any one conference and all 5 P5 conferences would be guaranteed a least one team in the playoff. I think you may start to see a little more parity under a scenario like that. You could still keep all the minor bowls. An 8 team playoff that guaranteed inclusion of one mid major team would give any school with an outstanding team hope for an opportunity to complete for the national championship. The NCAA basketball tournament at least gives the mid majors a shot. The BCS does not.

Took the words Right out of my mouth. You would think the NCAA would also agree with an eight team playoff and I guarantee a mid major is in the eight

This does not matter to me… I watch BYU football and that is it for college football.

What matters to me is that BYU BOT needs to decide if they want a football team or a missionary tool.

because the main reason BYU football under Lavell and Bronco was a missionary tool in the past was because they won and the games were exciting.

Not this pathetic lack of energy product currently being played at BYU. Hell, even the fans that goes would rather read the scriptures than watch the game.

It makes perfect sense and would be fair and inclusive to have an 8 team playoff. Fair and inclusive is what the bleeding heart liberals at universities preach to their students in all aspects of life. Go to class at a any P5 university and they will preach the doctrine of fairness and inclusiveness as it pertains to everything in life. In athletics the P5 gets a pass on being fair and inclusive when it comes to football. There is no way the SEC wants to navigate an 8 team playoff. It ups the risk of their champion getting upset. In a four team system they will have a team in the championship game every year.

It would be even better to make it a 16 team playoff and include all conference champions, both mid major and major, start the regular season the first Saturday of September for everybody and cut the schedule back to 10 games like it was in the 60s, no off weeks for anybody, the season would be over by mid November and then there would be time for a 16 team playoff to wrap up shortly after the first of the year. Fifty or so other teams could play in bowl games. .


I QUOTE: (IN Part): “Maybe the PAC-12 should stay out of politics”

I would like to see all teams, from all conferences, and from all teams that are independent to play the sport and stay out of politics.

Once a team, or person, or a church, or anyone else takes a political stand, you have close to half of the nation hating you for it.


I quote you: “The P5 has always wanted to be an exclusive club and cut out as many schools from getting a piece of the pie as possible.”

I think that this all stims back to 1984 when the University of Washington thought that they should have won the National Championship because the average of the 12 teams they played
was far more advanced than the average of the 12 teams that we played.

What does a National Championship mean? Does it mean that one team won the most games, or does it mean that one team is really the strongest team in the Nation vs any other team in the Nation.

If most games played in a single season is vs. G5 teams and you end up with a 10-2 season and there is another team that had a 10-2 season vs most of their games in the single season being teams from a P5 conference, than whom do you think should get the best bowl game?